Thursday, April 29, 2010

10 Big Reasons to Go to the Big 10

The internets are a buzz with all of this conference realignment talk. While the Big East has been great for Syracuse hoops, we all know the football version is a dead man walking. Why should Syracuse look forward to a move to the Big 10? Here are 10 reasons:

1. Wisconsin is bratwurst country. They know how to eat in the midwest.

2. The possibility of Greg Robinson returning to the Carrier Dome

3. Big Ten Network on-air talent

4. A budding "Who's the best team in orange and blue?" rivalry with Illinois

5. Sold out Carrier Dome crowds (on the minus side, there will be more visiting fans in the seats than Syracuse, but it beats the sea of grey)

6. The opportunity to be the last team to beat Joe Pa before his retirement

7. Lots of 12:00 ESPN 2 games against a team in red....seriously every Saturday in the fall a Big 10 red team plays on the deuce

8. The chance to break out "A license to kill gophers...." routine every few years

9. No more Dave Sims on ESPN Plus!

10. Warm weather bowl destinations

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sorry to rain on your parade SU Fans but the Big 10 doesn't want you. You aren't a public university. Your TV market share is tiny and even the myth of SU/NYC nonsense nobody in NYC cares even a little for college sports. Football is the game that matters and SU brings zero except a chance to maybe beat Northwestern (A private school with real market share and academics to boot). Missouri, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh (not if Paterno gets his way) all are better fits.