Monday, December 6, 2010

Donald Trump's Hair Wins Monday Night Football

The world's favorite real estate developer and potential Presidential candidate Donald Trump watched at least part of the New England Patriots - New York Jets Monday Night Football game with Patriot owner Robert Kraft. Things were going swimmingly until Trump's biggest nemesis appeared - the wind. Enjoy.

Via - Jimmy Traina

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Anonymous said...

That really was nothing special at all.... pretty damn stupid actually.

omg donald trumps hair moves in the wind, omg omg.

Anonymous said...
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Russianator said...

Thanks anonymous - good input there.

Anonymous said...

What's even more comical than his hair in the wind is this writing says "and future Presidential candidate" Now that's funny stuff.

jimmy's eye has it said...

People with mucho dinero can do their doo any length or style they want. We shouldn't get so hung up on one's hair anyway. He seems like a nice guy and deserves respect. This shouldn't even be a topic here.