Monday, August 30, 2010

Akron Game Week - Random Thoughts

The 2010 college football season is finally here. It's game week for the Syracuse season opener versus the artist known as the Akron Zips. We will have more on the game and the upcoming season throughout the week, in the mean time, here are a few random thoughts and links running through my head.

- First and foremost, every Syracuse fan on twitter needs to read the Hoya Suxa #BeatAkron tutorial - and then read the entire series. You'll be smarter - and more prepared to lob insults at the fan bases who dare to dream of victory over the men of Marrone.

- I know the results in his only year at Michigan were not good, but how in God's name did Rich Rodriguez ever think it was a good idea to fire Scott Shafer and replace him with Greg Robinson? It doesn't make any sense. It's akin to replacing Michael Corleone with Fredo or hiring Paris Hilton as a drug counselor. Even Mel Gibson thinks it's crazy. The fact that we're getting requests to bring back the Greg Robinson Farewell Tour shirts speaks for itself.

- Speaking of shirts, we had a little copyright issue with the Heckling Guide shirt, a new one will be up this week.

- An official prediction will also be coming later this week, but I can't see Akron sticking with Syracuse. They've got an untested coach, new systems on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball and a dearth of talent. It may be close early, but I think the Orange defense plays down hill all game and wins it for SU, regardless of what the offense does.

- Here's what I took from the Sunday story on Doug Marrone -- the man is old school, but if you do what he says and trust what he's teaching, things will be just fine. Look at it like school -- Doug is hard ass teacher. He's the department head, he's stern but he pushes you to get the best out of you. Greg Robinson was a substitute teacher -- who happened to be in class every day for 4 years.

- All due respect to the Axeman and Sean, but I could care less which numbers hang from the rafters. It makes no difference to me at all. Just win some damn games baby.

- If you're going to do game by game predictions, doing it as a haiku is pretty sweet.

- I will be back on Matt Mc's Sports Fix this week to preview the Orange. Other guys like Brian Harrison at Orange44 will be giving their takes on the season as well. Should be fun, I've got a face made for radio.

In the words of the world's biggest douche Terrell Owens, getcha popcorn ready, football is back and it's going to be a wild ride.

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