Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl Prop Bets - Syracuse Style

There's a huge game on tap Sunday, but I don't have to tell you that. You're already prepared to watch Syracuse-Cincinnati at 2 pm. In fact, you're probably having people over to watch the game. After it's over, your friends might even stick around, I guess there's a football game on or something.

That football game does inspire people to put a few shekels down on various outcomes of the game. The best of these are the prop bets. Since you'll be watching both games anyway, I thought it would be fun to tweak some the bets Vegas has on the board and tie them in with the SU game.

Now Vegas won't take any of these bets, and we'd never encourage illegal gambling. However, if you'd like to put some action on any of the props below, you should contact Poncho Sinatra and be prepared to wager your own Tom Selleck sandwiches. If that's the case, I'm sure he'll take your action. Oh yeah, he needs to know you're legit, so don't forget to use the password (it's Gillooley).

Let's get started:

What will occur more:

Safeties in the SuperBowl (+500)
Arinze Onuaku airballed free throws (-125)

Who will have more:

Reggie Wayne TDs (+125)
Wes Johnson spectacular dunks (-125)

What will happen more:

Boeheim nose picks (-700)
Sean Payton visor tosses (+825)

Who will have more:

Syracuse total team points (+100)
Peyton Manning audibles at the line of scrimmage (-200)

What will happen more:

Blown block/charge calls (even)
Blown pass interference calls (even)

Who will have more:

Syracuse players seeing court time (-175)
Colts/Saints total TDs (+50)

Who will have more:

Andy Rautins 3 point attempts (even)
Marques Colston receptions (even)

Who will have more:

Wesley Johnson (Points + rebounds) (-115)
Colts/Saints first half points (-115)
(that's an actual bet)

Enjoy both games everyone.

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good luck to those who bet.