Friday, December 31, 2010

The Pinstripe Bowl: A Photo Essay

If you watched the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl on TV, you know the Syracuse win over Kansas State was a thrilling affair.  By now you've read all the stories on (or actually bought that paper if you're still doing that) and you've gorged on volumes of info at NunesMagician.  So I thought I'd bring you something a little different - my trip to the Pinstripe Bowl via photos.  Grab a beer and let's go.

The day started by hopping in the car and making the drive from Albany to Poughkeepsie to catch the Metro North.

The inside of this beast is filty, someone detail my car
Of course we missed the train we wanted to hop on and spent some time in the Poughkeepsie train station.

This building has seen better days
We had tickets to a pre-game party at the Yankee Museum, so we went there - one problem, the wrist bands they were using for ticketholders were PURPLE - major fail there.

The purple wrist band, luckily I made it look good
While consuming a few adult beverages, we also checked out the museum, including the 1996 World Series Trophy.

One of 27 - Not too Shabby
I stepped out during the party to check out the Kansas State Band - the formation isn't one they'll have to do too much longer.

I won't be the Big XII much longer.....
As you know, it didn't take long for Kansas State to get on the scoreboard.

K State scored early
As we settled in, it was clear that while the snow was off the field, it wasn't out of the stadium.In fact, there were huge snow banks ringing the playing surface.  Also seated behind us were a couple of great SU fans I met, Peter and Chad.  Really enjoyed watching the game with those guys.  I didn't take their picture, it seemed creepy.

Snow removal - Mike Bloomberg Style
I've been to the stadium for a few Yankee games over the past two years and the one thing that never fails to amaze me is the high-def replay screen. It looks even better when its showing a Marcus Sales touchdown.

That's a high quality replay right there
  The goal was to take a photo after every score - but these things never work out.

The Orange took their first lead at 14-7
As you know it was a wildly entertaining game -- Mrs. Russianator was into it, and what was even  better was the hat the guy next to her was wearing.  He told me his wife hates it - yet he wears it anyway.  He kicks ass.
I married up, and I want one of those Otto hats
The Orange nation did a nice job of showing up.  The fans in our area were into the game.

At this point I was focused on drinking and watching a wild game, so let's fast forward to the end.  What a beautiful, beautiful scoreboard.

And it doesn't get any better than watching the guy that authored an amazing turnaround holding the Pinstripe Bowl Trophy in his worthy hands.

A smiling Doug Marrone holding the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl Trophy
After, the players took to the snowbanks to celebrate with Orange nation.

Chandler Jones and teammates celebrate the Pinstripe Bowl Win
Then, there was only one thing to do - hit Stan's for a couple of celebratory drinks before hopping the train north.

Stan's is the best and I'm doing something douchey with my hand
 If you didn't or couldn't make it to the game, I'd highly recommend making the trip the next time SU plays in the Pinstripe Bowl.  It was an excellent event.  It also doesn't hurt that the Orange won a fun, fun game to watch.


Anonymous said...

Great Pics and Post Neph! What a great win! This should really help recruiting, particularly in NY/NJ. Listen carefully-I think I hear Greg Schiano panicking.Orange Football is back!!

Furman said...

Nice pics. We were in the upper level of the stadium. The scoreboard at the end of the game was probably one of the nicest views I saw in 2010. Hopefully we'll see a lot more of those in 2011 and beyond.

Good bowl game, too. Although I have a feeling that if it's not SU or Rutgers representing the Big East in the game, that place might not make it over 25,000 fans.

dannymac said...

But what was nicer; downtown Po-Town or the new Yankee Stadium? How bad is TCU gonna "F" up the Big East.