Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doug Marrone on Coldest Hot Seat Ever

Quick question for you. What do you get when in your first year as coach you improve your team's win total, beat two teams that went to bowl games, and improve your team in almost every statistical category -- all while turning over a roster and changing the culture of a program? Well, according to Sports Illustrated, if you're Doug Marrone, you get a spot on the hot seat.

In the Sports Illustrated Big East Conference Report, the once proud magazine looks into its crystal ball and makes predictions on the upcoming season. They offer opinions on things like which team will win the conference, how each team will finish, and who will be the offensive and defensive MVPs. They also have a "hot seat" category and stuck SU coach Doug Marrone there - although they admit Marrone is "probably safe."

Look, the fact of the matter is that NO coach in the Big East is on the hot seat right now. In fact, 5 of the 8 coaches in the conference have been on the job for 2 years or less. The other three, Greg Schiano, Randy Edsall, and Dave Wannstedt have all enjoyed enough success to ensure their jobs are safe -- at least for the next couple of years.

The report should have noted this and proclaimed no coaches are in jeopardy this year (the horror!), but I guess it was easier to just pull a name from a hat and plunk it down there. It's another residual price the program is paying for being so bad for so long. Call it yet another parting gift from Greg Robinson.

So, while SI proclaims Doug a man on the hot seat, in reality the the only way he's getting fired during or after this season is if he decides to go a strip club bender with Mike Price after stealing Daryl Gross' credit other words, his job is pretty safe for now.

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Steve said...

Sports Illustrated has sucked for a very very long time!

Stumpycuse said...

Actually, I'd say that Bill Stewart is definitely on the hottest seat right now; the WVU fans are getting pretty restless. Wanny will be on the hot seat if his team doesn't get to a BCS bowl. Schiano is equally on the hot seat if only for losing to "Lowly Syracuse" last year....

Like most sports reporters, the guy who wrote this was either 1) too lazy to do some real research and critical thinking, 2) was too scared of insulting an important media market, or 3) wasn't accepted to Newhouse.

Sisko24 said...

I think the author of this article is still begrudging his not being accepted to Newhouse. Marrone deserves at least as much time to turn things around as (Frank) Maloney, Pasqualoni, Robinson and MacPherson had when they were head coaches. I think ex-Bronx boy Marrone is the One for us. Let's go Orange. Bowl bound or bust!!

Furman said...

Marrone has at least this year and probably next year before being truly on the "hot seat." Hell, if Gross gave Robinson 4 years to turn things around, you figure he's going to give Marrone at least 3.

At least with Marrone, I have an interest now in watching the team as opposed to purposefully trying to find things to do on Saturday afternoon so I don't have to see how bad the beating was going to be under Robinson.