Thursday, December 3, 2009

Doug Marrone Doesn't Talk About the Unemployed

According to Donnie Webb, Doug Marrone was on his weekly radio show and said a whole lotta nothing about the recent firings of his offensive coordinator, wide receivers coach, and defensive line coach.

Now, to be fair, there's no way he'd bad mouth any of the the guys he let go. He's also not going to reveal the internal dynamics of the staff. While I'd love to know that he really fired Derrick Jackson because he was a close talker, let Jamie Elizondo go because he was addicted to playing games on Facebook, and couldn't work with Rob Spence because he drank Hennesy with Ron Artest at halftime and only drew up plays using burnt sienna colored crayons, no coach is going to do that. It would be impossible to get people to work for you, and it would be unprofessional.

However, that doesn't mean Marrone should get a pass on this. When you fire a large portion of your staff, that's news. He really should face the actual media and answer a few questions from guys like Donnie, who cover the team for a living. He announced the firings on Monday night and has been laying lower than Tiger Woods since.

Fielding softballs from University employee Matt Park on a radio station with a terrible web site that doesn't even have the interview on-line doesn't really cut it. It's also out of character for a guy who has been very forthcoming with the media all year.

I mean at the very least, give us something. I'd take a Rasheed Wallace presser over this. How did both teams play Sheed?

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Matt said...

When are we going to get some answers on this already? Why can't the media find out something instead of printing rumors about players who may or may not leave the team that they read on some message board?

I speculate that Spence was fired for introducing Mike Williams to the Turning Stone. Judging from SU's high-flying, high-risk high-reward offense this year, Spence definitely seems like a gambler.