Thursday, August 12, 2010

Greg Robinson Weekly

Who's in the mood for a good interview transcript with former Syracuse legend Greg Robinson? Courtesy of the Michigan board, here are some more tenets of wisdom from the man who will surely run the Wolverine defense into the ground:

Master of the English language GRob gives us a lesson on the meaning of hybrid: " When you use that term hybrid position, it is…you are a little bit of a couple of things"

Huh? "I had to take on terminology, but you know what, I’m more experienced as far as years are concerned so being able to adapt to terminology, I’ve done quite a bit of it over years that you know what I can do that. I figure it is better for me to do that so that everybody else."

And one time at band camp: "I remember one time I went from being a defensive coach at UCLA to becoming the offensive coordinator and I had to learn a full offense and all the terminology in a matter of about six weeks. I’ve found myself under the gun in a scenario like that and there has been other instances where it has been similar."

Enjoy the read kids, it's well worth it.

In other GRob news:

"Greg Robinson is taking a more hands on approach with his defense, attempting to rebound from the atrocity that was 33.3 ppg in the Big 10. " ~Bleacher Report

"On Wednesday, coordinator Greg Robinson said he is not yet ready to evaluate Michigan's defensive speed ."

"After Michigan finished 5-7 last year, falling apart on offense and defense during the Big Ten season, Robinson and Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez had a discussion. English was the primary language.

The result: Robinson scrapped his terms in favor of the West Virginia-based language.

Implemented in the spring, questions no longer revolve around, “What the heck are you talking about?”

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Russianator said...

I am getting ALL SORTS OF HORRIFIC FLASHBACKS here. Greg Robinson is to talking, what Rush Limbaugh is to liberalism.