Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Greg Robinson Weekly: Chins up Wolverine Fans

Greg knows yodeling.

"No One Wants to Play Defense for Greg Robinson" ~ Black Shoe Diaries

"Can Michigan’s defense stop anyone? Former Syracuse flameout Greg Robinson was brought in last season to coach up the defense and Michigan held one D-I team outside the Mitten under 30 points. The post-adjustment second halves were atrocious." ~The Big Lead

Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Robinson said Sunday he believes the Wolverines' tackling issues are correctable. Without naming names, Robinson said some players are in position to make plays, but just don't carry out their jobs.

"It's about a team tackling concept that you have to have enough people that even if you miss a tackle, it's minimized because others are there are to compensate." ~Ann

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Russianator said...

The tackling article was like every story written about the SU defense from 2005-2008