Sunday, December 20, 2009

Syracuse - St. Bonaventure Observations

Testicle Assaulter Andrew Nicholson

The Syracuse Orange moved to 11-0 with and 85-72 victory over a nattily clad team from St. Bonaventure on Saturday. It wasn't always a pretty affair, but there's no column for pretty in the standings. Here are some observations.

- The best way to stop Andy Rautins? Hit him in nuts. Andy didn't make a thing after getting punched below the belt and honestly, as a man I can tell you if we was OK, that might have been a bigger cause for concern. There's no way to get out of something like that w/out a ton of pain.

- Every time I ever see anyone get hit in the balls I instantly double over. I don't think about it or realize I'm doing it most the time. It has to be genetically programmed into all males - and Chaz Bono.

- St. Bonaventure played a very physical game. It was clear they weren't going to give the Orange anything around the rim. Consider it prep for the Big East.

- Orange fans have to be a little concerned over Arinze's getting banged up. We tend to take the big fella for granted sometimes since he's been so steady, but he provides a physical presence that SU will need against Big East competition. Apparently the injury is just a bruise, but the team will need AO healthy to survive the Big East and make a deep run in March.

- Rick Jackson moved to center and was OUTSTANDING (saw this in your best Jaworski/Gruden voice). However, behind him there isn't much depth. It's clear that while DaShonte Riley has a ton of potential, he's not ready to play substantial minutes yet. On defense he's too easily moved out of the paint and gets himself out of position frequently. However, In time, I think he will be an excellent player.

- It was good to see Brandon Triche hit back to back three pointers. We know he's not afraid to take the ball into the paint, if opponents have to run at his jumper, getting inside will be a lot easier.

- 11 games into the season Kris Joseph is easily the most improved player on the team. He had 17 points and 7 rebounds in 33 minutes off the bench. I'd be willing to say he's good enough to start on most teams in the country. However, he's playing behind.....

- Wes Johnson, who chalked up 17 points and 10 rebounds and didn't appear to play that well while doing it. That is a testament to how good this kid is, when 17 and 10 doesn't seem great. Another fun fact, he's gone 2 games without an insane dunk.

- Tim Higgins worked the game. Here's an honest question, how much longer can this guy continue to work? He's about 175 years old and he's got a beer gut. A huge part of being a basketball official is actually moving around the court. I'm in my mid 30s, I play pick up games once a week - the next day I CAN BARELY WALK. You cannot tell me a guy his age is physically capable of doing his job, because I don't believe it.

- I'm going to keep an eye on the Bonnies the rest of the year. I was impressed with their athleticism and how hard they played. I think they'll surprise a few people this year.

- I watched Frost/Nixon after the game on DVD. Wow, that was one fine piece of film making. Frank Langella was more compelling than the actual Richard Nixon. What a great movie.

- Holy Hell those St. Bonaventure uniforms are ugly. Even UPS thinks there's to much brown in them.

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Poncho Sinatra said...

Rush -

I really like Brandon Triche when he is aggressive. He will get a little sloppy once in awhile but he has got a big body ann GREAT court vision. If he can be another Deep threat, it's going to be such added value heading into the Big East.

Agreed - I run full court about 2x a month with guys in their 40's and I can barely watch a basketball game the next day.