Sunday, October 3, 2010

#1: Miami- 16, Cuse-10

Finally, this stupid countdown ends. The #1 game we want a "do-over" on and landing at the top spot of the Top 10 Football Mulligans of the HumpIdiot Era Countdown is the 1992 loss to the hated Miami Hurricanes.

Boss, "Classic game and a great scene at the Dome...don't know if I want a do-over on it, but an additional 30 seconds on the game clock would be nice. "

AJV, "I'll never forget The Sporting News' 1 line summary in their 93' preview..."Three yards from a National Title?"

Poncho, "Only one loss. We had the Thugs at home. We were rolling through our schedule after that early loss to the Buckeye’s. This was the year we handled the Hurricanes on a National stage."

Russianator, "Miami was "the U" and Syracuse was a good team, looking to make national news. The vaunted Hurricanes came into the Dome with swagger, but the Orange played an amazing game and matched them the whole way. It ended with Chris Gedney being stopped at the two. If it's played again, maybe Chris gets those extra 6 feet. "

Champ, "Tough one. Not that I'm bitter about this one at all but during the blowout in '98 Boss and I exorcised the demons from this one yelling at Canes from our seats two rows from the field."

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