Friday, April 23, 2010

The SOB Awards Day 2: Best Picture

Welcome to Day 2 of the 2010 SOB Awards. Hopefully you enjoyed yesterday's festivities and didn't stay up too late last night purchasing your Tim Tebow Denver Broncos jersey on the Internet.

We kick today off with the Best Picture category and before we get to the winner I'll give you a hint as to who didn't win -- the Hurt Locker will be taking home no SOB Awards this year. Besides, Kathryn Bigelow has bigger arms than I do, even giving her a fake award would totally intimidate me.

As you can imagine there are quite a few Syracuse-related photos (real and photo shopped) on the Internet, so this category was a competitive one. Let's get to it.


Sean from Nunes Magician went with Scoop's face in this pic:

Brian from Cuse Orange chose one of Sean's LOL Cats:

Dan Lyons from the Bleacher Report got all sentimental on us with this Andy Rautins/Mike Hopkins pic:

Here's Steve from Cuse Orange on his choice: "AO not hugging Gross or Murphy on Senior Night. Cracked me up." (cracked me up too, nice work Steve)

Josh from Cuse Country went with a crowd shot of the Villanova game:

Also from Cuse Country, the Syracusan went with a sea of big heads:

And now, we get to the good stuff. The runner-up in the best photo category was the choice of Brian Harrison of Orange44 and D.A. of the Orange Fizz. It's Otto getting frisky:

And now the big moment - the winner of the 2010 SOB for Best Picture.....the little kid who hates Georgetown! The Glaude from HoyaSuxa, Jameson Fleming of the Bleacher Report and yours truly all agreed that this was the picture of the year. Take it away Georgetown hating kid:

Congratulations to the kid and a special note to his parents - you're raising him right. Keep doing what you're doing. The award for Best Senior will be presented at Orange44 at 10 am. Over to you Brian.

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