Monday, January 25, 2010

The Orange Hammer the Hoyas - Casually

Image -Gloria Wright,

Syracuse University spotted the hated Georgetown Hoyas two touchdowns over the first three minutes of their game tonight in the Carrier Dome and found themselves trailing 14-0. The Orange then spent the next 37 minutes beating the Hoyas senseless, outscoring the hated rivals 73-42 the rest of the way.

After the bumpy start, Orange fans were treated to a glorious display of team basketball. The vaunted 2-3 zone became extremely active, trapping along the sidelines, forcing turnovers, and making Georgetown settle for long jump shots.

Scoop Jardine came off the bench and almost immediately tallied 9 points. Andy Rautins started reining jumpers and Kris Joseph and Wes Johnson started controlling the baseline and doing damage in the open floor. The Orange closed the half on a 34-15 run to lead by five.

In the second half, the Orange kept their collective foot on the gas - extended a lead and dominated the paint. Georgetown drives were met with blocked shots. Long-range Hoya jumpers clanged harmlessly off the rim, and Georgetown had empty possession after empty possession.

On the offensive end, the Orange shared the ball brilliantly, constantly making the extra pass and almost always making Georgetown pay. When the smoke had cleared, Brandon Reese was on the floor, and the Orange won a game going away. Dancing ensued. Glorious, glorious dancing.

So while the Glaude danced, the folks at Casual Hoya, so smug earlier in the day, melted down like butter on a hot plate -- which coincidently, Austin Freeman really loves. But seriously, go ahead and scan the comments on the Casual Hoya game thread, it's beyond enjoyable. Once you're done with that, watch the ESPN highlight package again - because it's fun.

Georgetown has some limitations, but they are a very good basketball team. To see Syracuse beat them so convincingly is another confirmation that we are watching a special season on the hill. The play of Kris Joseph is a big part of that success - so let's take a second, or 3 minutes, and watch the man go to work.

While the Orange were clearly the better team, Georgetown coach John Thompson III said Syracuse hadn't seen the Hoyas at their best. The team also refused to make players available to the media because they had "a tough loss." Waaaah...poor little Hoyas. The teams meet again in three weeks - we'll see how they are feeling then. Something tells me the Orange will be ready.

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Poncho Sinatra said...

Sometimes I often wish I were a normal guy, able to watch these games and not be pulling a George Clooney "Up in the Air" all over this country. I wish someone had a camera on me last night during a board meeting in St. Louis that ran until 9:30 pm Central.

I had my blackberry hidden under the table watching ESPN live, while our CEO would ask questions and on numerous occasions I was starry-eyed because of the excitement I had that we were stomping Gtown. "Ummm, could you repeat that Ron?".....I must have stated that at least four times and are lucky I have a job coming out of that clueless moment I had with the Bread Company high brass.

What sports fans put on the line, eh?

And, nice post!