Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stay Classy Lebron

Photo: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

I really can't believe I'm throwing up an NBA post that doesn't involve short-shorts, Dominique Wilkins, old slam dunk contests or one of the greatest sports theme songs ever, but what the heck.

For those of you living in a cave or out of earshot of sports talk radio, Lebron James returned to Cleveland for the first time since he took his talents to South Beach. I get the fact that the man earned his free agency and exercised his right to relocate-- no problems there.

First came "The Decision" where LBJ broke up with Cleveland on national television. This goes along the lines breaking up with your girlfiend via text message. You just don't do it. But hey, it was all for charity (wink....wink).

But the guy doesn't stop there. Tonight back in his former home, Lebron decided to continue his "powder in the air routine." If "The Decision" was a text message breakup, he one-upped himself tonight. I'm thinking this is along the lines of "I'm showing up at the bar where my ex is and making out with my date right in front of her just for spite."
Stay class Lebron.

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Russianator said...

He topped it in the post-game interview by saying I'll "continue my Greatness" in Miami.

What a d-bag.