Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rob Murphy's Head -- Naturally Shiny

There's no special substances on that dome

The internet is changing the way fans interact with athletes and coaches. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, or sites like Formspring - there are more opportunities than ever for fans to chat with the people who play the games. Or in the case of our good friend Matt McClusky, there are more chances to argue with Warren Sapp in 140 character chunks.

As Sean pointed out the other day, the Syracuse basketball team has gotten into the act -- with several players and coaches answering questions posed to them over the great series of tubes that is the internet. One of them, SU assistant coach Rob Murphy has finally answered the burning question we've been wanting to know for some time -- how does he keep his head so shiny? Well, it's all natural people. No carnuaba wax, no baby oil, it's just 100 percent Murphy skull. And if you're wondering, no I didn't ask the question, but sort of wish I had.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Neph: Is his the best chrome dome since Mike Jarvis? Uncle Dave