Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So It Looks Like Al Davis Was Right

Lane Kiffin bails out on Tennessee after 14 months - really, it was 14 months - just watch the video below, Lane repeats it about 20 times in his minute long "news conference" announcing his departure. In doing so, he leaves a Tennessee program and the young men he recruited twisting in the wind. Lane was so classy he refused to take questions from the media after his statement. All that's left is for Bob Irsay to send some moving vans over and whisk Lane away to the west coast.

Life is all about timing - mature adults, who have worked for their achievements, understand this. They understand responsibilities, commitment and the fact that sometimes there are things you just cannot do because you've made promises to others. Lane Kiffin is not one of these people. Then again, Al Davis seemed to know that before the rest of us.

Here's Lane's farewell.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Neph: Well done as always. But could you or someone on this blog please explain to me what is all the hype about Lane Kiffin? He was 7-6 with U/Tenn and 5-15 with the admittedly awful Raiders. What exactly has he done as a head coach(besides put his foot in his mouth) to merit all this attention? Help me. I'm confused. Uncle Dave