Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ebay Items of the Week: A Salute to The Gambler

This week's collection is inspired by some weekend TV viewing. Sunday afternoon while feeding ChampBaby, I sat down for a true sports movie classic on one of my 32 HBO channels: the Kenny Rogers masterpiece, Six Pack.

For those of you who haven't seen this cinematic masterpiece, The Gambler plays Brewster Baker, a down-on-his luck stock car driver who decides to take care of 6 orphans against the wishes of a corrupt sherriff...kind of a Southern version of "Different Strokes." Some highlights of this epic:

* Along w/ Kenny, this stars a very young Dianne Lane, Anthony Michael Hall, and the chick who played the Mom on Silver Spoons.

* Tremendous old-school racing footage in the climatic race....we recognized quite a few past HumpIdiot Poll honorees

* Did I mention special cameo by a young Chuck Woolery? I was floored when I recognized the host of Love Connection playing his part as a racing announcer.

Anyways, the world of Ebay offers us plenty of gems for any serious Kenny Rogers collector:

Kenny Trading Cards

My Christmas Tree Will Now Be Complete

What Red Blooded American Doesn't?

Greatest Jacket Ever

And now a little Six Pack Video Bonus (check out Chuck at the 1:56 mark):


The Captain said...

slicker than cat piss on a windshield... yee haaa

Poncho Sinatra said...

I guess this Saturday it's a six pack of Busch and this glorious movie topped off with a bucket of Kenny Rogers Roasters chicken! Oh wait...

Russianator said...

Six pack was a classic, but it's no Stroker Ace

AJV said...

Any movie with Diane Lane is a winner in my book