Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Annnnnd We're Back

Based on the howling protests, the scores of emails sent to blogger on our behalf and the viral grassroots movement that called for the restoration of Three Idiots on Sports, I know you're wondering why this blog disappeared about a week ago and what exactly happened.

OK, since none of that happened, maybe Champ and Poncho are wondering, for the rest of you, I'll make this brief. Last Friday, while I was in Fort Lauderdale for little R&R I was doing what every respectable asshole does -- I was drinking during the day and emailing my friends and family pictures of the beach to taunt them. Pictures like the one above - and this one, taken at lunch:

While doing this, karma caught up with me and my Gmail locked me out. Something had went amiss, so the taunting would cease, but the drinking was just getting started. A few texts and many beers later, Champ informed me the blog had disappeared.  It was Friday, there was vacation to enjoy, so clearly it could wait.

The next day I reset my email and got that squared away, but alas the blog was still gone. After some internet searching and few posts in some help forums, we are still not really sure what happened. The best we can tell, there was some error with blogger spam reporting and this esteemed blog, as well as other classics like http://mexican-taint.blogspot.com got deleted.  (It's a real site, it did get deleted, but don't go there, trust me).

Through the help of the Real Blogger Status and Google help forums, we're now back up and ready to go.  Apparently in the last week Syracuse destroyed Colgate, a promising middle linebacker pulled a UConn and went out a stealing expensive electronics and Brett Favre finally missed a damn game, but not the press conference afterward.

So now that we are all caught up we'd like to say thanks for returning and want to reassure you we are still committed to bring you absolutely useless information, odd videos (mainly from the 80s, we're old) and retarded observations about sports and other stuff.....it's what we do.

This incident has taught me two very important lessons -- you get what you pay for (blogger is free) and Santa is alive and well - he's living in Fort Lauderdale and appeared to be slightly "overserved" Saturday night.


The Captain said...

Please, for the love of god, tell me that the beer in the fluted glass is not yours......

The Capt

Russianator said...

It was all for the artistic shot Captain. Plus I'm sure Poncho can tell you that when you pour the beer in a glass, it allows the aroma to properly waft and enhances the flavor or the beer.....at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The Captain said...

You said waft.

Beer has flavor? I never noticed.

Poncho Sinatra said...

Rush - You are an aroma releasing idiot.

Russianator said...

Why yes, yes I am Poncho.