Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Back Baby!

Like a Phoenix rising from Arizona - I'm back baby. As some of you know, a few weeks ago I went off and got married, and I've spent the past two weeks on a honeymoon. We spent a couple of days in Las Vegas before heading to Hawaii, where we spent time in Oahu and Maui. To say Hawaii is spectacular is like saying Greg Robinson is incompetent -- it doesn't even begin describe it. Here was the view from our balcony in Maui:

With the football season primed to get underway, I'm more excited than a fat kid at at a make your own sundae party. I spent half the flight back reading Phil Steele's college football preview and snuck peeks at Twitter while the wife was in the shower to see who else magically disappeared from the SU football team. However, I've got a lot of catching up to do -- so while I do that, let me offer you a few Hawaii observations as we get this blog ramped back up.

-- The Hawaiian people are an unbelievably friendly group of people. On one hand it makes sense, due to the fact that they live in paradise -- however these are people that have to pay $4 for a gallon of gas and $15 for an appetizer, all while dealing with tourists -- so my hat is off to the Hawaiian people. Mahalo for your friendliness.

-- NFL games start at 7 am out there -- college games kick off at 6 am. There are a ton of football fans out there, and almost none of them seem to mind. That's hard to wrap the old brain around.

-- It is IMPOSSIBLE to put a contact back in your eye while sitting on a jet-ski in the Pacific Ocent. Trust me, I tried.

-- Little kids, no matter what gender, race or age, NEVER watch where they are walking. They are going from point A to point B and if you are in the way, that's too bad.

-- Being in a state where there is no helmet law is always a little disconcerting. It doesn't take much to splat your brains all over the road. Ask Ben Rothelisberger -- provided you're not in a bathroom with him.

-- Hawaii is the doppelganger capital of the world - we saw at least 5 people that were dead ringers for our friends over there.

-- I was in two different Hawaiian airports - neither had been updated since at least the 70s. I'm talking wood paneling, old two color arrival and departure monitors, the whole nine yards. That seems odd for a state that you need to take a plane to reach and relies on tourism....then again, the scenery is so amazing it would take more than bad airports to keep people out. Here's Waikiki beach from the top of Diamond Head Crater:

-- I've never done crack, but it can't be better than fresh Hawaiian pineapple. It's simply not possible.

-- If you are on a snorkeling trip and feel sea-sick on the boat, please, please, please puke OVER THE SIDE of the vessel, rather than all over my seat. The guy next to me didn't get this memo. Luckily he didn't get any on me.

-- And no matter where you are, there are true 'Mericans who love them some USA - like this guy who I spotted in the Maui airport.

I didn't want to leave Hawaii, but it's good to be back - expect a lot more idiocy around these parts soon.


Mike said...

Glad you enjoyed your stay in the islands, I've lived here 5 years and have grown to love the early moring start times for football. By 10:00 AM I have already watched the Browns get rolled over, and I can head straight to the beach! What's more inconvenient are the 1:00 or 2:00 PM start times for Syracuse hoops. I have to DVR the game and hope nobody calls me or anything. Also, I can actually watch the end of Monday Night Football as well. Hope you got some poi (or at least some Spam while you were out here)

Aloha nui loa braddah.....

Russianator said...

Mike -

Thanks for checking out the blog and thanks for the comment. I can see why you love the place - what an amazing state, I didn't want to come back. We did try some poi, that's definitely an acquired taste. Out of curiousity, what island do you call home?

Anonymous said...

I'm on Oahu, windward side, about 30 minutes from Honolulu over the Pali mountains. We've been here 5 years, and I still don't like poi, but I do like a Spam musubi every so often. It's a great place to live, outside of being expensive and a 10-12 hour flight from home. I keep hoping Syracuse will play in the Maui invitational around Thanksgiving, but no luck yet. Your blog is awesome, one of my favorites... Go Orange!