Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Official Big East Heckling Guide T-Shirt

As is tradition around here, at the start of every football season the Idiots put our heads together and try and come up with some T-shirts that celebrate the season - or at least help us cope with a looming disaster.

A couple of years ago, we had some fun at the expense of hapless coach Greg Robinson and made a shirt celebrating his farewell tour. Orange fans were so sick of Greg and the incompetent product he put out on the field, the shirt actually sold. In fact, it sold so well some students ripped off the idea and started selling their own. We'd like to politely ask you to refrain from doing this, as it's a douchey thing to do.

Last year we celebrated the arrival of Doug Marrone with a series of shirts that made it clear in our minds he was the opposite of Robinson. One year later we haven't changed our minds.

This year we turn our focus and vitriol where it should rightly be focused -- on Syracuse's Big East opponents. The conference is wide-open this year, so it made sense to put every one of the Orange's not so magnificent conference mates in the cross hairs. For sale exclusively at the Three Idiots Store, we present you with the official Big East Heckling Guide T-Shirt. Here's the front.

The back.

It is also available in Orange.

And here's what it would look like in blue.

Don't like those colors? Then click on any product and then hit the "customize it" button and you can put this design on almost anything you want. While we are here, a quick word about the price - it's not something we control and trust me when we tell you, we aren't getting rich selling these things or writing in this space. But that's not why we make this shirts or write this blog - we do it as a hobby and outlet to discuss our passion for sports and in particular, the Syracuse Orange.

Plus, insulting your rivals is fun. So get out there and have some fun people - and if you don't want one, think about buying one for someone else. We all know people who could use a shirt.


OrangeGirl2010 said...

Any chance I can still get a Greg Robinson Farewell Tour shirt? This is a weird request, I know. But I just graduated from SU and I'm now going to UMich for grad school. I'm obviously extremely distressed by the prospect of seeing GRob again. It's been suggested to me by several people that what I really need is a Farewell Tour shirt.

Russianator said...

I'm sure we can get something up - be glad to - and I'm sorry about you having more Greg Robinson in your life. Give me a couple of days - and if you have anything specific you'd like, shoot me an email. My address is over on the right - under contact us