Monday, May 3, 2010

Michigan Blogger Suffers Robinson Syndrome

Ohio State v Michigan

I saw this post over at NunesMagician and since the topic is Greg Robinson, I have to chime in. I can't help myself.

Here's the situation -- Brian Cook runs the the Michigan blog MGoBlog and also writes for the Sporting Blog. Mr. Cook also read a student newspaper article and based on one story draws the stunning and wildly inaccurate conclusion that Syracuse could be worse off under Doug Marrone that the team was under Greg Robinson.

Anyone that has watched Syracuse under Doug Marrone v. Syracuse under Greg Robinson can see a marked improvement in this team. Greg won 10 games in 4 years. Doug won 4 games last year -- even though he finished the year with 49 players. Robinson beat 5 BCS teams in 4 years, Marrone beat two last year and did it starting a kid who hadn't played quarterback in nearly 5 years.

Are the number of defections high? Absolutely. Would I like to have seen a few more players stick around? Sure. But that's a direct result of the abysmal job Robinson did. It's the result of a culture he fostered that lacked accountability and discipline. During Robinson's tenure Syracuse lost 20 games by at least 20 points. The team didn't suffer from a culture of losing, they suffered from a culture of getting their asses kicked. The tough fact of the matter is that some house-cleaning was in order.

Cook's conclusion that the team could be worse due solely to the fact that they have lower numbers is like saying the St. Louis Rams are worse because they have less undrafted free agents this year. As much as we didn't want to admit it, the program needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. That's what's happening.

Even with all this turnover, a commenter correctly points out that Marrone beat more bowl-bound teams in one year than Greg did in four - and Greg's only win against a team that went to a bowl came after he was fired. So yes, there's turnover - and even with this turnover, there's also improvement.

Having watched and listened to Greg Robinson for years, it's clear Cook has a bit of Stockholm Syndrome. All I can offer him is this - once you are freed from your captor, things will once again be clear. No football team could ever be worse after firing Greg Robinson. It's impossible. He's absolute zero.....and the Orange are going to surprise some people this year. Mark it down.

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