Friday, November 12, 2010

Syracuse - Rutgers Official Idiotic Predictions

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The Syracuse Orange and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights face off at 3:30 Saturday on ESPNU. The Orange need one more win to become bowl eligible and the Scarlet Knights need a win so the Big East can take another step towards getting every team in the conference to finish the year 6-6. You all know how this works, here are the three idiots official idiotic predictions.


When I think New Jersey I think Springsteen, Bon Jovi, some really bad Nets teams from the 80s and 90s, and The Sopranos. Way, way, waaaaay down on that list is the existence of Rutgers athletics.

For the "Johnny Come Lately" Rutgers fans, which encompasses about 99.9% of them, let's review the all-time history between Syracuse and NJ State:

29-10-1 in favor of the Orangemen

I really like that number. So much so, come Saturday I'm going with:


Syracuse - 29
Rutgers - 10


- The Road Warriors continue their destruction. The D slaps Rutgers silly led by the usual suspects Hogue and Smith

- A lot of Antwon Bailey this week.....the change of pace proves right and finds the end zone a couple of times

- Lots of camera shots of Greg Schiano with his monkey-like facial expressions

- Pam Ward makes my ears bleed

- Start spreading the news........Pinstripe Bowl anyone?

Poncho Sinatra

Gym. Tan. Laundry.

I've never thought I would say this, but thank you Connecticut! We are off to New Jersey to battle the Scarlet Knights at Rutgers stadium in front of thousands of students that wear inappropriate amounts of gold jewelry. If you look at Rutgers wins (Norfolk St, Florida International, Army and UConn), the win over Huskies back in October seems to be their only legit "Big Boy" victory.

Rutgers offense is struggling and I'm hoping our road intensity comes back to life this Saturday. With a win on Saturday, Syracuse will be right back into the hunt for the Big East crown after the Panthers loss on Thursday. Pitt has to play at South Florida and Cincinnati, while we have our last two games at home. I'm hoping for some "Dome Magic" those last two weeks after to break our two game losing streak under the roof.

I will not be making the trip to New Jersey because I don't have any antibiotics, but will surely be watching the game with a crisp fall Ale in hand. I don't see either of these offenses lighting it up, so it's going to be a game fought up front by the uglies on both sides.


Syracuse - 13
Rutgers - 10


Here's what I know -- the Rutgers offense isn't very good. The Syracuse defense -- at least on the road, is usually pretty good. Rutgers will start true freshman Chas Dodd under center, and Syracuse defensive coordinator Scott Shafer will start blitzing in pre-game warm ups.

Conversely, I also know the Syracuse offense isn't very good and the Rutgers D is pretty strong. The Orange lack playmakers and quick strike ability, meaning they have to maintain drives to score points. So all indications are this is going to the anti-Snookie game -- there will be very little scoring -- especially in bathrooms of clubs.

So that comes down to two things - turnovers and coaching. Turnovers are unpredictable, but coaching is not. Rutgers fans aren't going to want to hear this, and most won't agree, but Doug Marrone is already a better coach than Greg Schiano. He proved it last year, he'll prove it this year.


Syracuse - 16
Rutgers - 9

Mr. T

Wooo - that Louisville game upset Mr. T. The loss was hard to take. Now kids, Mr. T promotes responsibility. Mr. T wants you to do the right thing. Don't drink and don't drugs kids. However, Mr. T is not a hypocrite. Mr. T has a confession to make. Mr. T drown his sorrows too much after the game - and here's what happened. Don't let it happen to you kids.

Now it's time to recoup. Mr. T is recouping and so is Syracuse. Syracuse ain't gonna lose to some fools from New Jersey. True story, New Jersey is where they invented the mullet. You know what Mr. T did to combat this? Mr. T grew the mohawk. The mohawk beats the mullet every damn time.

Also, Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib has been struggling a little in Big East play. What did Mr. T do? I flew up to Syracuse and gave him some tips. You see, Mr. T knows a little something about throwing a ball.


Syracuse - 27
Rutgers - pain

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