Friday, October 22, 2010

Syracuse - West Virginia Official Idiotic Predictions

The Syracuse Orange take on the West Virginia Mountaineers at high noon on ESPN2 tomorrow (apparently every Big 10 team that wears red uniforms was booked) and try to bounce back from big loss versus the Pitt Panthers. As we do each week, here are our predictions on the game.

Poncho Sinatra

Ain't nuttin' to talk about here.....

West Virginia is too damn good.

West Virginia - 49
Syracuse - 17


Last week I espoused the unbridled enthusiasm of a young Billy Mumphrey, and like Billy, that enthusiasm was my downfall. This week I'm not feeling so optimistic. I've come to begrudgingly respect Bill Stewart and this year the Mountaineers are the class of a weak Big East. While West Virginia certainly has weapons on offense, it's their defense I'm most concerned about.

So far this year the Mountaineers are giving up 12.3 points per game. Conversely the Orange offense has struggled against the best three teams on a weak schedule. As much as I want the Orange to win, I just don't see how they can move the ball effectively. I think the defense bounces back and plays much better, but eventually wears down because they'll be on the field all damn day. Your final:

West Virginia - 27
Syracuse - 10

Mr. T Puppet

We've got a confession to make - Mr. T hasn't been making picks this season (shocking I know). It's actually been a Mr. T Puppet, who coincidentally is a huge SU fan who hates that the 44 is retired. He wears his 44 jersey constantly. It's actually starting to smell. Here's how the Mr. T Puppet sees the game.

West Virginia doesn't understand Mr. T. It's a scary place if you're not a white fool who likes roadkill and muskets. Plus, did you know the po-lice will stop people in West Virginia for DWM? That's right - driving while mohawked. A man can't even drive in that state. So yeah, Mr. T doesn't like West Virginia or anything that goes on down there. Mr. T does respect coal miners though - they are real men, and also the only people in West Virginia the same color as Mr. T. However, there's no way the team from Syracuse can concentrate in such an environment.


West Virginia - Pain
Syracuse - Even More Pain

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