Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ebay Item of the Week: Cuse Going Bowling in 2010

No we're not talking about the New Era Pinstripe Bowl....we're talking T3I's Ebay Item of the Week. When Doug Marrone goes keggling, he breaks out the Syracuse Orangemen Bowling Ball, available now for $144.99.

Fellow members of Idiot Nation who grew up in CNY will remember local channel WSTM's coverage of the hot Syracuse bowling scene. Here current SU staffer, and former WSTM sportscaster, Roger Springfield invites us to join in on the fun of "Syracuse Bowls."

Meanwhile, former WSTMers Steve Schnall and Marty Piraino brace us for the excitement that was "Challenge Bowling."

What the heck, since we're talkilng bowling we won't pass up an opportunity to throw up a Kingpin clip. Big Ernie McCracken knows the importance of giving back:

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Russianator said...

These bowling clips are FANTASTIC - Roger Springfield is a classic and Steve Schnall must have mugged Charlie Brown and made a sweater of out his shirt.