Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jimmy Brumbaugh - Syracuse's Terry Tate

Syracuse.com informs us that new Syracuse defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh was doing some hitting in practice yesterday. After two weeks of reading the Post Standard's practice reports, it's safe to say that Brumbaugh is either an outstanding young football coach with a bright future or the owner of some severely incriminating photos of Dave Rahme and Nolan Weidner. For now, I'm going to believe the former -- if the D-line under performs this year, I think we'll know it was the latter, sorry fellas.

Back to the matter at hand, the image of Brumbaugh launching himself into a tackling dummy conjures up images of another unexpected big hitter - office linebacker Terry Tate. Let's check out some of Terry's biggest hits:

So - Brumbaugh v. Tate - who ya got?

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The Captain said...

Was I the only one who was laughing when the boss guy said " Team Felcher".....

tee hee hee.... still laughing