Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Syracuse - Cornell Quick Takes

CJ Fair - Poster Maker

The Syracuse Orange, a maligned 6-0 team if there ever was one, looked solid in a 78-58 win over Cornell tonight in the Dome. While Jim Boeheim wasn't happy (more on that in a bit) the Orange came out focused, shot better and continued sharing the ball like they did against Georgia Tech on Friday night. For the early part of the season, shot selection has been an issue. That definitely improved tonight.

Before I get to my half-baked theory on why this team's shot selection is improving, I want to take a moment to praise Jim Boeheim. I absolutely LOVED the fact that the team made a conscious effort to get Fab Melo involved early and often. The struggling freshman has looked lost so far this year and Boeheim made sure he got a chance to do something early against an out-manned opponent and it paid off. Melo was active early and played his best game at Syracuse so far.

Using a game like this to get the big man's confidence going is a little thing that will pay off down the road. The man's won over 800 games for a reason.


- Syracuse has started sharing the ball better which was a hallmark of last year's wildly successful team. I think the main reason is that young players are starting to settle into their roles. Coming into this year, the Syracuse rotation was more uncertain than it had been in years. No one was really sure who would be playing how many minutes. So when guys got out on the floor, they were pressing, trying to show what they can do. That led to a lot of quick shots and a lot of verbal beatings from Boeheim. Things are starting to sink in now. Guys are getting it.

- Really liked Dion Waiters defensive effort tonight. It's clear the kid is really, really talented. Watching him tonight it's also clear to me he understands if he wants minutes, he needs to exert himself on D. He looked like he did that tonight.

- As noted above Fab Melo was much better tonight. Of course it came against a bunch of young white smurfs, but it's a start. He still needs to work on going up vertically against opponents instead of leaning into them, and offensively he needs to be a little more aggressive, but it was a good outing for Melo.

- Scoop and Triche did not have good games, as you'll see from the Boeheim rant below. Both were both way to careless with the ball. And not to pile on, but it doesn't seem like Brandon makes many threes, yet overall he ends up shooting a decent percentage. Very odd. And frustrating.

- Rick Jackson is the best player on this team. He has become a MONSTER on the boards it looks like he's going to be pulling down a double - double almost every night.

- I Liked the fact that Mookie got in early and immediately drained a three. When he squares his shoulders he's the best shooter on the team. Unfortunately, he didn't do much after that first made three.

- Kris Joseph played an aggressive first half. Like the rest of his teammates, in the second half he wasn't as effective.

- Jim Boeheim wasn't happy with the second half performance and that's understandable. 20 turnovers is absurd against a team like Cornell, which will struggle all year long.

- You can watch the coach express his displeasure in the video below. While he's been publicly trying to beat his team into shape, I'm not ready to push the panic button yet. However, if he goes all Derek Anderson on us and tells us he takes this shit seriously, then its time to panic. Something to watch for....

- This team has a long way to go, but the bottom line is that they are 7-0, and right now that's better than the alternative.

- Here is how Syracuse fared in Stat Sheet's factors to winning formula.

Derek Anderson Finally Does Something Noteworthy

Bad NFL QB (and the man personally responsible for killing Larry Fitzgerald's fantasy football stats) Derek Anderson played another craptastic game Monday night. Late in the game MNF cameras caught him laughing on the sideline. A reporter asked him about that chuckle, and all sorts of fun ensued.

Syracuse Basketball: Fun With Statistics

The Syracuse Orange men's basketball team will face off against Cornell Tuesday night at 7 pm. The Big Red are a far cry from last year's Sweet 16 team.....and by far cry I mean they aren't very good. So while the Orange have struggled at times to score, become a cohesive unit and a settle into a true rotation, I expect them to take care of their neighbors rather handily.

Based on the Legend's Classic games, it appears the rotation right now is Fab Melo, Rick Jackson, Kris Joseph, Brandon Triche, and Scoop as the starters with Dion Waiters, C.J Fair, and Baye Moussa Keita coming off the bench.

So after 6 games, let's take a quick look at some stats you might not be aware of:

- Rick 'Action' Jackson is average 13 rebounds a game. While it's unlikely he'll keep that pace up, if he does, it will be the highest rebounds per game average since Bill Smith in the 1970-71 season.

- Only two guys, Jackson and Kris Joseph, are averaging more than 30 minutes per game.

- Scoop is leading the team with 7.0 assists per game. The last SU player to average more than 7 assits per game was Lazurus Sims in the 1995-96 season.

- Baye Moussa Keita is averaging almost twice as many minutes (21 to 12) as Feb Melo.

- James Southerland is shooting a less than robust .217 from the field, including 3-15 from behind the three point stripe. You'll notice he was not in the listed rotation above.

- Conversely C.J Fair is leading all regular rotation guys with a .545 shooting percentage. You'll notice he is.

- Besides C.J. Fair who is 1 for 1, Mookie Jones leads the team in 3 point shooting percentage at .444. Mookie hasn't seen much playing time, although I'm personally pulling for him. He's the team's best shooter and I think he'll be able to help as the season goes along. I hope he gets a chance.

So there you have it, if I get around to it, I'll try and pull some interesting numbers as the season progresses.

Monday, November 29, 2010

TCU Officially Joins the Big East?

According to FanHouse's Brett McMurphy, TCU has officially accepted an offer to join the Big East - adding the Dallas market and the state of Texas to a conference that now has teams in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Kentucky. According to the report the bloated basketball conference will expand to 17 teams.....for the love of God can we just kick DePaul out already....

Syracuse Basketball Trick Shots

The Syracuse Orange men's basketball team is 6-0 on the season and while the ride hasn't been a smooth one so far, the team is undefeated. We'll delve into the good, the bad and the ugly of the season shortly, in the mean time, enjoy some trick shots - Syracuse style - including an appearance by Syracuse legend and current assistant coach Gerry McNamara.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Syracuse - Boston College Observations: The Case of the Curious Punt

The Syracuse Orange finished their regular season with an uninspired 16-7 loss to the Boston College Eagles on Saturday, but you already knew that. Once again Syracuse's impotent offense, save for one drive, was unable to move the ball or help out a defense that got pushed around by a decidedly mediocre Boston College team.

While the game itself was miserable to watch (as all home games were this year) the real kick in the balls for Syracuse fans came when Doug Marrone sent out the punting unit when faced with a 4th and 2, down 16-9 with a little more than 5 minutes remaining. With SU down two scores and on it's own 28 yard line, Marrone sent up the white flag and told the world he had no faith in his offense. In his post-game press conference, the coach explained his decision as "time management" but frankly, it was more like giving up.

Marrone explained he thought he could punt, use his timeouts, gain field position, and then score and get an on-side kick. Under that logic the defense would have to stop the run - something it couldn't do all day, and the special teams would have to make a play - something it hadn't done all year.

But here's the thing - if SU goes for it and gets it and then ends up putting points on the board (unlikely, I know) then SU wouldn't have to use an on-side kick. They could have scored, kicked off, called their time outs and tried to get the ball back. If they didn't get it and BC scores, well guess what, SU is still down two scores. Which is the same position they were in when they punted.

It sent a terrible message to his team - that the coaching staff didn't believe they could get two yards when they absolutely needed it -- and it sent the same message to the fans. Look, the odds were against SU winning at that point, but not going for it there was a coach playing not to lose instead of playing to win. It was the exact opposite of what Randy Edsall did a few weeks ago against Pitt. It was weak. It wasn't fun to watch and it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Make no mistake about it, Doug Marrone knows more about football than I ever will -- but in this instance, he was wrong.

As for the rest of the game it was basically a replay of the last four:

- Syracuse was beaten soundly in the trenches but still managed to only give up 16 points.

- The offense was flat out bad -- and all the usual problems surfaced again. Ryan Nassib leaves too many plays on the field and as the season has worn on his feet have become more and more happy.

- The offensive line is leaky and mistake prone and the receivers, with the exception of Marcus Sales, don't really get open or catch the ball too often.

- Of course Sales was on the pine for the first 8 games of the season since he apparently is a really bad practice player. Here's some advice for next year on Marcus - beat the crap out of him at practice -- push him, make him run more, do whatever you've got to do, and then put him on the field regardless of what he does, because when the lights go on, he makes plays. That's now an established fact.

- Also, the game plan hasn't changed all year. It's an ultra-conservative approach that most of the time doesn't even try to challenge the defense vertically.

So with that, we wrap up a 7-5 regular season and quite honestly I'm a little relieved. Traveling from Albany, Syracuse home games eat up my weekends and while I love it, the Orange haven't beaten a Division I team at home in over a year. This comes on top of 5 years of awful football coupled with steadily escalating ticket prices, so you'll have to pardon me if my patience is a little thin.

This program is still rebuilding and overall this season was a success, but that doesn't mean it was a lot of fun to watch -- at least in person. So with that, the Orange can get healthier and prepare for a bowl game. The extra practice and exposure will help a program that needs it. In the meantime, I'll be glad to take a few weeks off from watching Nick Provo run unsuccessful 3 yard dig routes.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We here at T3I want to wish all our readers, friends, and family members a happy and food filled by Thanksgiving. May your turkey be moist, your stuffing plentiful and your TSA pat-downs minimally invasive....or invasive if you're into that sort of thing.

In what has become a Thanksgiving tradition on this blog, let's revisit the greatest Thanksgiving episode in TV history, the WKRP in Cincinnati turkey drop. Les Nessman, you earned that Buckeye News hawk award and you are a legend.

Happy Thanksgiving - WKRP Turkey Drop - kewego
http://www.sharkhost.com Happy Thanksgiving from Sharkhost.com! This is a blast from the past, WKRP in Cincinnati Famous Turkey Drop. Sharkhost does not own any copyright to this material. Web host, web design, marketing and promotion.

The second greatest TV Thanksgiving episode has to be the Cheers food fight - skip to the 5:20 mark if you're just looking for flying food.

So there you have it people. If you see turkeys dropping from the sky run, and if you see turkey flying across the table, duck. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Joe Paterno Will Coach Forever

EVANSTON, IL - OCTOBER 31: Head coach Joe Paterno of the Penn State Nittany Lions walks the sidelines as his team takes on the Northwestern Wilcats at Ryan Field on October 31, 2009 in Evanston, Illinois. Penn State defeated Northwestern 34-13. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

When it comes to retirement, Penn State coach Joe Paterno makes Brett Favre look like a piker. As you may have heard, JoPa has announced that he will return for another season on the Nittany Lion sideline. Now while the amount of coaching the octogenerian is doing is debatable, what isn't up for debate is that the old codger will be teetering on the sideline next year at the age of 84, because there's no way Penn State is getting rid of him.

And if there's one thing we know about Paterno, it's that next year his program will continue to be successful. And since college football has 267 bowl games (and no playoff - awesome) it's safe to assume that the 2011 Nittany Lions will go bowling. That means he'll be coaching until at least the ripe old age of 85 (his birthday is December 21).

To put that in perspective, Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim is 66. He's just started his 35th year as the head coach at SU. Our beloved Hall of Fame coach is showing no signs of slowing down, but if he were to coach until age 85, and he continues to win his career average of approximately 24 games per year -- that means he'd retire with approximately 1292 wins -- which is nearly 400 MORE WINS than current all-time leader Robert Montgomery Knight.

Now, I don't expect Boeheim to coach until 85 and I'm sure he doesn't either.....but maybe some couragous member of the media can ask him about it. I nominate Anthony Lima, he seems to be on a hot streak lately.

Then again, when JB is 85 JoPa will be 102 and angling for another contract extension, so who knows....

Curtis Brinkley: NFL Player

Former Syracuse standout running back Curtis Brinkley made his NFL debut last night. Playing for the San Diego Chargers Boonah had one carry for nine yards, capping an an amazing recovery from being senselessly shot less than two years ago.

The idiots salute Curtis for his hard work and perseverance though trying circumstances. While we enjoy failure as much as the next group of morons, it's great to see someone overcome the odds. Congratulations Curtis, you are an NFL player, and an inspiration.

Learn more about his path to the NFL in the video below.

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter is a Rapper's Delight

The City of Brotherly Love is ecstatic over the play of Michael Vick - but I think they may be more ecstatic over having a Mayor who can drop Rapper's Delight like he wrote the thing. Not too shabby.

Tuesday Morning Posedown

For me, every Tuesday starts with a bowl of Wheaties and a random posedown video from the intertubes. Today's edition sports former WWF stars Tony Atlas and Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff in some swanky Holiday Inn ballroom hosted by Vince McMahon and his celebrity ridden crowd of enthusiasts.

Make sure you have the speakers up for this one, especially if your office likes to "Boogey Down". I believe Paul Orndorff was a little overconfident. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Greg Robinson Weekly

Greg, I'm sure Build-A-Bear is looking for holiday help

48 points and 558 total yards allowed, atta boy Greg. It seems GRob's new motivational techniques are...well....interesting to say the least.

Michigan Defensive Coordinator Greg Robinson Rubbing Players With Stuffed Animals For Motivation ~The Big Lead

"The Michigan defense has been horrendous – and is now getting increasingly weird as defensive coordinator Greg Robinson rubbed linebacker Kenny Demens with an unidentified stuffed animal in the middle of Michigan's 48-28 loss to Wisconsin." ~NCAA Fanhouse

"Michigan football team unveiled secret weapon against Wisconsin - a stuffed animal" ~Ann Arbor.com

"Meanwhile, Greg Robinson is asleep in his recliner the entire time, a snifter of brandy still held in his clutches as a Twilight Zone rerun blares across the television. " ~The OZone.net

Ladies and gentlemen, Greg Robinson and the art of using stuffed animals as a motivational tool with Division 1 college athletes:

Totsiens/Mooi Loop Mr. Casullo.

Go/Walk well Bob.

Thank you for the mediocre memories of your special teams - they truly were special.

Monster Jam Otto

Is there anything that Otto can't do? Clearly the answer is no. In the photo above, Otto was helping promote Monster Jam which is coming to the Carrier Dome next March.

For those unfamiliar with Monster Jam - this is it.

And for more familiar instances of Monster Jams and Syracuse, Jonny Flynn posterizing Mike Rosario never gets old.

And we while we are at it - here's Kris Joseph going nuts. Here's hoping he gets it going soon.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Syracuse - Connecticut Observations

The Syracuse Orange had another rough outing in the Carrier Dome, getting manhandled by the UConn Huskies 23-6. The highlight of the game was the tailgate. As you can see from the photo above, Champ, Boss and Joe Verne managed to get up a tent and an inflatable Otto in gale force winds. That is talent my friends. You'll notice the strategic use of cars to keep everything in place.

As for the game - ugh. For those keeping score, Syracuse has yet to beat an FBS opponent in the Dome this year, and as a season ticket holder that kind of sucks. However, the fact remains that this team, even with a neutered offense is 7-4 and will be heading to a bowl and honestly, if we think back to the start of the year, that's all we could ask for.

I'm going to skip most of the observations -- it's stuff we've heard before.

- The offense stinks. The offensive line can't pass protect, the receivers drop too many balls, and the quarterback leaves too many plays out on the field. And he fumbles too much.

- The defense, save for a few games this year, was good. They always plays hard. Physical, power running teams give them trouble, but overall the unit has been pretty strong all year long.

- Marcus Sales is the world's worst practice player, but when the lights go on, he produces. Here's hoping he practices well enough next year to get on the field, because the kid's a gamer.

- If you want more, hit up the Axeman, he nails it as usual.

And now a word about watching loss after loss. Like my fellow idiots, I love Syracuse football. I'm a season ticket holder and as many others do, I travel couple of hours one way to go to the games. As I noted above, on the whole this year has already been a success. Doug Marrone has done a fantastic job reviving a program that was left for dead by Greg Robinson. I look forward to the day when this program is clicking on all cylinders, more talent is brought in on offense and we get something approximating a New Orleans Saints offense. It's going to be awesome. And the fans -- the real fans who show up every week deserve it, because over the last six years, here is the list of teams Syracuse has beat at home:

- Buffalo (2005)

- Miami of Ohio (2006)

- Wyoming (2006)

- Connecticut (2006)

- Buffalo (2007)

- Northeastern (2008)

- Louisville (2008)

- Northwestern (2009)

- Maine (2009)

- Akron (2009)

- Rutgers (2009)

- Maine (2010)

- Colgate (2010)

13 wins in 6 years at home. Only 9 of those were against FBS opponents. Of those, only 4 schools, Northwestern, Connecticut, Rutgers and Louisville play in BCS conferences. The corner is turning, I just wish it was turning on games we could watch in person, because while I love this team and will continue to support it, there have been too many unhappy rides home down the Thruway.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Put a Leash on the Huskies

More great SU Football art from Mike Borkowski. He'll be with Sean at the SU bookstore tomorrow. Stop by, say hello. Hate on the Huskies, it's all good.

Syracuse - UConn Official Idiotic Predictions

Image and great Connecticut hatred from Hoya Suxa

The Syracuse Orange - led by the respected and regal Doug Marrone take on the UConn Huskies, led by dancin' Randy Edsall tomorrow night at 7 pm in the teflon house of horror also known as the Carrier Dome. Will all three idiots be there? You bet. Will we spend all day standing in a windy parking lot sucking down beers? Absolutely. We will SU beat UConn? Let's find out -- to the prediction machine we go!


The tailgating gods have been kind to us. We've waited a while for a night game and to say we're just a little excited is like saying Tony Parker was just a little bit out of control down in San Antonio.

Let's get to the game. Our bowl eligible Syracuse Orangemen return to the (hopefully) Loud House to take on the boys from Storrs. Cuse fans are due for a home win against a non 1-AA school and our date with the Huskies is just what the doctor ordered. Let's pound the puppies.

This Orange team has a lot of Joe Frazier in them. Confused by that one. Well let's take a look at how wikipedia characterized the great Smokin' Joe's style:

"Frazier's style was often compared to that of Henry Armstrong, dependent on bobbing, weaving and wearing down his opponents with relentless pressure. His best known punch was a powerful left hook, which accounted for most of his knockouts. Compared to Ali's style, he was close enough to the ideal bruiser that some in the press and media characterized the bouts as the answer to the classic question: "What happens when a boxer meets with a brawler?"

In other words, this Syracuse team isn't flashy but they "win ugly" by wearing you out and their all-out attacking.

The D leads the way again this week. Rob Long plays a big role in the battle of field position, and the combination of Carter and Bailey keeps the pups on their heals.


Syracuse: 20
Bad Guys: 14

Poncho Sinatra

The freaks come out at night
The freaks come out at night
The freaks come out at night
(The freaks come out)
The freaks come out at night

Artist: Whodini

The 5-4 Connecticut Huskies come to the Dome this saturday boasting a Golden Corral like "sizzling" running attack with Jordan Todman and a huge offensive line. This scares me. We aren't that good against the run, being close to the bottom in the conference in that category. I'm hoping the Orange defensive line will step up and realize that UConn is going to run straight into their underbelly. Their passing attack is awful, so I want to see that corner blitzin', full out attack style defense we were introduced to at South Florida. I want Max Suter playing a TSA Security attendant, inappropriately touching Huskie quarterback Zach Frazer all damn night.

Evening games are always a "hoot". It's usually one of the more rowdier crowds of the season due to the face that the students have enough time to roll out of bed and make it to the Dome prior to kickoff. The locals will be knee deep into double figures of their favorite booze...and counting. It should make for a good tailgate and even better game experience.

As sad as it hurts me to say this, I don't believe the Orange will win this game. Connecticut is playing the way most thought they would be prior to the season. They are probably the most physical team in the Big East on offense and we saw what physical teams to to us, ie. Louisville.


Connecticut - 35
Syracuse - 17

*Let's hope I'm incredibly wrong on this one.


UConn has played four games on the road this year. Those four games have resulted in a loss to Michigan, where they could only muster 10 points against G-Rob's pathetic defense, a two touchdown loss to Temple, a three point loss to Rutgers in which they somehow allowed the Scarlet Jesters to score 27 points, and a 26-0 shut beat down by the Louisville Cardinals. To recap, four road trips, four losses.

So while the Huskies have put together two nice back to back wins over West Virginia and Pitt, both of those games were at Rentschler Field. This is clearly a different team at home versus on the road. Probably because when they play for night games at home the place is so dark you can barely see anything. Seriously, high school fields have better lighting than that dump.

As Poncho points out, UConn has a great running attack. Their big offensive line clears holes for Jordan Todman - who happens to be really, really good. This will present problems for SU's defense. The Huskies are also hot and peaking at the right time. It won't be an easy game.

However, the Orange are now bowl eligible. The pressure is off this team. I think they play much looser than they have for the last couple of weeks, Doug Marrone empties his bag of tricks like he did against Rutgers last year and the Orange take this one - especially since the Huskies, much like cats -- don't travel well.


Syracuse - 23
UConn - 16

Besides - I can't really predict SU will lose to a team coached by a guy who does this.

Mr. T

Hang on kids - I'll give you my prediction just as soon as I'm done working out. Mr. T understands the need to be in good shape - and you should too.

Does Mr. T hate the UConn Huskies? No, I don't hate the Huskies. I pity the fools. SU will destroy any team who tries to take what they got. The Orange are bowl eligible, Connecticut is trying to win the title, but they just a paper champion. Here's what happens when Mr. T faces a paper champion:

Here's Mr. T's prediction.


Syracuse - Real Champion
UConn - Paper Champion

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ebay Items of the Week: UConn Survival Kit

We are no fans of the UConn Huskies. But we're full of helpful advice here at T3I. For any UConn fans who might have stumbled across this awful blog, we're offering up a collection of items to you can use back in Storrs.

*Planning on spending any time near the men's basketball team? You'll want one of these.

*To fans of the Husky football team, you might want to check this out. We know it's hard to believe....but college football actually existed before 2002. Really, you can look it up.

*The definitive Geno Auriemma biography can be yours. And we didn't forget about Coach Calhoun.

* We're always in to reccomending a good book. Coach Edsall, give this one a try.

And now T3I presents great moments in UConn football history:

It just feels right...

Dear Doug Marrone,

Can I call you Doug? No? ok.

Do you remember back in April of 1984 when Adrian Adonis and Captain Dick Murdoch beat Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson for the World Tag Team title belts? How about Pocket simon and the challenge to repeat sound and light patterns without getting too razzed? What about how the GoBots never really challenged the transformers in the world of transforming robot toys? Well, I remember all of those vividly and I cherish these memories dearly.

I also cherish this years football team and the outside possibility of Syracuse having a chance to win a conference title. Slap me silly and call me Susan coach! It's been a "Coons Age" since I've enjoyed watching Syracuse football. The years as a season ticket holder, only to be utterly depressed late Saturday evening after our team routinely got embarrassed. I normally drank out of depression during those days, now I drink out of elation and optimism. At the Dome I eat more Dome Dogs, buy more rounds and scream louder on third downs. I've increased my reps and weight on my squat and bench press. I've recently reconciled differences between an unnamed former classmate, whom I punched in the back of the head during my junior year in high school, I've stopped killing myself over understanding how Glenn Beck is a hero to some people, and I've recently started supporting local farmers by purchasing more of their products.

I've become a better person.

And, I have you to thank for this. You have no idea how a good football season for Syracuse can have such an impact on the lives of the programs fans.

With you here, the terrorists will never win.

Kindest Regards,

Gatorade Shower Fail

Things are a little different in the MAC. The players are thinkers. They engage in debate and intellectual jousting. Their minds are not set in stone and can be swayed by powerful, articulate arguments from the other side.....arguments such as whether or not to douse one's head coach in Gatorade.

Via - Cosby Sweaters

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Syracuse Becomes Bowl Eligible - the Video

Much like they did with the 2009 football intro video - SU Athletics absolutely knocks it out of the park by producing the video below which recaps how the Syracuse Orange beat Rutgers and qualified for a bowl game this year. Just a great job. The video is excellent.

Who's The Better Fan: Locals or Students/Alumni

*Note (This is my first post on my iPad, which is insanely negligent of blogging compatibility and user-friendliness)

I've often wondered in the "Fandom" world, who's actually the better fan for college athletics. The locals or students/Alumni? I've been both and have been thinking lately, "At which stage was I the bigger fan?" These days, fans come in all sizes, shapes and colors. We see the makeup of these fans on game day, blogs, twitter and sports talk radio. But, who's the "King of fans"? I personally grew up in nearby Elmira, NY where Syracuse was and is the king of college athletics. I considered going there, but realized I just wanted to get the fuck out of New York State for a short period of time. So, I ended up at East Carolina University, which fields a modest Division 1 program in Conference USA. I became a fan of the college experience down at ECU, but my heart always was back in Central New York with 'Cuse, even when ECU played and sometimes beat Syracuse during my college years back in the mid 90's.

In one corner you have the local inhabitants who have assumably been brought up on the local teams and bleed their local university colors, thru and thru. In the other camp you have the students/alumni who spend a short window in that arena and participate in the experience during their tenure and possibly thereafter. Both sides have a case and both sides sometimes despise the other. Students and alumni are often bashin' locals as white trash and CNY hicks that continue to wear cargo pants and sport artful goatees. Locals often subject students and alumni as "out of town" douche bags and rich pompous assholes that decided to spend a few years up on the hill and voluntarily subject themselves to CNY winters. *Also, missing many months of college girls wearing little or nothing galavanting around the campus.

Syracuse University paints a pretty good picture of these two distinct classes, so let's rate them on the college football experience.


The locals have the tradition and the tenured spots around the hill. They have years of experience and infrastructure that allow them to pretty much set up "Food Trucks" all along the campus. They generally have better food since they are buying higher quality provisions and not having to use their "meal cards". Most of us aren't "broke" college kids anymore. Most of us.

The students/alumni often have the prettier women that embrace liquid beverages way too early on gameday and are great visuals for the locals. They live in shitty housing that allows them to host "pre-game" conventions without having to hop in a car. Being able to walk earns major points here. Most of the girls that tailgate with the students make bad decisions later because of the early consumption of tasty beverages. For us older guys, our wives and girlfriends will no longer fall for this anymore. They won't "Fall for the banana in the tailpipe routine."

Winner: Students/Alumni

Crowd Noise

When the Dome is a rockin', don't come a knockin'. The locals have ultimately ruled this domain of fandemoniam. They are usually more hungry, obnoxious, boozed up and clamorous. They just worked five days at the factory and are ready to belly-up to an Orange victory. The locals show true grit when it comes to showing rowdiness on 3rd and long for the opposing team.

The students/alumni do participate in this vehement behavior as well. The problem is that the noise only equals the sum of all parts, and sometimes "all parts" is pretty humble for a student body. I will give props to the students that do rock out, but call over more of your buddies to engage with the foolery.

Winner: Locals

Fat Bottomed Girls

For being in the middle of one of the snowiest places in the continental United States, the locals bring their share of arm candy to game days. It's no South Beach, but the gals like to show their pride by wearing some pretty wonderful garb for all of us marginally out of shape bastards to look at. I've often given props to CNY girls, their hearty with a chewy crust.

It's college and the term "Coed" has it's place amongst the University. Is this even a close one here? No, college chicks always one-up anything. That's why some fans bring binoculars to the game. They are there for those shady dudes to leer at when they stand in the beer line. College girls truly make the world go round.

Winner: Students/Alumni


The locals in CNY are a very prideful and opinionated group of sports fans. They've been dismissed in the past as fair weather and disdainful. They've shown their true colors when the times were good and have been a little introverted when the teams needed them to show up. Syracuse doesn't have a pro sports franchise and this team is the "All Being" of athletics in this town. *Sorry Chiefs and Crunch, it's a college sports town.

The students/Alumni ride this same bandwagon of fan awareness during the high and low times. When the teams are doing well, they are right in the action and participating showing their passion and allegiance. When times get a little rough, they are sometimes insolent and puffed up. Ultimately they are a good group of loyal sports enthusiasts, that enjoy a good Dome Dog.

Winner: Push

Ultimately both sets of fans win here. Athletic events are shared interests of the locals and students/alumni alike. We share the passion and fever for victory and.......Coeds.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Syracuse - Detroit Quick Takes and Awards

Not that we had any reason to doubt a Hall of Fame coach, but Jim Boeheim was right. The Syracuse Orange are overrated right now and proved that in the team's 66-55 win over the Detroit Titans tonight.

The Orange got 27 points from Scoop Jardine and needed every single one of them as the team fell into a trap it lures so many of their opponents - hoisting quick long range shots against a 2-3 zone. Most of those shots didn't go in. They missed 23 of 30 from behind the three point line and it wasn't much better as they moved closer to the hoop.

Don't get me wrong, I still think this team can still accomplish great things but right now it's clear they are very much a work in progress. The most glaring difference from last year is that Syracuse is getting very little offense from its defense. It's easy to shoot a high percentage when you're getting 10 run outs a game from steals at the top of zone. They aren't getting those right now.

Some other quick observations:

- So far Kris Joseph hasn't exactly embraced the role of the "go to guy" this year.

- Scoop Jardine certainly has.

- Brandon Triche missed some few bunnies today. Gotta finish those.

- Baye Moussa Keita is actually outplaying Fab Melo so far. Didn't see that one coming.

- There was a stretch in the first half I swear SU went at least 10 possessions without even attempting to run an offensive set.

And now, in a new feature that I will be far too lazy to do all year long, let's give out some fake awards -- augmented by bad MS Paint cut and paste jobs.

The Mary Katherine Gallagher Superstar Award

Scoop Jardine easily takes this one with 27 points and 8 dimes. Last week I said Scoop would take crunch time shots. When the team needed someone to step up tonight, he did. Look for that all season.

The Person Who Should Be on a Milk Carton Award

Kris Joseph, who was saddled with foul trouble and really struggled on the offensive end of the floor. Tonight he had more fouls than points, assists, or rebounds. He's also averaging 9 points a game so far this year. Ouch.

Honorable Mention - Fab Melo.

The Player Most in Need of Icy Hot Award
James Southerland, who managed to hoist 9 shots in sixteen minutes of play, and missed 8 of them. James is now 2-18 in his last two games. I really like the energy and athleticism he brings to the team so let's hope he comes out of this shooting slump quickly. In the meantime, rest that arm James, rest that arm.

Windex Award

Rick Jackson who cleaned the glass to the tune of 22 rebounds. That's an insane number. It's Derrick Coleman-esque. Then again, with each team throwing up a ton of bricks, there were plenty of opportunities.

Syracuse next takes the floor on Sunday against William and Mary - a team that got pasted by Richmond, so they should have an opportunity to start working out their kinks then.

Wes, Jonny, Kevin Love and Free Throw Handshakes

From the blog Steady Burn we learn that former Syracuse star Jonny Flynn is mentoring his old Syracuse teammate Wes Johnson on the art of the free throw handshake. It's good to see Jonny is providing needed guidance to his older, less experienced Minnesota Timberwolves teammate. These rookies need all the help they can get.

As you'll recall, Wes and Kevin Love struggled to connect on this recently.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Breaking: Michael Vick Good, DeSean Jackson Fast, Andy Reid Large

Philadephia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick celebrates a touchdown by teammate DeSean Jackson against the Washington Redskins in the first half of their NFL football game in Landover, Maryland November 15, 2010. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

So it was not a good night to be a Redskin fan. Since I've been a Philadelphia Eagle fan since visiting my great grandmother in the City of Brotherly Love at the age of 3, it was the greatest Monday Night Football game ever.

Let's watch the first play again.

And we even had an excellent Andy Reid impersonator - complete with the color-coded take out menu. Andy will have the right side.

A Very Special Greg Robinson Weekly: V-G Day Retrospective

November 16th is a special day in the hearts of Syracuse fans. We remember 11/16/08 as V-G (Victory Over Greg) Day here in idiot land, and T3I Classic takes you back to that glorious November day.

Our Nightmare is Over

Sunday, November 16, 2008, 3:30 PM

V-G Day: A World Reacts

Greggers, we can't believe it's been 2 years since we've gone our separate ways.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thank You Doug Marrone

SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 11: Head coach Doug Marrone of the Syracuse Orange gestures during the game against the Washington Huskies on September 11, 2010 at Husky Stadium in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

After each SU game I like to post some observations on what we just witnessed. For the Syracuse's 13-10 victory over Rutgers on Saturday, there are are three, the defense is really good, the offense isn't, and Marcus Sales must suck something fierce in practice because when he gets into games the guy flat-out produces.

So in lieu of delving into the details of a not pretty, but effective win, it's time to give thanks to the man that revived the SU football program. It's time to say thank you to Doug Marrone.

- Thank you for turning this program back into a winner in less than two years. That's beyond amazing.

- Thank you for getting this team bowl eligible for the first time since 2004.

- Thank you for your doing it in a manner that emphasizes honor, integrity and hard work.

- Thank you for hiring Scott Shafer.

- Thank you for finding Ross Krautman.

- Thank you for not making the Greg Schiano ape face.

- Thank you for never losing to Rutgers.

- Thank you for not paying Cam Newton - no one needs that noise.

- Thank you for winning more games in 1.75 years than Greg Robinson did in 4.

- Thank you for not being Mike Locksley.

- Thank you for making Syracuse football fun again.

- And thank you in advance for beating dancin' Randy Edsall and his UConn Huskies on Saturday night.

Rutgers Beat Writers Talk About the Syracuse Victory

"In a season filled with misery just the sight of their long dormant rival celebrating bowl eligibilty on their turf...."

Is Rutgers chance at a sixth-straight bowl bid over?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Start spreadin' the news...

It's official. Move over "Marathon Men," "Shut it Down," and "Unfinished Business." There's a new must-have t-shirt in town.


Photo: AP

Good call Poncho.

Syracuse - Northern Iowa Quick Takes

The Syracuse Orange beat Northern Iowa 68-46 last night in the Dome. The Orange are a perfect 1-0, so it's time to just skip ahead to the NCAA tournament and give them a number one seed. So while that whole cancelling the season thing gets sorted out, here are few quick observations on the game.

- Northern Iowa plays a brutal style of basketball. If I had to watch a team hold the ball for 30 seconds every possession I'd kill myself.

- Lucas O'Rear is a chippy player. To be fair, if I had the name O'Rear I'd be pissed off all the time too. At least his parents didn't name him Justin.

- Offensively it was ugly for the Orange in the first half, but I liked the fact that Dion Waiters has no fear. Give me a basketball player that's over-confident over one that's timid any day of the week.

- All 10 scholarship players played at least 8 minutes. It will be interesting to see how the playing time is distibuted as the season wears on. Right now Waiters is the 3rd guard, Mookie is the 4th. Southerland in the 3rd forward and Fair is the 4th. Melo and Keita will rotate in the middle and if both of those guys are in foul troubleRick Jackson will slide over.

- I was impressed with Keita, he's active, has nice form on his jumper and he's long as hell. He'll be a really good one in a few years once he gets stronger.

- I loved it when James Southerland blocked a 3 point attempt from the wing in the first half. Northern Iowa had a brutal shooting night, but a lot of those shots were contested. The zone is going to be really long again this year.

- Speaking of which, I really liked Southerland's contributions. He's active, athletic, he can shoot it from deep, and his arms remind me of Stretch Armstrong.

- Scoop had a terrible game, Kris Joseph had a terrible first half, both centers fouled out and Syracuse still won by 22 against a team that won 30 games last year. It may not have been pretty, but all in all it was a good start to the season.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Syracuse - Rutgers Official Idiotic Predictions

Image and Rutgers hating guide via HoyaSuxa

The Syracuse Orange and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights face off at 3:30 Saturday on ESPNU. The Orange need one more win to become bowl eligible and the Scarlet Knights need a win so the Big East can take another step towards getting every team in the conference to finish the year 6-6. You all know how this works, here are the three idiots official idiotic predictions.


When I think New Jersey I think Springsteen, Bon Jovi, some really bad Nets teams from the 80s and 90s, and The Sopranos. Way, way, waaaaay down on that list is the existence of Rutgers athletics.

For the "Johnny Come Lately" Rutgers fans, which encompasses about 99.9% of them, let's review the all-time history between Syracuse and NJ State:

29-10-1 in favor of the Orangemen

I really like that number. So much so, come Saturday I'm going with:


Syracuse - 29
Rutgers - 10


- The Road Warriors continue their destruction. The D slaps Rutgers silly led by the usual suspects Hogue and Smith

- A lot of Antwon Bailey this week.....the change of pace proves right and finds the end zone a couple of times

- Lots of camera shots of Greg Schiano with his monkey-like facial expressions

- Pam Ward makes my ears bleed

- Start spreading the news........Pinstripe Bowl anyone?

Poncho Sinatra

Gym. Tan. Laundry.

I've never thought I would say this, but thank you Connecticut! We are off to New Jersey to battle the Scarlet Knights at Rutgers stadium in front of thousands of students that wear inappropriate amounts of gold jewelry. If you look at Rutgers wins (Norfolk St, Florida International, Army and UConn), the win over Huskies back in October seems to be their only legit "Big Boy" victory.

Rutgers offense is struggling and I'm hoping our road intensity comes back to life this Saturday. With a win on Saturday, Syracuse will be right back into the hunt for the Big East crown after the Panthers loss on Thursday. Pitt has to play at South Florida and Cincinnati, while we have our last two games at home. I'm hoping for some "Dome Magic" those last two weeks after to break our two game losing streak under the roof.

I will not be making the trip to New Jersey because I don't have any antibiotics, but will surely be watching the game with a crisp fall Ale in hand. I don't see either of these offenses lighting it up, so it's going to be a game fought up front by the uglies on both sides.


Syracuse - 13
Rutgers - 10


Here's what I know -- the Rutgers offense isn't very good. The Syracuse defense -- at least on the road, is usually pretty good. Rutgers will start true freshman Chas Dodd under center, and Syracuse defensive coordinator Scott Shafer will start blitzing in pre-game warm ups.

Conversely, I also know the Syracuse offense isn't very good and the Rutgers D is pretty strong. The Orange lack playmakers and quick strike ability, meaning they have to maintain drives to score points. So all indications are this is going to the anti-Snookie game -- there will be very little scoring -- especially in bathrooms of clubs.

So that comes down to two things - turnovers and coaching. Turnovers are unpredictable, but coaching is not. Rutgers fans aren't going to want to hear this, and most won't agree, but Doug Marrone is already a better coach than Greg Schiano. He proved it last year, he'll prove it this year.


Syracuse - 16
Rutgers - 9

Mr. T

Wooo - that Louisville game upset Mr. T. The loss was hard to take. Now kids, Mr. T promotes responsibility. Mr. T wants you to do the right thing. Don't drink and don't drugs kids. However, Mr. T is not a hypocrite. Mr. T has a confession to make. Mr. T drown his sorrows too much after the game - and here's what happened. Don't let it happen to you kids.

Now it's time to recoup. Mr. T is recouping and so is Syracuse. Syracuse ain't gonna lose to some fools from New Jersey. True story, New Jersey is where they invented the mullet. You know what Mr. T did to combat this? Mr. T grew the mohawk. The mohawk beats the mullet every damn time.

Also, Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib has been struggling a little in Big East play. What did Mr. T do? I flew up to Syracuse and gave him some tips. You see, Mr. T knows a little something about throwing a ball.


Syracuse - 27
Rutgers - pain

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bold Predictions for the Syracuse Men's Basketball Team

February 10 2010: Syracuse Head Coach, Jim Boeheim, during NCAA action between the Syracuse Orangemen & the Connecticut Huskies at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY. Syracuse defeated the Huskies 72-67.

I was going to attempt some sort of preview of the Syracuse basketball season that officially tips off Friday at 7 pm v. Northern Iowa. However, the Post Standard did their usual comprehensive job, the talented fellows at Cuse Country are back with a ton of great basketball insight, and there are 8 million mainstream media sources and other blogs that provide actual information on this upcoming season -- so really there's no point in me rehashing a bunch of info that's already bouncing around the intertubes.

However, the season is about to start and that's something to get excited about. So here are some predictions about what we'll see this year from a guy whose been watching this team for over 30 years....and once all these predictions are wrong, Champ will personally come to your house and give you a full refund.

Jim Boeheim will use a 10 man rotation this year -- just not in the same game. Traditionally the Hall of Fame coach settles in on 7 or 8 (usually 7) guys he trusts and rolls with them all year. However, this year is different. This team is deep. It's talented. It's young. The five guys on the bench all have different skill sets. Dion Waiters can beat guys off the dribble. Mookie Jones can shoot. James Southerland can do a little bit of everything, including running around like a maniac. Baye Moussa Keita provides needed size off the bench. C.J. Fair provides offensive talent on the baseline and around the rim that Southerland does not possess.

I've looked at this 100 times and there's no way to predict which guys will be the key contributors off the bench, so here's what I think will happen -- Boeheim will use them all, just not in the same game. Matchups and hot hands will depend who gets in a game on any given night. Every guy won't play every game, but I don't expect to see 2 or 3 guys racking up 12-15 DNPs in Big East play this year. Of course, I'm probably wrong.

Fab Melo will spend more time on the pine than we want. I love this kid - he's big, talented, runs the floor like a deer and provides a shot blocking presence SU hasn't had since Mookie Watkins graduated. However, he's young, and young big men struggle with foul trouble. Guys in the Big East will know how to take the ball right at him. Scoop and Brandon will gamble at the top of the zone. He will be attacked. Melo will absolutely be a great contributor this year, but there will be nights -- probably more than we want -- when Timmy Higgins has him on the bench with two fouls before the first TV timeout.

The Orange will press more. I'm basing this solely on the 2 exhibitions games, which is incredibly stupid on my part, but you can see how Boeheim loves putting James Southerland along the baseline pressuring the in bounds pass. I think when he goes to the bench, he'll mix in some pressure and use it as a weapon this year.

Scoop Jardine will take the most crunch time shots. Scoop had a tremendous season last year. It got a little lost with all the success Wes Johnson and Andy Rautins had, but he's improved his shot, he can get to the rim on most guys, and he's the most fearless guy on the team. While Kris Joseph will have a great season and some big games, in crunch time Scoop will be the guy with the ball in his hands. And he won't be afraid to take the big shot. I wouldn't bet against him.

Mookie Jones arrives. Everyone's favorite long range triggerman Mookie Jones begins his third year at SU. He's more mature and more active on defense. He's a pure shooter and this is the year he will emerges as a reliable scoring presence off the bench. At some point he'll get incredibly hot and put up at least 25 points on some unsuspecting team. There will be other games when he won't get much run, or comes in, misses a couple of quick threes and gets the hook, but I've got a feeling this is the year Mr. Jones gets his chance.

Syracuse goes to the Final Four. I think throughout the early part of the year the Orange will be trying to find themselves, but that should happen by the time the Big East rolls around. The core of this team, Kris Joseph, Rick Jackson, Scoop Jardine and Brandon Triche were all instrumental last year. They are battle tested. They've been to NCAA tournaments and understand the pressure and what it takes to win. In today's college basketball environment, these guys are veterans. By season's end the younger guys will be comfortable and the experienced quartet will carry SU to it's first Final Four since 2003.....and we all know if Jimmy B can get to the Final Four, he's getting to the Championship game.

Enjoy the season everyone. If these predictions pan out, I'll constantly remind you of them. If they don't, this post will be forgotten quicker than a NYS politician being deposed in a corruption case.

Ebay Item of the Week: Give 'em hell Mac!

I'm sure this photo represents a some pleasantries being exchanged between Coach Mac and Joe Pa....but us Cuse fans who remember growing up hating Penn State during the '80s could offer a a few different captions.

Anyways, this 8 x 10 beauty can be yours and is our Ebay Item of the Week.

What I Learned From The Dukes of Hazzard

Tonight my son and I enjoyed the action packed episode of "Duke vs. Duke." Per wiki:

Hazzard's annual Hazzard Derby is on. While Cooter is injured trying to help the Dukes, Luke must race in Cooter's car while Bo is in the General Lee. However, all the entrants who signed the contracts didn't see the fine print that every loser will have to give up their cars to Boss Hogg. Rosco's car can't lose with a tank of nitrous oxide in the engine. With a sure win, Boss bets with a big time Chickasaw bookie, Ma Harper.

What I learned from tonight's episode:

Apparently Caterpillar was very protective of their "CAT" logo in the early '80s. Hazzard mechanic and all around great guy Cooter has been sporting a hat with a "DOG" logo on it in rececnt episodes, including tonight's. Product placement? You could have been ahead of your time Caterpillar.

The Quest for the Outfield

Sean has done a damn fine job chronicling the efforts of the Syracuse Orange to reach a bowl game - any bowl game. Whether it's the Quest for Toronto or the Quest for Beef, he's been meticulously tracking the progress of the Orange as they push towards a post-season berth.

SU is one win away from being bowl eligible, and should they achieve that mark, there's a good chance the team plays in Doug Marrone's home borough of the Bronx in the inaugural New Era Pinstripe Bowl - played in the new Yankee Stadium. So while me might not have beef, we do have seats at the 50 yard line that are really far from the field and the potential for missed field goals to end up in monument park. Seems odd, but at this point, any bowl is a good bowl.

Via Deadspin and Twitter, the pic above is what the stadium looks like when it's set up for football. Army and Notre Dame will be playing there this Saturday.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Syracuse Fans About to Get Pammed

Image via the always excellent Awful Announcing

According to a press release from ESPN, the announcers for the Syracuse-Rutgers game at 3:30 Saturday on ESPNU will be Pam Ward and Danny Kannel. Look, I'm well aware that Syracuse-Rutgers is a game few people want to see, and as such, I didn't expect ESPN to send out the big guns, I'm just shocked Pammie isn't working a noon game somewhere.

So while the Orange try to bounce back from a tough loss to Louisville and the Scarlet Knights try and prove they aren't the worst team in the Big East, Pam and Danny will try and top the craptastic job Rob Stone and David Pollack did a couple of weeks ago. I don't think they could do any worse than those two clowns did, however when Pam's involved you should have ample time to prepare and that's why we're here. Now let's enjoy an old photo of Kanell getting sacked while he played at Florida State.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Syracuse - LeMoyne - Quick Takes

A surprising exhibition loss last year to LeMoyne heaped unwanted early November national attention on the Syracuse men's basketball team. Four months later, SU was a number one seed in the NCAA tournament and no one was talking about that pre-season stumble. While that loss probably helped focus the Orange, exhibition affairs area almost always quickly forgotten.

This year, no one will be talking about LeMoyne, as the Orange destroyed the Dolphins 91-48. As I said last week, you can't pick up that much from these games, as they are nothing more than glorified scrimmages against over matched opponents. I'm pretty sure we have more big guys show up at my Wednesday night pick-up league (seriously, we have some huge dudes show) so you have to take these performances with a mountain of salt.

I will post a few predictions (guaranteed to be wrong or your money back) on the upcoming season later this week. For now here are some quick observations on the game.

- Syracuse played mostly man to man for the first 10 minutes, although they did play zone when they applied full court pressure. Having the luxury of being a good zone team really helps when pressing full court because it's much easier to fall back into a designated spot on the floor rather than go hunting for your man.

- Baye Moussa Keita looks a lot like a really skinny Emeka Okafor. To steal a phrase from the Sports Guy, if he develops into a homeless man's Okafor over the next 4 years, watch out.

- I Like skinny Rick Jackson. You can see how much quicker he is moving this year.

- The numbers on the LeMoyne jerseys are about 100 times too big. Look at these things. You can see them from the moon.

- Mookie Jones likes shooting like Lindsay Lohan likes cocaine. We already knew both, but it bears repeating. Tonight Mookie was on. On nights when he isn't, I'm guessing the fans will not be as tolerant of Mr. Jones' shot selection. That being said, I still contend he'll be an important part of this team this year.

- Nice bounce back game for Dion Waiters. As is the case with a lot of young players, once his offense got going, the rest of his game picked up.

- Great baseline dunk from Brandon Triche. That came out of nowhere.

- Bring on Northern Iowa, this is going to be a fun, fun year in Orange-land.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dan Hawkins is Available to Coach Your Intramural Team

Colorado reportedly fired coach Dan Hawkins today. His tenure has pretty much been a disaster from the get go, but the insane ball coach did give the world a memorable rant about what it means to play DIVSION ONE FOOTBALL. It ain't intramurals brother. Oh Dan Hawkins, how we'll miss you.

Evil Simpsons Baby Leads Browns Revival

Despite being a dead ringer for the evil Simpsons baby, Colt McCoy has lead the Browns on an improbable two game winning streak.

Students, where art thou?

I feel abashed to say this, but this was my first attended home game of the year. As a nine year season ticket holder, it pained me to sit in the 322 section after paying my dues for years to get my seats down at the 130 level with prominent concierge service. I went over to my former seats and noticed a couple sitting there, in which I gave them the evil eye with jealousy.  Having said that, it was good to be back in the loud house. From the picture above it shows a student section wearing their favorite silver attire and being tight-lipped with no movement. For the students that were there, bravo. You were bringing it, but you need more of your friends. Go out and recruit the loud, obnoxious Jersey-type and bribe them to get their asses in the Dome. If they don't come out in the coming weeks, let's move the student section to the 300's and let the locals get a piece of the pie down there by the tunnel. I'm sure Bobby and Stewie from Tully will be happy to get loud for the guys running out.

It was good to see the beers at a six dollar price point for a clear 16oz draft. I believe that beer was at eight dollars last year? I usually stick to the Labatts brand at the Dome as Budweiser products gives me a case of the "shits" and "giggles".

I've become numb from the thruway drive across this state. For about a 50 mile stretch I'm not sure if I'm cruising through Indiana or Kansas. It's painfully lacking visuals.  Apparently there is a "leatherstocking" community that denotes a NYS monicker. I'm not sure what Leatherstocking is, but if that was a place in Germany, you would want to stay far away.

I've always forgotten how Syracuse consistently has a grey cloud above it's city center . It could be vampire scary sunny 20 miles north or south, but Syracuse will have a dark, eery cloud hovering over it.   I give a pass to all the gals that fake bake there, the sun is about as common as Doug Marrone smiling.

I highly recommend the watering hole Taps. It's a "Bars" bar that smells of urine, denim and old cats. I think my party of three may have had 46 drafts there. I think it only cost us $11 dollars. Great bargain.

It ended up being a great weekend and we have cleared our schedules to make it back for UCONN and Boston College. A note to all you young, single fellas that don't have a "legal" lady friend. Marriage will entirely change your MAN schedule. No longer does everything revolve around tailgating and football Saturday's. I know, it's a tough pill to swallow. Be creative and watch an episode of Grey's anatomy with her. Tell her she looks thinner. These things will give you some leverage when it comes to planning Gameday festivities.