Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Greg Robinson Weekly: Summer Edition

Greg Robinson, 2010 National Tire Salesman of the Year

We're closing in on the 30 day mark until Syracuse kicks things off versus the Zips of Akron. We know you've been spending your summer nights wondering what our boy GRob has been up to. Never fear, T3I is presenting a special summer edition of our ESPY Award winning feature, GRob Weekly.

"This is going to be an important camp for (Greg) Robinson..."

"More importantly, Rodriguez is excited about DC Greg Robinson taking over the LB position because that was the position he's had the most experience with. When you think about Robinson's success as a DC and as a position coach, it's hard not to share that enthusiasm. " (It's not often you see Greg Robinson and 'success' used in the same sentence.)

Question: Has there been a change in their attitude since Greg Robinson took over as their coach?

Troy Woolfolk: “I think naturally that is just always how it would be with the new coach, because you build an alliance with a coach when they leave. You just build that alliance great because he has to build it up again. I think we are all bought in and all in for Greg Robinson. We believe in him. I think everybody will have a ______ and try to win this year.”

Question: What is it about Greg that makes you guys buy in and go all in?

Troy Woolfolk: “Personally for me, I just know him and I believe in him because he has played at a higher level before. He has been a coach in the NFL before and it just makes me believe what he has to ."

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JM said...

My God, the level of denial here is frightening. I thought it was ridiculous how the Michigan fans & blogs talked up Robinson when he was hired and blamed everything except him for the disaster that was his tenure at SU. (It was Syracuse's fault and they made Greg Robinson look bad!) But even after a year of giving up 30+ points to powerhouses like Indiana they can't accept they have the Bhopal of defensive meltdowns waiting to happen. WTF?!?

The scandals are transitory, the QB situation is not a deal breaker... it all comes down to this: Rich Rodriguez will be fired from Michigan for this reason: he was stupid enough to hire Greg Robinson.