Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today is Christmas for Prince Fielder

Happy International No Diet Day everyone! It's also known as Christmas to Prince Fielder. While we haven't been able to get confirmation yet, there's a rumor there's an all you can eat barbeque being thrown at the home of the legendary fat tub of goo Terry Forster. Those rumored to be in attendence include Rich 'El Guapo' Garces, John Kruk and Mo Vaughn.

According to Wikipedia - "The International No Diet Day (INDD) is an annual celebration of body acceptance and body shape diversity. This day is also dedicated to raise awareness of the dangers in diets. This day is observed on May 6, and its symbol is a blue ribbon, similar to the red ribbon of the World AIDS Day."

So eat up up people and remember, diets are dangerous, donuts are good. So are Chocodiles.


Nick said...

He can hit some HR's though, except against Ubaldo Jemenz-.88 ERA, 44SO's, 6-0. Amazing.

Lets not forget how big Cecil was:

Champ said...

I think I'll celebrate this day with some Cheez Wiz and bacon.

The Captain said...

Do they sell those bats at any sporting goods store or do i have to get it on Amazon?