Wednesday, May 5, 2010

McNabb Jerseys on Sale, Reggie Brown Still Full Price

The word taint will always make me laugh

I spend a lot of time over at reading stories and blog posts about the Eagles. Sheil Kapadia's Moving the Chains blog is the best of the bunch in my opinion. While I enjoy the content, there are other things like the uber-annoying auto-play video, pop up ads and retarded comments from moronic Eagles fans that you have to deal with on that site. It's the price of doing business these days I guess.

Today, while reading Rich Hoffman's story, I noticed ads rotating through the page for Eagles merchandise. That's fine, it certainly makes sense to advertise Eagles gear to people actually reading about the Eagles.

What I found odd is some of the advertised pricing. You want a Kevin Kolb replica jersey - no problem, it can be yours for $79.95:

Say you're a little nutty and still Donovan McNabb jersey, even though he's now with the Redskins -- you're in luck, they are on sale for $63.99 (if you really want one of these email me, I've got two, you can get one much cheaper than that):

However, if you want a Reggie Brown jersey -- Reggie Brown who now plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and has a grand total 17 career touchdowns, well that one's still going to cost you $79.95. Donovan, even after getting traded, still isn't getting the respect of the immortal Reggie Brown.

To top it off, a Randall Cunningham 1985 throwback jersey will set you back nearly three bills.

Which would leave one to deduce that in 2024 a Donovan McNabb throwback jersey should go for about $500 once you factor in inflation. On second thought, don't email me about the number 5 jerseys, I'm keeping them.

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