Thursday, April 29, 2010

How About The Mike and The Mechanics Bowl?

By adding the new Dallas Football Classic and the New Era Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium, the NCAA tapped out their Bowl schedule for the upcoming season to 35 Bowl games. That means multiple 5-7 teams or 70 of the 120 teams in the Division I level will make a Bowl.


The NCAA Bowl series has become extremely vanilla. Extremely garden-variety. Extremely NBA and NHL playoffs.

Why not let all teams play in a bowl? Why not let all the kids get a chance to swing at a pitch? How about, nobody loses. Ever.

I like this quote,
John Junker, president and CEO of the Fiesta and Insight bowls, said not all teams with so-so records are created equally. He noted that things like strong finishes and overcoming adversity can make for compelling postseason teams.

Really John Junker? (Great name by the way) Let's not count records then. Let's say, if they play hard, with enthusiasm and intensity, they will get a Bowl game birth. We have a lot of companies out there that would be willing to sponsor a bowl game in mid-December on ESPN classic at 1:00 am EST. We all know that these games give big money to the schools athletic departments, even if nobody shows up to the game.

For me, it's always been a New Years day kickoff for the Bowl season. You might have a few great games prior, but that's when I get my Bowl swerve on.

Thirty-Five Bowl games to me is like being stuck in a Price Chopper supermarket for 3 hours with Mike and the Mechanics B-side playing. Yeah, they were ok, but would never get a Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame vote right?

Wait, I take back the entire post. I REALLY like Mike and the Mechanics!


Russianator said...

Mike and the Mechanics - otherwise knowns as something to do when Phil Collins was too busy to record an album. 35 bowls is absurd - unless we're talking abotu expanding mens room capacity at the dome. And now I'm humming all I need is a miracle - you bastard.

Poncho Sinatra said...

You're welcome! I got a little Living Years in my head as well.

Mike and the Mechanics is a Developmental League Genesis

Russianator said...

The living years, when Mike and the Mechanics get really emotional. Slow dance everyone!