Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who's The Better Fan: Locals or Students/Alumni

*Note (This is my first post on my iPad, which is insanely negligent of blogging compatibility and user-friendliness)

I've often wondered in the "Fandom" world, who's actually the better fan for college athletics. The locals or students/Alumni? I've been both and have been thinking lately, "At which stage was I the bigger fan?" These days, fans come in all sizes, shapes and colors. We see the makeup of these fans on game day, blogs, twitter and sports talk radio. But, who's the "King of fans"? I personally grew up in nearby Elmira, NY where Syracuse was and is the king of college athletics. I considered going there, but realized I just wanted to get the fuck out of New York State for a short period of time. So, I ended up at East Carolina University, which fields a modest Division 1 program in Conference USA. I became a fan of the college experience down at ECU, but my heart always was back in Central New York with 'Cuse, even when ECU played and sometimes beat Syracuse during my college years back in the mid 90's.

In one corner you have the local inhabitants who have assumably been brought up on the local teams and bleed their local university colors, thru and thru. In the other camp you have the students/alumni who spend a short window in that arena and participate in the experience during their tenure and possibly thereafter. Both sides have a case and both sides sometimes despise the other. Students and alumni are often bashin' locals as white trash and CNY hicks that continue to wear cargo pants and sport artful goatees. Locals often subject students and alumni as "out of town" douche bags and rich pompous assholes that decided to spend a few years up on the hill and voluntarily subject themselves to CNY winters. *Also, missing many months of college girls wearing little or nothing galavanting around the campus.

Syracuse University paints a pretty good picture of these two distinct classes, so let's rate them on the college football experience.


The locals have the tradition and the tenured spots around the hill. They have years of experience and infrastructure that allow them to pretty much set up "Food Trucks" all along the campus. They generally have better food since they are buying higher quality provisions and not having to use their "meal cards". Most of us aren't "broke" college kids anymore. Most of us.

The students/alumni often have the prettier women that embrace liquid beverages way too early on gameday and are great visuals for the locals. They live in shitty housing that allows them to host "pre-game" conventions without having to hop in a car. Being able to walk earns major points here. Most of the girls that tailgate with the students make bad decisions later because of the early consumption of tasty beverages. For us older guys, our wives and girlfriends will no longer fall for this anymore. They won't "Fall for the banana in the tailpipe routine."

Winner: Students/Alumni

Crowd Noise

When the Dome is a rockin', don't come a knockin'. The locals have ultimately ruled this domain of fandemoniam. They are usually more hungry, obnoxious, boozed up and clamorous. They just worked five days at the factory and are ready to belly-up to an Orange victory. The locals show true grit when it comes to showing rowdiness on 3rd and long for the opposing team.

The students/alumni do participate in this vehement behavior as well. The problem is that the noise only equals the sum of all parts, and sometimes "all parts" is pretty humble for a student body. I will give props to the students that do rock out, but call over more of your buddies to engage with the foolery.

Winner: Locals

Fat Bottomed Girls

For being in the middle of one of the snowiest places in the continental United States, the locals bring their share of arm candy to game days. It's no South Beach, but the gals like to show their pride by wearing some pretty wonderful garb for all of us marginally out of shape bastards to look at. I've often given props to CNY girls, their hearty with a chewy crust.

It's college and the term "Coed" has it's place amongst the University. Is this even a close one here? No, college chicks always one-up anything. That's why some fans bring binoculars to the game. They are there for those shady dudes to leer at when they stand in the beer line. College girls truly make the world go round.

Winner: Students/Alumni


The locals in CNY are a very prideful and opinionated group of sports fans. They've been dismissed in the past as fair weather and disdainful. They've shown their true colors when the times were good and have been a little introverted when the teams needed them to show up. Syracuse doesn't have a pro sports franchise and this team is the "All Being" of athletics in this town. *Sorry Chiefs and Crunch, it's a college sports town.

The students/Alumni ride this same bandwagon of fan awareness during the high and low times. When the teams are doing well, they are right in the action and participating showing their passion and allegiance. When times get a little rough, they are sometimes insolent and puffed up. Ultimately they are a good group of loyal sports enthusiasts, that enjoy a good Dome Dog.

Winner: Push

Ultimately both sets of fans win here. Athletic events are shared interests of the locals and students/alumni alike. We share the passion and fever for victory and.......Coeds.


AlbanyHDTV said...

Were you able to watch the game on ESPN3 last via your iPad?

Can you view the videos on the Post-Standard website?

Matt said...

I grew up in Utica as a lifelong SU fan so I guess that makes me a local. You are spot-on as far as noise is concerned - being obnoxious on 3rd down is among my favorite things to do at the Dome. In fact, if I can't think of anything in particular to shout, sometimes I'll just yell "NOISE!" over and over.

On an unrelated note, it's still OK to wear cargo SHORTS, right?

Jay said...

I know a lot of alumni that look down on me as a fan because I didn't attend Syracuse. I also grew up in the Elmira area and have been a lifelong SU fan (actually born in Syracuse and family moved). Because I chose to get my schooling from another institution means I'm no longer good enough to root for 'Cuse? Come on now, stop being ridiculous, alums.

Poncho Sinatra said...

AlbanyHDTV - No, you cannot watch the game on the iPad...Boo!

Matt - Cargo shorts are the "hipster chic" of Syracuse.

Russianator said...

I grew up in Fulton and considered SU, but wanted to get the heck out of dodge so I ended up 2.5 hours away in Albany. I also ended up with a much cheaper tuition bill. The fact that until recently Albany wasn't DI in any sport removed any conflicts for me - since I have been an SU fan since I could walk.

And I will never give up cargo shorts - FREEDOM!

OrangeRay said...

Where do you rate the local who then attended Syracuse and is now an alumni? I fall into that camp.

I can tell you that the locals are fairly obsessed with Syracuse basketball, even though the University has priced themselves out of many locals pockets. Students have the advantage there of much cheaper tickets.

When I was in school, the students I knew were definitely big fans of the Orangemen, but not nearly to the extent of my hometown classmates.

Champ said...


315 4 life.

The Captain said...

Locals -

Reppin F-town fo Sheezie.