Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1987 Was Special

Syracuse plays Florida on Thursday. Florida is coached by Billy Donovan. Before coaching the Gators to back to back national titles, leaving for the Orlando Magic, and coming back to coach Florida six days later so he could lead them to back to back NIT appearances, Donovan played college basketball for Rick Pitino at Providence.

I always remember Donovan for a couple of things during his playing days - he was an excellent shooter, and his shorts always seemed extra short, even by the standards of the late 1980s. So, thinking it would be hilarious/disturbing to find a couple of videos of Billy playing in shorts like these:

I headed over to YouTube and started searching. Sadly I didn't find much. In retrospect, that's probably a good thing. However, since Syracuse beat Providence in the Final Four that year, I did find a good Orange-related video that doesn't involve Keith Smart. Let's check it out.

It is the CBS intro to the 1987 Syracuse-Indiana title game.

A couple of fun things jump out in the video:

- No one, and I mean no one, wore the feathered butt-cut better than Steve Alford.

- The Dome Ranger managed to make an appearance. Sadly, the movement to bring him back hasn't quite taken off yet.

- I'm pretty sure you can see Rony Seikaly's left nut when they show him dunking.

- Juli Boeheim would not appear in Jim's life for quite some time, the giant glasses that he's wearing make that quite evident.

- CBS really, really liked the Jazz theme that year.

So God only knows how videos of today's players will look in 20 years, remember this when you're watching the game and thinking Billy looks just like Eddie Munster, it's not even the worst look on his resume.


AJV said...

I know twitter is the new fad, but are we ever going to rekindle the bball live chat?

Russianator said...

I would be glad to try and fire one up - we need to get some people to show up - tried to do a football chat, but no one showed.

I can't commit to a FLA chat b/c I have a meeting in NYC that day, I should be home by 9, but who knows with amtrak. Maybe Champ can take the lead on that. They were fun.