Thursday, June 17, 2010

Neville Chamberlain Marinatto Appeases With Roses

Don't worry Big East fans, Commissioner John Marinatto has this whole conference realignment thing well under control. After the Big 10 announced they were exploring expansion opportunities, Marinatto promptly did and said nothing - and followed that up by asking Paul Tagliabue to come on board and help him figure out what to do.

Once the Big 10 landed a bigger fish in Nebraska, and Texas held up Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe at gun point and took what they wanted, Marinatto sprung into action -- by sending Beebe 10 roses. I swear this isn't one of those dumb stories we sometimes make up around here to get a laugh - it's real.

You cannot make this stuff up. Setting aside the sheer ridiculousness of the gesture, let me offer some unsolicited advice. In my real life I'm a public relations consultant and I can tell you it doesn't take a genius to understand that when you are seen as weak and ineffectual and you publicly bond with another colleague who is also seen as weak and ineffectual - and you do it by SENDING FLOWERS, you do nothing to dissuade people from thinking you're weak and ineffectual.

What you are is Neville Chamberlain - declaring that we have seen peace for our time.....until other conference commissioners decide it's time to invade Poland anyway and take your league down in the process.


The Captain said...

That is a moustache style that will never be popular again.

AJV said...

It may not be popular Captain, however, I came across this tweet last night from the Bills Steve Johnson-

"I Think Ima Cut My Mustache Like Hitler's To Show People I Mean Business!!! Can You Say #TrendSetta"