Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Moon Sets Over Glasgow Giving off a Purple Haze

OK, that headline makes no sense what so ever. I just sent room keeping up and it turns out cleverness checked out of my brain and no one told me. Anyway, the Syracuse Orange take on the Washington Huskies Saturday at 7pm and since most of us won't be traveling across country, it's imperative to know who will be calling the game. After last week's announcing disaster, I had hopes things would be a little better this week - turns out I was wrong.

The announcing team calling the game will be Tom Glasgow, Warren Moon and Jason Stiles on the sideline. I'd never heard of Glasgow and the first thing mentioning him as a sportscaster doesn't show up until page 2 of a Google search. Not a good sign. We'll just assume he's your average, generic play by play man. He does have one fan however, so maybe Tom F$#cking Glasgow is solid.....but I doubt it.

The color commentator is Moon, who as you all should know, is a Hall of Fame quarterback. He also happened to play for the Huskies in the late 70s, where he made a name for himself. Given his history, I think it's fair to say we know who Warren will be pulling for in this one. I guess we now know how fans of every other school feel when SU grads call their games.

As for Jason Stiles - let's face it - if the sideline reporter isn't Erin Andrews or Charissa Thompson, no one cares. Besides, there will only be one Stiles - and he van surfs with Teen Wolf:

So while the announcers might not be much better than they were last week, the good news is the game will be on TV, and we'll get to see it. You might want to head to a loud bar or keep your trigger finger on the mute button however.


Poncho Sinatra said...

Stiles was 37 when he played this role for Teen Wolf

Kevin B said...

Feel free to listen to WAER's coverage instead. (Shameless self promotion)