Friday, September 3, 2010

Official Idiotic Predictions - Syracuse v. Akron

The Syracuse Orange travel to Ohio to take on the mighty, might Akron Zips tomorrow at 6 pm. For Time Warner cable subscribers, an agreement reached yesterday means we should soon have access to ESPN3 as part of our road runner service - so happy days, and less password stealing, are in front of us. When ESPN 3 will actually be available is anyone's guess.

As we've done before every game for the past three years (three years and we are still at this - we are either dedicated or losers -- it's probably both) we will offer our predictions on the outcome of each Orange game. If we are wrong, we will fully refund you the cost of reading this site. If you use this information to bet with, you're out of your mind and should seek treatment for a gambling problem immediately.

With that said, off we go:


And we're off! Finally college football is back. Marrone-mania starts runnin' wild brother this weekend as the Orangemen lay some rubber in Akron, Ohio. Akron, known for it's rubber industry and George Costanza's infamous "jerk store" visit, will be the scene of Syracuse's first victory of the year. Highlights include:

- Delone Carter going insane in front of his friends and families.

- Ryan Nassib's steady performance

- Adopted T3I favorite Van Chew's first step towards the Heisman

Your final:

Syracuse - 28
Akron - 9


Here is my opinion on Akron - they stink. They were 3-9 last year - they are picked to finish at the bottom of the MAC this year. They have a new coach who is an unproven commodity and two Syracuse rejects on their coaching staff. This game should be a walk for SU -- but it won't be.

No one knows exactly what the Akron O or D will look like, and teams playing for new coaches in front of a home crowd for an opener tend to play inspired. Case in point, in 2005 Syracuse played West Virginia almost evenly in Forrest Robinson's first game, losing 15-7. Syracuse ended up going 1-10 that year. The Mountaineers went 11-1 and beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.

I see the Zips coming out strong, playing with a lot of emotion and giving SU a real game, for a half. I see the Orange offense struggling to get in sync early and at the half we're tied at 7. In the second half the Orange defense starts really beating up the zips and the offense pounds it down Akron's throat for 3 second half TDs. Lichty ads a FG and Akron scores a late garbage time TD for a final of:

Syracuse - 31
Akron - 10


Poncho is back from his honeymoon and weighed in yesterday. He's going with SU winning 87-4, which sounds fun to me.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? This is the same program that beat the 'cuse in 2008 by two touchdowns... yeah they have Ohio State recruiting 2nd and 3rd options, but players nonetheless from the ultimate source and heart of football (NE OHIO).. is that a bad thing? The talent and desire will be there. An ex Notre Dame coach, sellout opening day crowd in an almost new stadium will have this team jacked up. Orangemen need a late field in a mistake prone game to sneak this one out... 27-24

Russianator said...

We're talking about the same Akron team that had zero yards rushing against SU last year and less than 200 total right?

Going up against a Syracuse defense that returns 9 starters, is healthier and deeper than last year and has another year in a new system, I don't see how the zips move the ball much against the Orange. Homefield will help some, as will the emotion of playing for new coach -- but Syracuse of this year is vastly improved over the Robinson years.