Friday, May 28, 2010

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UConn Basketball: Cheaters

The University of Connecticut men's basketball program, under the direction of the Jim Calhoun, has been accused of 8 major NCAA rules violations. It will be interesting to see what the ultimate punishment for these violations will be -- or how they will affect the new 5 year contract the 68 year old coach just signed -- but for UConn fans, I'll offer a deep, technical analysis of the situation - not good.

Jordan Statue Defaced With a Blackhawks Jersey

It looks like the statue of Michael Jordan is rooting for the Chicago Blackhawks in their series against the Philadelphia Flyers. I wonder what the response would have been had it been the Carolina Hurricanes facing the Blackhawks? Go Flyers.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Bost-pocalypse Watch Continues

After the Bruins choked away a 3-0 lead to the Flyers, the fine folks in Boston are more edgy than usual. The Celtics game 5 loss to the Magic last night has only made this worse. We here at T3I will keep you posted on the meltdown. Here's the front page of today's Boston Globe.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary Jose

Rob Iracane wisely reminds us that 17 years ago today, the great Jose Canseco headed a ball over the wall for a home run. Even Jose's stint on the Surreal Life was less embarrassing. Jose, you're a real man of genius.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Robin Lopez Auditions for Dancing With Cavemen

Possibly angered at being left out of the GEICO commercials, or maybe just frustrated that the Suns playoff run has kept him from auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance, Robin Lopez shows off some sweet moves late in the Phoenix Suns win over the L.A. Lakers.

The Boston Media Reacts Rationally to Celtics Loss

As you know, the Boston Celtics lost last night to the Orlando Magic. Prior to the loss, the Celtics had won 6 consecutive playoff games and lead the series 3-1. So naturally this headline appeared in the Boston Globe today.

Allow Myself To...........Punish Myself

First off, it's been a Coon's Age. In hillbilly slang that's 8 1/2 years. Well tarnation! I haven't seen Poncho in a coon's age. Well, I've been hitting all over this lovely country developing questionably priced lunch options for you and yours.

As someone who follows Michigan football and has watched many games at the Big House in Ann Arbor, I've been extremely confused by Coach Dick Rod and his short time out in Michigan. Recently the school punished itself for a series of violations.

The sanctions included a recommendation for two years of probation for the NCAA's winningest football program, which is 8-16 in two seasons under coach Rich Rodriguez. The school also said seven people, including Rodriguez, had been reprimanded and another was fired. The school said it should not be tagged as a repeat offender despite a 2003 scandal in the basketball program -- a key argument, since the designation would almost certainly mean harsher penalties from the NCAA.

We're imposing on ourselves what we believe is corrective actions, athletic director David Brandon said in an interview with The Associated Press. "Ultimately, the NCAA will decide what the appropriate sanctions and penalties are.

I'm not the smartest whip in the closet, but it seems like the Wolverines have a bit of trouble out there in Ann Arbor. Throw in Mr. Robinson as the joker and the Big Blue football team has a fierce duo of fire and Ice. Dick Rod, the Marrone like Ball Buster and Grob, the motionless, placid bowl of stew that is still living on his Denver Bronco resume.

Right now Bo Schembechler is punching his coffin and droppin' F Bombs six feet under the ground.

Judging By Facial Expressions, the Case for Louisville is Weak

ESPN's Brian Bennett is doing a series of videos talking about the strong points of each football team in the Big East. Above is the screen grab of his Louisville video, which leaves a less than favorable impression on readers......The actual video does a nice job of highlighting the good things Charlie Strong is already doing with the program, but judging by the shot above, it's a good thing Steve Kragthorpe is gone.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oooooohhhh Yeahhhhh!

Former '80s WWF Superstar Randy "Macho Man" Savage tied the knot last week. In news that makes me feel older than my sore knees do, Savage is looking less Macho and more Kenny Rogers-like.

T3I Classic takes you back to the Macho Man's first wedding to the lovely (and '80s hot) Elizabeth. Lord Alfred Hayes is on the scene of the reception:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Gerry McNamara's Good Name Cheesed

Gerry McNamara is a beloved Orange legend. He won a national championship, gave SU fans four years of gritty performances and big shots, and put on a show for 4 days in Madison Square Garden in 2006 that I will never forget. Especially because I was there. Now an assistant coach at SU, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who dislikes G-Mac.

However, due to an unfortunate coincidence, Gerry's good name is being dragged through the mud, as a former state worker was caught selling cocaine and weed to fellow employees. That state worker's name? Gerry McNamara. The story itself is great - this dumbass was selling drugs to co-workers using his work email and referring to the illegal substances as "cheese."

So listen evil Gerry McNamara, if you want to sell drugs have it -- but at least have the common decency to use your middle name while doing it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Orlando Sentinel Does Not Think Highly of Syracuse Football

Courtesy of, we learned today that the Orlando Sentinel is ranking all 120 college football teams for the 2010 season. While it's a fun little time-killer to get football fans through the next three and half months, it's also a virtually impossible task.

According to the video the Sentinel did introducing the series, they left it up to one person, in this case Andrea Adelson, to do the rankings alone. There simply aren't enough hours in the day for one person to be familiar with all 120 programs, much less know enough about all of them to offer some sort of accurate ranking. So I don't put any stock in them ranking the Orange as the 104th best team in the country. However, that's not going to stop me from pointing out a few facts that make this ranking foolish.

Thanks mainly to Greg Robinson's blazing incompetence, the Orange program certainly hit bottom from 2005-2008. So, if someone reads a couple of clips on the internet and looks at the recent record, you can't fault that person for assuming things will continue to be terrible -- that person is just slightly uneducated.

By no means is the rebuttal I'm about to offer an unbiased one, we are all Orange fans here. Our seven readers know that. However, I can guarantee you I've watched more Orange football in the past year than Andrea Adelson has seen in her life -- and as someone that knows this team, the ranking of 104 is absurdly low.

The Sentinel's main factors for ranking the Orange at 104:

- A high player attrition rate under Doug Marrone
- A new starting quarterback
- Delone Carter's uncertain situation
- The fact that local Orlando product EJ Carter got himself kicked off the team.

Let's go deeper into all of these points:

Player attrition: Any Orange fan knows the program lacked discipline and accountability under Robinson. Marrone has instilled that - as a result, a lot of guys didn't want to get with the program and they are gone. However, it's not like the team is hemorrhaging high-level talent. Other than Mike Williams, there hasn't been a single Division I impact player among the departees. We're not talking about kicking a bunch of Reggie Bush's off the team here.

New Quarterback: While Greg Paulus wasn't perfect, he did set a school record for completion percentage. The heir apparent, Ryan Nassib played in every game last year, and at times looked promising. This is college football, a lot of teams have new starting quarterbacks. At least SU has a guy with some experience under his belt, a guy that will be entering his third year in the program and has played under the bright lights.

Maybe No Carter: While Delone Carter had a very good year in 2009, running back is one of the deepest positions on the team. Even if Carter doesn't play early, Antwon Bailey, a guy who fought through some injuries last year and was extremely impressive late in 2008, and Averin Collier, one of the best high school running backs in New York State, can certainly fill the void. Not to mention Marrone's offense will put the ball in the air early and often.

EJ Carter is Gone/Marrone is a hard ass. Carter is an Orlando product, so the local paper is going to talk about local kids. The Marrone being a hard ass thing tells us the Sentinel read the Daily Orange stories earlier this month. Neither really matters. Let's just move on.

In regards to the ranking itself, what you don't get from the story was the fact that last year - while the team was rebuilding with a point guard as the starting quarterback, Syracuse was two plays away from a .500 record. An OT interception against Minnesota (a bowl team) and a blown special teams play against Louisville were the only thing standing between 4-8 and 6-6. Of those four wins, 2 came against bowl teams.

The team returns two of the best linebackers in the conference, most of a defense that was very good against the run last year, has had a complete year and off-season under its belt to learn new Marrone and Scott Shafer's offensive and defensive schemes and is bringing in a large recruiting class to add much needed depth. While 2009 certainly wasn't a rousing success, it wasn't the disaster the Sentinel's blurb would have you believe.

So, if the Orange are the 104th team in college football - here are teams the Sentinel feels are better:

- EVERY team in the BCS, except Washington State. The list includes:

  • Vanderbilt (2-10)
  • Maryland (2-10)
  • Virginia (3-9)

    - Non-BCS powerhouses such as:

  • Akron (3-9) a team SU beat by 2 tds last year
  • New Mexico State (3-10)
  • Arkansas State (4-8) - no BCS wins last year
  • Buffalo (5-7) a team with a new coach and no BCS wins last year
  • Tulsa (5-7) no BCS wins

    So while I don't expect Syracuse to be playing in the national championship game at the end of the upcoming season, I don't expect them to finish behind the Akron Zips either.
  • Greg Robinson Weekly: The Miniseries

    The crack research staff at T3I headquarters turned up a real gem, this three-part Greg Robinson presser. For those of you looking to kill some time at work, enjoy.

    Part I: It begins...

    Part II: "That's the thing you never know, the unknown."

    Part III: "My head was swimming."

    Ebay Item of the Week: Who wears short shorts?

    I know we've gone here before, however when we see a pair of (possibly Syracuse) short-shorts like these.... well we know we've found our Ebay Item of the Week.

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    Meet Mike Williams Number One Fan

    A co-worker passed along a great newsvine link that posts a mugshot of the day. A quick search through some recent posts turned up this mugshot of a BIG, BIG Tampa Bay Bucs fan. Here's hoping this guy is still locked up when the season starts, since I can't imagine he'll react well to a dropped pass or blown assignment.

    Prospective Hyundai Owners Lured in by Promise of a Large Penis

    Via the Slanch Report, former New York Giant Brad Benson now owns a Hyundai dealership and wants to sell you a car. I can only imagine that going from the NFL to slinging used Sonatas is quite a change, but Brad has found a way to keep things exciting.

    He must have some market research that indicates people looking to purchase South Korean automobiles are lured to dealerships with the promise of a huge penis, since his latest radio ad boasts about his new 40 foot erection. Call me crazy but that doesn't put me in the mood to pick up a used Hyundai Accent, but maybe I'm crazy. Listen for yourself:

    And since we're on the topic, there's no truth to the rumor that the kid in the video below is Brad's son -- but if Benson sees this video he might hire the kid.

    Monday, May 17, 2010

    Star Search: Orange Football Edition

    We're putting the heartbreak of Chaz Cervino's transfer behind us, as it deprived Orange fans this past season of the "C&C Touchdown Factory" made up of Chaz and Van Chew. A quick scan of the Cuse's post-spring game depth chart has us excited. The roster does not appear to be has depleted as reported. In fact, this year's group seems to have a little "star power."

    Backup TE Jose Cruz

    He had some solid years for the Houston Astros in the '70s and '80s. An added bonus-- he looked good in those old Astro orange uni's.

    Starting FS Mike Holmes

    A true heavy-hitter at the free safety position, we're really looking forward to Mike ripping into opposing offenses with his battle cry of, "It's all gotta come down."

    Starting CB Phillip "Michael" Thomas

    The epitome of cool, no one on the Cuse team rocks the chest hair like our man Tubbs.

    Backup NT Anthony "Psycho" Perkins

    An early candidate "most likely to lead the team in personal fouls after completely losing his mind."

    NBA Jam: The Return

    NBA Jam is coming to the Wii this fall. To say we're a little excited would be an understatement.

    Random Yankee Stat of the Day

    Chicago White Sox at New York Yankees

    Mariano Rivera did the unthinkable and blew a save yesterday, giving up a grand slam to Jason Kubel of the Twins. Rivera has only allowed one other grand slam as a reliever in his entire career and that was in 2002 to to the artist known as Bill Selby - who finished his career with a total of 11 home runs and 48 RBI. Mo getting tagged is obviously a fluke. Think about it, when he gave up that last grand slam Jamie Moyer was only 40.

    An Idiot Salute: RIP Ronnie James Dio

    As a young man torn between the worlds of Run DMC and Motley Crue, my musical taste was tamed by pop culture and a young MTV. As the youngest of four with two older brothers, a certain man's voice often was heard coming from my brother Joel's Cerwin Vegas.

    That voice was Ronnie James Dio (often pronounced, Ronnnnniieeee Jaaammmmeesss Dio Mother fuckers!)

    What does Dio have to do with sports you say? He was a HUGE New York Yankees fan. According to Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian,

    So many memories of Ronnie. Toured together many times. He always had a kind word and a smile and he LOVED the Yankees. In 2004 on the DIO/ANTHRAX tour I would get the Yankee score every inning for Ronnie while he was on stage. He was so into them.

    A little band called Black Sabbath did three albums with Dio at the helm, including "Heaven and Hell" in 1980, "Mob Rules" in 1981 and "Live Evil" in 1982.

    He had Sebastian Back vocal power, pre VH1 Celebrity Fit Club.

    Tenacious D is Tenacious D because of Ronnie James Dio.

    Introducing the OJ Simpson Work Out

    People will try anything to lose weight. Whether its 8 minute abs, bad dance videos, or neck line slimmers, there's a bad exercise routine out there for every one. Well almost everyone. The sad fact of the matter is that people who want to weild swords and lose weight have been neglected. Well we here at T3I are proud to tell you the long wait is over. Just head over to Tokyo and enroll in samuri camp.

    Friday, May 14, 2010

    The Weekend's Almost Here - Let's Dance

    Happy Friday to everyone out there - you've almost made it through another crap-tastic week. Let's celebrate by busting some moves with Rony Seikaly. The ex-Orange great has some serious Poncho Sinatra-like dance skills, that's for sure.

    Thursday, May 13, 2010

    Catch Brian Kelly Today, Win a Pot of Gold

    Photo via The Wiz of Odds

    May 13th is Leprechaun Day and as legend would have it, if you catch one of these little bastards they have to give you their pot of gold. In sports, when you think of annoying Leprechauns, you think Notre Dame.

    We all know the Fighting Irish. It's the school the Big East bends over backwards to accommodate by letting them compete in every sport except football -- and when the Irish are actually good in that sport, they get to steal Big East bowl bids. It's the school who, because of its football independence (made solely possible by NBC) is the lynch pin in the impending colossal shake up of college athletics.

    New coach Brian Kelly has wasted no time sucking up to the school's almighty alumni who feel joining a football conference is beneath them, declaring Notre Dame should remain independent. Something tells me a year ago when he was the coach at Cincinnati he didn't feel the same way.

    So while we all wait for the Big 10 to wreak havoc on college sports by adding more teams to their conference and watching other conferences scramble to do the same, I suggest we all chase that little leprechaun Kelly now and get his pot of gold. It's the least Notre Dame can do for us all. And if you can't catch Kelly (he strikes me as one of those fat guys with surprising foot speed, you know what I'm talking about) just catch tight end Mike Ragone. He doesn't have gold, but he's got plenty of pot for everyone.

    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    Another Dr. J. Moment

    One thing the idiots love is 1980's NBA action. The Russianator provided us with a classic Dr. J moment 30 years ago which inspired me to share my favorite Dr. J memory. From the '83 Finals, the Doctor rocks the baby to bed:

    I totally perfected this one on my Dr. J Playskool Basketball Hoop.

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    30 Years Ago Today the Dr. Flew

    It seems hard to believe, but 30 years ago today, on May 11, 1980 Dr. J performed one of the sickest moves in NBA history in game 4 of NBA finals against the LA Lakers. The Sixers lost, but the move is as iconic as anything that's ever happened in the NBA. As a little kid I had a Dr. J VHS highlight tape and watched this about a million times. Seems appropriate to watch it a few more.

    Even crazier than the move - the NBA finals were being played in early May instead of mid June like it is now.

    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Only Rutgers Got Jersey Power

    People who frequent internet message boards know that uber-fan Rutgers Al will go to the ends of the earth to praise his Scarlet Knights. Al has made a plethora of message board posts, videos, and his most recent effort, a serenade about his beloved RU. The results are not good. Like Skip Bayless in a common sense contest not good.

    Here's the song - I dare you to make it through the whole thing, but if you do, you'll know "only Rutgers has Jersey power."

    Being a lifelong New York resident, I was little unsure of exactly what "Jersey Power" really meant.....a quick google didn't provide me with any answers, but it did provide my with this awesome picture of "The Situation," so let's go with that.

    And to be fair, while we like to pick on our friends who formerly employed Fred Hill Jr., Syracuse is no stranger to odd songs of devotion. We'll never forget we are Orange.

    HT - Dan Lyons and Spaz Sports

    Orlando Sweeps Atlanta

    Atlanta Hawks Mike Woodson speaks to the referee in the first half of an NBA basketball playoff game in Atlanta

    The NBA Playoffs are in full swing and tonight the Orlando Magic completed a sweep of the Altanta Hawks and will return to the Eastern Conference Finals to face either Cleveland or Boston.

    The Hawks didn't put up much of fight in this one, losing by an average of 25 points per game. If you didn't see any of the series, here's a re-enactment. Hint - the Hawks are the butter.

    Friday, May 7, 2010

    Happy Anniversary Allen Iverson

    The 700 Level reminds us that today is the 8th anniversary of Allen Iverson's legendary "we're talking about practice" press conference. Readers of this blog know there are few things we love more than press conference meltdowns -- so let's celebrate AI's epic rant with this amazing Allen Iverson/Jim Mora "Press Hop" remix that was also appeared on the 700 Level (basically I just ripped of their entire post) -- take it away AI and Jim:

    Ask Ray Guy

    It's friday here at T3I, so you know what that means.

    Ray Guy is here to answer what's on your mind. If you don't know who Ray Guy is, (which must mean you may be a communist) you can visit his site to get the latest Ray news and notes. He is often known to sign Raiders Mini Helmets which you can buy on his site as well for a relative bargain.

    Let's get right to the questions.

    Ray, what happened to the Stock Market yesterday?

    Ray: U.S. stocks were headed for a strong start Friday, but there was plenty of uncertainty a day after one of the most violent swings in Wall Street's history.

    Investors were closely watching for the monthly jobs report, which comes out before the bell, and showed little reaction to the quarterly results of bailed-out insurer American International Group. (Said while punting a football 75 yards)

    What do you say to a kid that wants to be the next Ray Guy?

    Ray: The next Ray Guy? (Chuckles and then punts a football over a building) Do you actually think someone can do that besides me? Next question.

    If you saw Lawrence Taylor today, what would you say to him?

    Ray: That son of a bitch blocked one of my punts back in '83. He deserves it. (punts two consecutive footballs into a Target parking lot between a Chevy Equinox and Nissan Altima) 

    Are you looking forward to seeing Iron Man 2?

    Ray: My right leg was invited to Opening Night in Los Angeles but unfortunately I have other plans. (Ray then sits up and punts a football into a thief robbing a Gas station. The thief falls over and the Police arrive) Sometimes, life needs me.

    Please stop by next Friday for some Q & A with legendary NFL Punter, Ray Guy.

    Thursday, May 6, 2010

    Ebay Item of the Week: Stevie G

    80's actor Steve Guttenberg trading cards....enough said.

    It's a Pier 6 Pennellville Brawl Tonight

    Pro-wrestling....little person style, hits Central New York tonight. The meet and greet starts at 7pm. I'm absolutely 100% certain that if our good friend The Captain was in town, he'd be on his way to pick me up for this thing.

    End of An Era

    Our fellow Idiot Poncho had a rough day courtesy of his favorite football team. Well, it's not as bad as life as a Raider fan the past few years. Being one isn't easy....honestly, Al Davis has almost ruined the NFL for me.

    Anyways, this Raider fan (don't laugh, we exist) isn't shedding a tear over the end of the Jamarucs Russell era in Oakland, very appropriate news on International No Diet Day.

    JRuss.....we keep it "East Coast" here at T3I. I'll be missin' you:

    Eagle Fans, You're Welcome

    Lawrence Taylor arrested after Rape Allegation

    Check out the New York Times article here.

    All you have to read is this,

    She was a runaway since March and there was a pimp involved,” St. Lawrence told the Journal News. “She got punched in the face. We’re not sure who did it.”

    As the lone Idiot Giants fan (I believe), this one really hurts. I never thought I would tell LT to stick to dancing in the ballroom?

    Today is Christmas for Prince Fielder

    Happy International No Diet Day everyone! It's also known as Christmas to Prince Fielder. While we haven't been able to get confirmation yet, there's a rumor there's an all you can eat barbeque being thrown at the home of the legendary fat tub of goo Terry Forster. Those rumored to be in attendence include Rich 'El Guapo' Garces, John Kruk and Mo Vaughn.

    According to Wikipedia - "The International No Diet Day (INDD) is an annual celebration of body acceptance and body shape diversity. This day is also dedicated to raise awareness of the dangers in diets. This day is observed on May 6, and its symbol is a blue ribbon, similar to the red ribbon of the World AIDS Day."

    So eat up up people and remember, diets are dangerous, donuts are good. So are Chocodiles.

    Happy Retirement Bobby "Cocks"

    Atlanta Braves Manager Bobby Cox Cocks celebrated his upcoming farewell season with U.S. Senators Johnny Isakson (R-Georgia) and Jay Rockefeller (D-West Virginia) as they teamed up to throw a party on Capital Hill for Atlanta Braves manager who is retiring from baseball this year.

    The party took a humorously adult orientated turn, however, when the cake commemorating Cox’s fifty years in the game arrived with a rather choice misspelling on it.

    Thanks for 50 Great Years Bobby Cocks

    Courtesy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, here’s what went down:

    Bobby and the players came to the Hill and spoke at our staff meeting. Immediately after the staff meeting, he and players posed for pictures and signed baseballs for our staff members. The scheduler and I then went to the Capitol to get ready for the reception. The catering company had delivered the cake and we immediately realized his last name was spelled incorrectly. The only people who saw it were me, the scheduler and unfortunately some media members who had arrived early and took pictures. We immediately started cutting the cake.

    Questions started to come to the Manager as he was asked if this would be the kickoff of his new adult porn career.

    We have some suggestions for movie titles:

    Roundin' the bases with Bobby Cocks
    Bobby Cocks - Going Deep
    Bobby Cocks and the Tomahawk Chop
    Corking co-eds with Bobby Cocks
    The Split Finger Chronicles

    *Chuckling like a 13 year old boy.

    Idiot Daily Stache: Nick "The Glove" Johnson

    Nick Johnson's glorious mustache made a return last week with a finely crafted badger above his upper lip. Johnson has often grown a stache during slumps and the fur has sometimes pulled him out of some troubling streaks.

    The slugger is currently in need of a lift. He's currently batting .171 with two HR's. He also is leading the team in strikeouts. If this streak continues, the American Mustache Institute might have to get involved. Worse case scenario, Johnson gets a tax incentive from New York State.

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    McNabb Jerseys on Sale, Reggie Brown Still Full Price

    The word taint will always make me laugh

    I spend a lot of time over at reading stories and blog posts about the Eagles. Sheil Kapadia's Moving the Chains blog is the best of the bunch in my opinion. While I enjoy the content, there are other things like the uber-annoying auto-play video, pop up ads and retarded comments from moronic Eagles fans that you have to deal with on that site. It's the price of doing business these days I guess.

    Today, while reading Rich Hoffman's story, I noticed ads rotating through the page for Eagles merchandise. That's fine, it certainly makes sense to advertise Eagles gear to people actually reading about the Eagles.

    What I found odd is some of the advertised pricing. You want a Kevin Kolb replica jersey - no problem, it can be yours for $79.95:

    Say you're a little nutty and still Donovan McNabb jersey, even though he's now with the Redskins -- you're in luck, they are on sale for $63.99 (if you really want one of these email me, I've got two, you can get one much cheaper than that):

    However, if you want a Reggie Brown jersey -- Reggie Brown who now plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and has a grand total 17 career touchdowns, well that one's still going to cost you $79.95. Donovan, even after getting traded, still isn't getting the respect of the immortal Reggie Brown.

    To top it off, a Randall Cunningham 1985 throwback jersey will set you back nearly three bills.

    Which would leave one to deduce that in 2024 a Donovan McNabb throwback jersey should go for about $500 once you factor in inflation. On second thought, don't email me about the number 5 jerseys, I'm keeping them.

    Happy Totally Chipotle Day!

    Today is May 5th - and you know what that means. No, I'm not talking about Cinco de Mayo, I'm talking about Totally Chipotle Day.

    So instead of a bunch of white people sitting around getting hammered to "celebrate" Cinco de Mayo even though they don't know what the day signifies,* people can spend all day covering their food with delicious smoked pepper sauce and THEN get hammered on Coronas after work**. That should make for a pleasant Thursday around the office.

    And while not directly related to the Chipotle fast food chain, it is easy to see how many people, like the Syracuse men's basketball team, could easily misconstrue the true meaning of the day and head out for a 1,000 calorie burrito. Give then fact that this chain has had a highly deleterious effect on the team in the past, I think we can all agree that it's a good thing this glorious day is being celebrated well after the conclusion of the season.

    * Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day' but it is an excuse to drink
    ** This will totally be me

    Monday, May 3, 2010

    Michigan Blogger Suffers Robinson Syndrome

    Ohio State v Michigan

    I saw this post over at NunesMagician and since the topic is Greg Robinson, I have to chime in. I can't help myself.

    Here's the situation -- Brian Cook runs the the Michigan blog MGoBlog and also writes for the Sporting Blog. Mr. Cook also read a student newspaper article and based on one story draws the stunning and wildly inaccurate conclusion that Syracuse could be worse off under Doug Marrone that the team was under Greg Robinson.

    Anyone that has watched Syracuse under Doug Marrone v. Syracuse under Greg Robinson can see a marked improvement in this team. Greg won 10 games in 4 years. Doug won 4 games last year -- even though he finished the year with 49 players. Robinson beat 5 BCS teams in 4 years, Marrone beat two last year and did it starting a kid who hadn't played quarterback in nearly 5 years.

    Are the number of defections high? Absolutely. Would I like to have seen a few more players stick around? Sure. But that's a direct result of the abysmal job Robinson did. It's the result of a culture he fostered that lacked accountability and discipline. During Robinson's tenure Syracuse lost 20 games by at least 20 points. The team didn't suffer from a culture of losing, they suffered from a culture of getting their asses kicked. The tough fact of the matter is that some house-cleaning was in order.

    Cook's conclusion that the team could be worse due solely to the fact that they have lower numbers is like saying the St. Louis Rams are worse because they have less undrafted free agents this year. As much as we didn't want to admit it, the program needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. That's what's happening.

    Even with all this turnover, a commenter correctly points out that Marrone beat more bowl-bound teams in one year than Greg did in four - and Greg's only win against a team that went to a bowl came after he was fired. So yes, there's turnover - and even with this turnover, there's also improvement.

    Having watched and listened to Greg Robinson for years, it's clear Cook has a bit of Stockholm Syndrome. All I can offer him is this - once you are freed from your captor, things will once again be clear. No football team could ever be worse after firing Greg Robinson. It's impossible. He's absolute zero.....and the Orange are going to surprise some people this year. Mark it down.

    Not So Random Yankee Stat of the Day

    Including the stink-fest he offered up Saturday, Javier Vasquez has lasted longer than 6 innings once in his last 13 starts in the American League (5 starts this year, his last 8 starts with the White Sox in 2008). Vasquez is 3-9 over that time period.

    And in case you're wondering, I'm not bitter because I went to the stadium and saw him stink up the joint this past Saturday. Not bitter at all.

    Recognizing these struggles Javy won't pitch against the Red Sox this weekend -- instead the Yankees will keep him off the big stage and he'll start next Monday against the White Sox. It's probably for the best, at the rate he's going, even David Ortiz could hit hit him right now.