Friday, September 10, 2010

Syracuse v. Washington: Official Idiotic Predictions

Image via Hoya Suxa

The mighty Syracuse Orange travel to the left coast to take on the Washington Huskies tomorrow at 7 pm local time and that means one thing -- it's time for our official idiotic predictions.

Last week Champ and I were pretty much on the money in terms of calling the Akron game - so let's mix some blatant Syracuse homerism with some questionable prognostication skills and get to our picks.

The 1-0 Syracuse Orange (yes you are reading that correctly) roll into Seattle to do battle with the 0-1 Washington Huskies. We're fired up for this one for a couple of reasons:

1) We're undefeated, and
2) We're one week closer to tailgating at the home opener.

Let's get down to business. Heisman trophy candidate Van Chew will try to impress West Coast voters with a convincing performance. Mike "Holmes on Homes" has his eyes on exposing the shoddy construction that makes up the Husky offense. Unfortunately, our boys are in for a tough one this week. The young Orange come out a little-shell shocked in front a loud crowd, however there is no quit in this dog. Our boys fight to the end but come a bit short.

Your final:

UDub - 24
Cuse - 14

Some highlights:

- Ryan Nassib's continued growth....playing on the road in Husky Stadium will age this kid a few years

- Jake Locker will be feeling it the day after. This Cuse team hits hard and hits often.

- Doug Hogue's line: 78 tackles, 13 sacks, 5 interceptions, cures the common cold, settles Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and defeats Lex Luthor....not a bad day.

This game really comes down to two things:

1) Can the Syracuse front 7 contain Jake Locker?
2) Can the Orange win the turnover battle?

The answer to both is yes, although I'm more confident in the former than the latter. The SU defense will make a huge statement on Saturday. While there's no doubt the Orange face a tough, tough test traveling across country to play a talented team, Washington is still a young team. Like Syracuse they are trying to break cycles of losing and the program is filled with guys who are more used to getting beat than celebrating at the end of contests. They have issues along the offensive line and they are playing a ton of true freshman. Any of this sound familiar Syracuse fans?

What they don't have so far is a win - and they also have a huge game looming on the horizon next week against Nebraska. The tape the Huskies will get from the Akron game isn't going to tell them much, Syracuse was purposefully bland. At the end of a close game, do they have the mentality and toughness to pull out a win?

Here's how I see this breaking down. Washington gets the opening kickoff in front of a large crowd and moves the ball to the 50. The drive stalls and UW sends out its walk-on punter for his first-ever college kick and the kid promptly fumbles the ball and the Orange recover at the UW 30. Bob Casullo gets so excited he pulls an Andy Bernard and accidently tears his sack doing a celebratory split.

From there the teams battle all game long. Scott Shafer brings blitzes UW hasn't seen, Marrone diversifies the offense and at the game is tied at 24 when a Washington turnover gives SU life. Freshman Ross Krautman boots a 35 yard field goal with time expiring for your final:

UDub - 24
SU - 27

And whatever you do, take SU and the points, the last time I checked the spread was almost 2 tds. That's way too high.

Bonus fact:

Doug Marrone and Steve Sarkisian have the same career record of 5-8.


ajv said...

20-17, SU

Poncho Sinatra said...

I'm rolling with Champ on this one. I think our young team will be pumped up, but in front of a "real" D1 crowd and the whole Jake Locker effect happening right now - it's going to be a long day for the Orange.

Tailgating is a short week away gentlemen.

Washington - 45
Syracuse - 20

*I hope I'm dreadfully wrong