Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pinstripe at The Palace

Stuck in CNY for the Pinstripe Bowl come Thursday? Are you worried you'll be stuck watching it on your neighbor's TV that's way too small to be gathered around? Like me, do you need to get out of the house after spending way too much time on the couch watching bad TV?

Well if you've answered yes to any of these questions, T3I is here to help. For the local CNYers not making the trip but still looking to partake in a tailgate atmosphere, we suggest checking out The Palace Theater's Pinstripe Bowl special. For $10 you get to enjoy the game on "the largest screen in CNY" and get your name thrown in the hat for giveaways including a flat screen TV.

I'll be getting my idiot tailgate crew together for one last get together at Champ House on gameday.

Good to see you back Rob Long:

1 comment:

Russianator said...

Don't forget to hit supercuts on the way in - gotta look tight at the palace!

I'll take as many pics as I can at the game - my hands will probably be frozen blocks of ice by the second quarter.