Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pat Forde Strikes Again

If Syracuse fans and ESPN's Pat Forde were married, the state of the union would fall squarely into the Tiger and Elin or Jesse James and Sandra Bullock range. Let's just say it's been strained.

He kicked off the season telling the world that Seton Hall - Rutgers would be a bigger rivalry than Syracuse - Georgetown and it went down hill from there. Further Forde offenses include leaving Syracuse out of his top 25 in January and taking shots at the football team. Nunesmagician has been watching Forde like a fat kid watches a bearclaw, so click here for more Forde offenses.

The latest salvo from Pat comes in the form of his most recent column, where he highlights lovable underdogs and eviscerates the favorites who remain in the NCAA tournament. He does this to help fans of teams whose schools have been eliminated know who to root for - because college basketball fans can't figure out which teams are the favorites and which are the underdogs on their own.

He puts Syracuse in his "villain" category - along with Duke, Kentucky and Ohio State. His reasoning:

"And then there is Syracuse, which put 35,000 fans in the Carrier Dome for a game this season. Who can root for a team that does that? Its coach last smiled in a game in 1978, but the video evidence of that has been destroyed."

Now to be fair, the column was tongue in cheek. It's a "hey let's root for the underdogs piece," and he doesn't think he really thinks his "villains" are bad. It's lazy, but these guys have to find something to write about, but even so Pat should know we are watching.

Besides - how could Syracuse be real villain of the West Region when Kansas State is in the same bracket. I mean, have you SEEN Frank Martin? The man is a lunatic. He's stark, raving mad.


Dan said...

It just never ends with this guy.

The Captain said...

If I was a coach and we were playing K-State, and we won, I'm not sure I would want to shake Coach Martin's hand. I would be afraid he would try to physically harm me.