Thursday, April 22, 2010

The SOB Awards - Best Original Theme Song

We've got to hand it to Sean, creating a new SOB for "Best Original Theme Song" is like creating a new award to honor the best pajamas worn by an octogenarian men's magazine publisher or creating an award to honor the worst use of a penis in a Georgia bathroom by an NFL quarterback. In other words, there was really only one choice for this award from the get go. Since there's no suspense which song will win, let's get right to it - the winner of 2010 SOB for Best Original Theme Song is......

Shut it Down by Rob Murphy! (add respectful applause and quiet nodding here)

Coach - explain to our audience how the song came about:

Let's take a look at how the voting went down, with my snarky comments added in italics for some additional fun.

Sean -- Nunes Magician: Shut It Down, natch. Everyone else was just pretending. (ummmm there were others?)

Brian -- CuseOrange: Shut It Down. True love is finding a woman who will let this be the first song played at our wedding. (I'm getting married in July, I can tell you there will be no 'shutting it down' at my wedding. There better not be any shutting it down on the honeymoon either)

The Glaude - Hoya Suxa: Shut It Down. I want this song played at my wake. (Something tells me Georgetown fans will be happy when the big man in the sky finally shuts the Glaude down)

Dan Lyons - the Bleacher Report: Shut it Down Remix, although "We Are Orange" needs some love (if you somehow missed We Are Orange - check it out here).

Brian Harrison - Orange44: Shut it Down Remix. Way better than the original and I actually enjoy it versus the original which, sorry folks, I never liked. (uh oh, Harrison rocking the boat)

Judge for yourselves:

Orange Chuck - the Big Orange Bloggers: Shut It Down: Only because I never recorded I'm At The Dome but it still wins hands down, even inspired a video about how much it haunts us. Unless Ke$ha comes out with a Syracuse theme, Coach Murph wins this award. Lets Go was a pretty good song too.

Chuck, here's how I like my Ke$ha - as a parody:

D.A. - The Orange Fizz: Our fight song. As it was played after Georgetown (twice). After Nova. After winning the Big East. After the Gonzaga blowout. After every neutral court victory. (Not sure this qualifies as 'original')

Andrew - Three Idiots: Shut it down. Until it is re-recorded by Jennifer Hudson who then butchers it. (Yes, I'm still angry over the abomination that One Shining Moment turned into this year).

So congratulations Coach Murphy on the the Best Original Theme Song. The SOB is in the mail, trust us.

Head over to Cuse Country at 4 pm for the Best Player Quote of the Season.

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Nick said...

I don't know who Kesha is, but the video was hilarious. The chick in it isn't bad either.