Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I'm Wondering: Bowl Edition

A full week of work is staring straight ahead at us. I'd rather spend some time in Mike Leach's shed, but that's besides the point. Being under the weather this holiday season allowed me extra time to soak in the fun and pageantry of college bowl season. After a week and a half of solid sports viewing, here's what I'm left wondering.

* Worse pummeling, Cincinnati-Florida or Creed-Drago?

* Did anyone else have "Madden '94" flashbacks when FOX brought out Pat Summerall to call the Cotton Bowl? I was giddy when he dropped a "Flag on the play."

* Are there that many people in need of towing heavy construction equipment in quarries? If so, Dodge Ram has you covered.

* Who else really misses the "all you can eat" college football buffet that New Year's Day used to be? Enough of this spread-out schedule.

* Is there anything that puts the decline of Syracuse football more into perspective than Temple playing in a bowl game?

* Does Pat Fitzgerald make that same call if his kicker isn't injured?

* How the hell do the International,, GMAC, and Liberty Bowls get post New Year's status?

* Is Chip Kelly going for the Physical Ed. teacher look when he picks out his work attire?

* Did you hear this was Bobby Bowden's last game?

* Did anyone else find it bizarre that Craig James was doing the Alamo Bowl?

* Explain to me again, why is it a good idea to have the SU women play in the Dome? I've seen better turnouts at a Tractor Supply store on the weekend.

SU Loses to Georgetown in Overtime

* Is there a less entertaining brand of football than the Big 10? I had a tremendous nap during the Rose Bowl. Thanks Tressel.

* Did any of Poncho's "Guys he likes" show up at the Carrier Dome for last week's WWF show? (Editor's note, the WWF is now apparently known as WWE).


Josh said...

Forget the "New Year's Day" status -- the most undeserved scheduling benefit goes to the GMAC bowl, playing all alone on the night between the Orange and BCS games. On a Wednesday night -- no competing football games, pro or college. The game features two traditional powerhouses and fan favorites: Central Michigan and Troy. I can only assume this absurdly preferential slot is part of the gov't bailout of GM.

Poncho Sinatra said...

Those Dodge Ram commercials turn me into Alpha Poncho. Everytime I see those, I run outside and lift stone and carry it down my street yelling "I'm Ram Tough!"

You're right, I don't know many quarry's around my neck of the woods.

Badger Backer said...

"Is there a less entertaining brand of football than the Big 10? "

Yes. Big East.