Monday, May 10, 2010

Only Rutgers Got Jersey Power

People who frequent internet message boards know that uber-fan Rutgers Al will go to the ends of the earth to praise his Scarlet Knights. Al has made a plethora of message board posts, videos, and his most recent effort, a serenade about his beloved RU. The results are not good. Like Skip Bayless in a common sense contest not good.

Here's the song - I dare you to make it through the whole thing, but if you do, you'll know "only Rutgers has Jersey power."

Being a lifelong New York resident, I was little unsure of exactly what "Jersey Power" really meant.....a quick google didn't provide me with any answers, but it did provide my with this awesome picture of "The Situation," so let's go with that.

And to be fair, while we like to pick on our friends who formerly employed Fred Hill Jr., Syracuse is no stranger to odd songs of devotion. We'll never forget we are Orange.

HT - Dan Lyons and Spaz Sports

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Josh said...

At least the "We Are Orange" guy has the guts to appear in his video. I guess Jersey Power boy realizes that if people knew what he looked like he'd be constantly getting punched in the face by passers-by.