Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bob Casullo on Mike Williams

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers site JoeBucsFan talks to SU Assistant Coach Bob Casullo about Mike Williams. The interview is an interesting read. It's clear Casullo likes Mike and is pulling for him, but the coach's assessment was less than glowing at times. For example, check out this Q and A on Williams' football acumen:

Joe: So what is the football side of Mike?

Casullo: When we start talking about his athletic ability, he’s big and very strong. The talent is there and he works hard on the field. He’s going to win most of those battles when the ball is thrown his way in the NFL. Now he gets in the weight room with Curtis Schultz and those guys, his biggest asset is his physical prowess. He has a chance to be a very productive football player. …The biggest difference between college and pro football is getting off the tight press coverages. …It’s not the same at the line of scrimmage, getting open is much more difficult against the NFL corners, finding the seems in zone coverages. The NFL defenses mix up their coverages so much, you really have to be a student of the game to study your own game along with the defenses. What are these coverages? …Guys in college football get away with their athletic ability. To be politically correct here, Mike’s going to have to work very hard on going beyond that. It’s a full-time job at all positions in the NFL, especially at receivers where it’s so complex.

Translation -- Mike's got the physical tools to play in the NFL, but the jury's still out on the mental side of the equation. Check out the entire interview for yourself here.


Nick said...
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Nick said...

They didn't ask him if his mother was a prostitute? I thought it was a standard question?