Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Return of the Dome Ranger

The idiots are not young men anymore. While there are many things that suck about getting older, remembering the awesome awfulness of the 1980s is not one of those things. High top fades, short shorts and the invention of the Nike Air series of shoes were simply fantastic occurrences. We lived through all of them.

Another great blast from the past is the Dome Ranger - who made a triumphant return to the Dome last night and remained true to the ideals of the 1980s. Watch him do his thing in this video.


Josh said...

When we (watching at home) saw the Dome Ranger running out on the court pregame we went completely nuts. That was the second-best part of the entire night (behind the beatdown, of course). Better than GameDay being in the house, better than the people up in the farthest corners of the Dome. The flucking DOME RANGER.

It's not often that any of us say this, but major credit to Dr Gross and the SU Athletic Dept for bringing him back for this game. Maybe it was not their idea originally, but even in that case they still deserve props for recognizing the brilliance of the idea and going along with it. For an organization that has seemed out-of-touch with SU traditions, while trying to manufacture their own, this was a major win. Bravo kids. Bra-voh.

OrangeRay said...

I must agree that I too was totally jazzed to see the Dome Ranger patroling the sidelines. I'm sure a lot of the younger fans have no clue who he was, but he was a staple of the 80s & 90s Dome basketball frenzy.

Scott Thomas said...

It was so good to see the Dome Ranger for his unexpected appearance. Thank you, Dennis! Glad you survived! LOL

Nice to see the Dome totally in an uproar.

Jamie Dixon said...

I have to say I used to love the Dome Ranger, he was the highlight of the game. Josh, as for the beat down, Pitt owns the Orange at the Dome!