Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Angels are With John Marinatto

Big East Commissioner John Marinatto talks to ESPN about the future of the Big East and potentially losing teams to the Big 10. While Marinatto actually says nothing of substance in the interview, he doesn't need to, as you can clearly see over his shoulder the angels are with John. At this point, praying may very well be the best hope to save his league. Especially if you read Dick Weiss' latest story in the Daily News.


AJV said...

You're really on a roll with these pictures. Marinatto looks like he's in Palermo circa 1905 plotting the assassination of an Irish-born Brooklyn police captain.

Anonymous said...

The Big East if it wants to survive must first fire the former Providence AD who is now Big East Commissioner and get a big two sport school guy in their. Tell Villanova to get their football team up to BCS or go home, add Memphis, bring back BC, and add another Florida school. St. Johns is a huge school with lots of money they either add football or go there own way with the likes of Providence, Georgetown, Seton Hall, etc. All Big East Football schools need to hire some innovative fun coaches as well. Old school tough guys don't play well with kids these days. Syracuse football will make alot of money in the Big Ten but will forever be afterthought competing with the likes of the Buckeyes and the Nintney Lions.,