Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Big East Champions

Otto has served notice.

A mere 24 months ago, Syracuse fans were only two-weeks into the Doug Marrone era. Since then, Coach Marrone has completely changed the culture of Syracuse football and brought the program back to respectability and, I dare to say it, on the cusp of a return to Northeast football dominance.

As a prelude to yesterday's 36-34 victory over Kansas State, I spent an afternoon watching Time Warner Sports 13's replay of the Orangmen's 1989 Peach Bowl victory over Georgia. For you youngsters out there, this was during the "Golden Age" of Syracuse football as names like Michael Owens, Rob Moore and David Bavaro led the Orangemen to another bowl victory.

Yesterday's win in the Bronx brought back a little bit of that "Golden Age" magic. It has me all sorts of fired up for next year's season.

What Coach Marrone has accomplished in those 24 months is remarkable. I can only imagine where this program will be 24 months from today. Until then, Big East you've been warned....the sleeping giant in the Northeast has awakend.

The Pinstripe Bowl: A Photo Essay

If you watched the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl on TV, you know the Syracuse win over Kansas State was a thrilling affair.  By now you've read all the stories on (or actually bought that paper if you're still doing that) and you've gorged on volumes of info at NunesMagician.  So I thought I'd bring you something a little different - my trip to the Pinstripe Bowl via photos.  Grab a beer and let's go.

The day started by hopping in the car and making the drive from Albany to Poughkeepsie to catch the Metro North.

The inside of this beast is filty, someone detail my car
Of course we missed the train we wanted to hop on and spent some time in the Poughkeepsie train station.

This building has seen better days
We had tickets to a pre-game party at the Yankee Museum, so we went there - one problem, the wrist bands they were using for ticketholders were PURPLE - major fail there.

The purple wrist band, luckily I made it look good
While consuming a few adult beverages, we also checked out the museum, including the 1996 World Series Trophy.

One of 27 - Not too Shabby
I stepped out during the party to check out the Kansas State Band - the formation isn't one they'll have to do too much longer.

I won't be the Big XII much longer.....
As you know, it didn't take long for Kansas State to get on the scoreboard.

K State scored early
As we settled in, it was clear that while the snow was off the field, it wasn't out of the stadium.In fact, there were huge snow banks ringing the playing surface.  Also seated behind us were a couple of great SU fans I met, Peter and Chad.  Really enjoyed watching the game with those guys.  I didn't take their picture, it seemed creepy.

Snow removal - Mike Bloomberg Style
I've been to the stadium for a few Yankee games over the past two years and the one thing that never fails to amaze me is the high-def replay screen. It looks even better when its showing a Marcus Sales touchdown.

That's a high quality replay right there
  The goal was to take a photo after every score - but these things never work out.

The Orange took their first lead at 14-7
As you know it was a wildly entertaining game -- Mrs. Russianator was into it, and what was even  better was the hat the guy next to her was wearing.  He told me his wife hates it - yet he wears it anyway.  He kicks ass.
I married up, and I want one of those Otto hats
The Orange nation did a nice job of showing up.  The fans in our area were into the game.

At this point I was focused on drinking and watching a wild game, so let's fast forward to the end.  What a beautiful, beautiful scoreboard.

And it doesn't get any better than watching the guy that authored an amazing turnaround holding the Pinstripe Bowl Trophy in his worthy hands.

A smiling Doug Marrone holding the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl Trophy
After, the players took to the snowbanks to celebrate with Orange nation.

Chandler Jones and teammates celebrate the Pinstripe Bowl Win
Then, there was only one thing to do - hit Stan's for a couple of celebratory drinks before hopping the train north.

Stan's is the best and I'm doing something douchey with my hand
 If you didn't or couldn't make it to the game, I'd highly recommend making the trip the next time SU plays in the Pinstripe Bowl.  It was an excellent event.  It also doesn't hurt that the Orange won a fun, fun game to watch.

Syracuse Orange - Pinstripe Champions

What a game, what a game, what a game. Thank you Doug Marrone for bringing pride, excitement and success back to the Syracuse football program.  More to come later on the Syracuse Pinstripe Bowl win, until then,  enjoy the front page of the Syracuse Post Standard.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The House that Otto Built

From the Syracuse University Facebook Page - Babe Ruth has nothing on Otto.....even if they do have the same build.

Check out the rest of the "Turning Yankee Stadium Orange" photos here.

Syracuse - Providence: Quick Takes

NCAA Basketball

The Syracuse Orange defeated the Providence Friars in the Big East opener for both teams last night, winning 81-74.  With the victory, Syracuse is now an astounding 43-5 since the start of the 2009-10 season.  While the future in college basketball is as unpredictable as ever, given this team's youth, depth, and incoming recruiting class, we are staring at another prolonged run of excellence - and that's a hell of a thing to stare at.

I was busy trying to watch both SU and my beloved Philadelphia Eagles last night, so I'll keep the observations short.  Here are 5 things I took away from this game.
  1. Rick Jackson will play as many minutes in Big East play as his foul situation allows.  Fab Melo isn't ready and Baye Moussa Keita, while a nice energy player, isn't strong enough yet to play major minutes.  Rick is far and away the most important player on the team.
  2. James Southerland isn't leaving the rotation.  CJ Fair may work himself into a few minutes, but I think the line up we'll see a lot more of this year is Rick at the 5, Southerland and Kris Joseph at the forwards, and some combination of Brandon, Scoop and Dion in the backcourt.
  3. Kris Joseph is a lot more patient, yet aggressive, offensively.  Like most of the team he was forcing it to much offensively early in the season.  He's letting the game come to him more now.
  4. Regardless of his current performance, Scoop Jardine will never shy away from taking big shots when he thinks his team needs it.  He's a tough Philly guard, and he's not scared.  He had a stretch last night where he carried the team. Now, when the shots don't fall - fans will bitch, but I personally love the fact that he's not afraid.
  5. Syracuse game + twitter + Tim Higgins calling the game = angry fans and some great drunk jokes.
13-0, and 1-0 in the Big East.  The Orange remain perfect.  It's a nice way to close out 2010.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pinstripe at The Palace

Stuck in CNY for the Pinstripe Bowl come Thursday? Are you worried you'll be stuck watching it on your neighbor's TV that's way too small to be gathered around? Like me, do you need to get out of the house after spending way too much time on the couch watching bad TV?

Well if you've answered yes to any of these questions, T3I is here to help. For the local CNYers not making the trip but still looking to partake in a tailgate atmosphere, we suggest checking out The Palace Theater's Pinstripe Bowl special. For $10 you get to enjoy the game on "the largest screen in CNY" and get your name thrown in the hat for giveaways including a flat screen TV.

I'll be getting my idiot tailgate crew together for one last get together at Champ House on gameday.

Good to see you back Rob Long:

Monday, December 27, 2010

Syracuse Basketball: Statistically Speaking

With the Syracuse Orange set to tip off the Big East portion of their schedule Tuesday against Providence, I thought it would be fun to pour over some stats and see what pops out.  We did this a few weeks ago and now seems like a good time to check in and see what numbers say. The stats are taken from ESPN and the historical info comes from the amazing Orange Hoops site.  Off we go:

- Rick Jackson is still rebounding at a very high level, collecting 11.8 rebounds per game. I'd be shocked his he doesn't finish the season with a double digit rebounding average, since his minutes, currently at 33 per game, will likely go up as Big East play begins. SU has only  had one guy in the last 19 years average 10 or more boards per game.  That guy was Carmelo Anthony in 2003.

- Kris Joseph leads the team in scoring at 14.0 points per game. It that holds, it would be the lowest scoring average to lead the team since Etan Thomas averaged 13.6 ppg in 1999-2000.  Given the balance this team has achieved on offense so far, it's not really a problem.  Rick Jackson is right behind Joseph at 13.9 ppg and Scoop is at 13.3.  That's some solid balance right there.

- Rick Jackson is the only guy averaging more than 30 minutes per game, although now that conference play is upon us, I'd be shocked if Scoop Jardine (29.4 mpg) and Kris Joseph (29.1) mpg, don't get those averages over 30 soon.  They've got nothing on St. Bonaventure's Ogo Adegboye who is logging an absurd 41.1 minutes every contest.

- From a statistical standpoint, SU's best three point shooters, in order, are Mookie Jones (41.7%) Dion Waiters (36.4%) and James Southerland (33%).  Of those three, the only one with guaranteed playing time going forward is Waiters, so while the offensive execution has been excellent recently, three point shooting is something that bears watching as SU enters Big East play.

- So far, Scoop and Kris have attempted the most three point shots on the team (58 and 42 respectively) and both are shooting exactly 31%.  Make of that what you will.

- One more point on three point shooting, there's a great chance walk-on Matt Tomaszewski could finish the year a perfect 3 for 3 from beyond the stripe -- as he probably won't see much playing time going forward - unless he gets to jack a couple at the end of the DePaul game.

- The Orange are 8th in the country in assists to turnover ratio which demonstrates that this team values and shares the ball.  That means even if they aren't shooting a great percentage, they have fewer empty possessions and more shot attempts.

- In tight end of game situations, the Orange are in good shape, as three guys that play major minutes and handle the ball - Dion Waiters, Kris Joseph, and Brandon Triche are all shoot better than 75% from the line.

There's an old saying that figures lie and liars figure - so while stats alone don't paint a full portrait of season, they do give you a good idea.  So far we know Rick Jackson is good, the team is balanced, outside shooting is still a question mark and this team values the basketball.  Bring on Big East play.  And if you can't get enough stats, here's a chart that represents what each player has done so far this year.

NCAA Basketball Stats

Mike Singletary Can't Win With Mike Singletary

The 49ers put Mike Singletary out of his misery last night and to be honest, if you go 5-10 in the worst division in football, you should get fired.  However, what it really means is Mike Singletary cannot win with Mike Singletary.  Because Mike Singletary wants winners - and he isn't a head coach anyway.

Syracuse is the Handicapper's Choice in the Pinstripe Bowl

I may not know a lot about most things in life, but I do know if I want gambling advice on college football I'm probably going to avoid a betting preview that features a woman with an Irish accent talking to a guy with a Canadian accent via the internet......but hey that's just me.

That being said, the fine folks at SBR TV like the Orange over Kansas State on Thursday. Check it out for yourself.

Also - as you may have noticed, Three Idiots on Sports is now on Facebook, so if that's your thing, go give a us like.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Have a Whamtastic Christmas

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to call up my buddies George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley and get the gang together for our annual ski trip.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Festivus

It's December 23rd and that means only one thing - it's time for Festivus.  May your feats for strength be magnificent, may your grievances be aired fully, and may your aluminum pole retain it's high strength to weight ratio.

Syracuse - Drexel Quick Takes

Syracuse's Scoop Jardine, right, drives against Drexel's Gerald Colds during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game in Syracuse, N.Y., Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2010. Syracuse won 93-65. (AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli)

The Syracuse Orange blew out the Drexel Dragons in the Carrier Dome tonight, winning 93-65.  The Orange put together a 59 point second half, which was really impressive considering that they were playing 5 on 6 the whole game -- because Drexel coach Bruiser Flint spent more time walking around the court than the entire SU team combined.  One of my biggest pet peeves is coaches that wander all over the floor.  Just once I'd like one of these guys to get run over like Shaq runs over a buffet.

Here are some quick takes on the game:
  • What a spectacular performance by Scoop Jardine.  He was in control, ruthlessly efficient offensively and he finishes around the rim better than any guy his size in the country.  Yeah Scoop, that was hot.
  • It's a broken record talking about Rick Jackson and he had another solid performance.  The twist tonight, he blocked 5 shots and dominated the middle defensively.
  • Kris Joseph bounced back from a poor outing against Morgan State and set a career high with 24 points.  When those three upper classman all play that well, this team won't lose many games.
  • James Southerland got a lot of playing time and acquitted himself fairly well, but I don't think he did enough to take C.J. Fair's spot in the rotation.  When Fair is healthy, I think he'll get most of those minutes back. 
  • Drexel blocked a grand total of zero shots tonight.
  • Another solid game for Brandon Triche.  Boeheim clearly trusts Brandon and for good reason.  He takes care of the ball and he was really aggressive taking it to the hole tonight.  He got to the free throw line 6 times.
  • On the season SU is averaging only 11 turnovers a a game, which is outstanding.  It makes up for some poor shooting because you've got less empty possessions. Tonight they had 9 turnovers and shot 63.6% from the field.  They aren't going to lose games doing that.
The Orange wrap the non-conference portion of their season 13-0.  While the competition hasn't been great, it's still a notable accomplishment.  As Coach Boeheim said earlier this year when the team was really struggling, it's not who you play, its how you play.  And right now, Syracuse  is playing like the 5th best team in the country.  They are overrated no more.  Bring on the Big East.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Frank Martin Makes Jim Boeheim Look Like a Teddy Bear

Kansas State coach Frank Martin is a rather intense individual -- so you can understand how Jacob 'Abe Lincoln Beard' Pullen and Curtis Kelly being suspended might set Frank's threat level to midnight.  Well you combine that with 23 turnovers and a loss to UNLV and Frank was in no mood to deal with pesky media members, as you'll see in the clip below.

Honestly, this man's intensity terrifies me.  I'd be afraid to ask him to pass the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner.  I'd just sit there and eat the crappy yams that were in front of me instead.  As an added bonus. if you make it all the way to end of the video, you get rewarded by a really fat guy in a bowling shirt getting interviewed. Must be some good eating in Kansas.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sports Fixing

Matt McClusky was kind enough to have me on the Sports Fix today. You can listen to the show here. Matt and I spent most of the segment talking SU hoops and I defended the honor, and ability, of Mookie Jones. And if you people don't calm down when railing on the Mookster, I'm going to totally go Skip Bayless on all your asses and start arguing he's the best basketball player on the planet. Don't push me, I'll do it.  My segment starts at about the 1:57 mark, thanks again to Matt for having me on.

Tuesday Morning Pose down Featuring Jay

Coming off an incredibly boring SU game, I immediately scoped the tubes for a enticing clip of some of the web's most lucrative pose downs. I of course investigate this in a "non-gay" way.

Enjoy Jay and his incredible form. Go and get strong now, we will all be watching.

Syracuse - Morgan State: Quick Takes

As you can see from the chart above, Syracuse dominated Morgan State in front of a small, quiet crowd at the Carrier Dome, winning 97-55.  On TV, the loudest noise was sneakers squeaking in the hardwood. Not exactly the Loud House, but hey, it's not like SU was playing Georgetown either.

13 SU players scored and with the Big East schedule just around the corner, it was nice to get a win over an out-classed opponent.  There won't be many more opportunities for some of the guys at the end of the bench to show what they can do.

While it's tough to read too much into a win like this, here are a few quick observations:
  • It was good to see James Southerland take advantage of the opportunity he was afforded because of CJ Fair's injury.  While it's important for Southerland's confidence to grow, it's also will give Boeheim confidence to insert him when the team needs someone to knock down a few shots in Big East play.
  • Likewise, the win was a nice confidence booster for Fab Melo and I love the way he got himself started - on defensive end with a block and on the offensive end with a put back.  That's how you want big men to get going -- with effort plays.
  • Mookie knocked a down a couple of threes and then immediately gave up a couple of open shots on the defensive end. He's obviously the 10th guy right now, when Fair comes back Southerland will be 9, but both can get hot in a hurry.
  • Dion Waiters should  have had more than 2 assists, but the bigs didn't finish. 
  • Cam Newton and Auburn think Morgan State coach Todd Bozeman's 8 year ban is hilarious.
  • Speaking of which, would it have killed Bozeman to put on a tie?  Or at least button his shirt, he looked like Leisure Suit Larry out there.
  • I really enjoy the fact that Scoop Jardine hasn't forced many shots the last few games.  He's playing under control, which wasn't always the case earlier. Both he and Triche are doing an excellent job finding teammates and both have really picked it up heading into Big East play.
  • Rick Jackson with another solid, solid game and he missed about 3 bunnies or his stats would have been bigger. It's common place for him and he deserves national attention for the season he's having.
Here's the Box Score:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cuse #1 Seed...

At least that's what "Bracket Watch" expert Andy Glockner is saying. And let's be honest, nothing is more accurate than a tournament projection in December.

Does anyone else want to see an Andy Glockner-Joe Lunardi steel cage match to see who the "real" tourney expert is?

Dear Idiots,

So benching Donovan McNabb was a mistake? Well, I'll let 25/43, 322 yards, 4 TD's speak for itself.


Mike Shanahan

PS- Your blog stinks.

(Editor's note: As shocking as it may be, Mike Shanahan did not actually write this).

A Tale of Two Tabloids

Philadelphia and New York are seperated by a short distance geographically - however, the respective cities tabloid newspapers are millions of miles apart when it comes to perspective on the Eagles dramatic comeback win over the Giants yesterday. The covers of the Philadelphia Daily News and New York Post are both home runs this morning.  In Philly, they go with a Christmas theme, whereas in New York, they skew more towards an ASPCA motif.  Check em both out.

The Philadelphia Daily News

The New York Post

Last Minute Gifts for Syracuse Fans

Christmas is almost here -- and if you're like most people, the shopping isn't quite done.  We here at T3I are are glad to help.  We're going to assume if you read this space, you, or someone you need to buy something for, is a Syracuse fan.  Here are some last minute gift ideas for these people - now get shopping you lazy bastards.

For the late night snacker in the family -- how about a bag of buttermints? And before you ask, we have no idea what buttermints are....

For the students out there - how about an Otto Pen?

For someone you don't like, how about a hideously ugly t-shirt? (For people you like, buy this one instead.)

For those who like to decorate their trees, how about a glass football player ornament?

For those with cold and/or smelly feet - bottle those bad boys up with a pair of these slippers.

And for those that want a more personal gift, we'd suggest you go to Jared (and punch him while you're there, those ads suck).

Happy last minute shopping kids.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merrill Reece + DeSean Jackson = Happy Idiot

Longtime Eagles play by play man Merrill Reece calls DeSean Jackson's winning punt return against the Giants.

And this didn't take long - Tom Coughlin and Matt Dodge "discuss" the punt to DeSean -- there are about 20 F bombs in here, so if that type of stuff offends you, I'd advise against listening to it.

Syracuse - Iona: Quick Takes

The pesky Iona Gaels came into Syracuse and played the fifth ranked Syracuse Orange tough before finally succumbing to the Orange 83-77.  Syracuse was led by Kris Joseph and Brandon Triche, but the real surprise of the game came when Jim Boeheim inserted little-used forward James Southerland into the game with about 9 minutes to go.  Southerland immediately drained a 3 and added a couple of dunks to give SU the lift it needed.  It will be interesting to see how playing time is meted out going forward, because the guy who's minutes Southerland stands to take would be freshman C.J. Fair -- and Fair played well tonight.  Having too many guys who can play is certainly a good problem to have.

Here are some quick takes on the game:
  • Kris Joseph drew Boeheim's ire a few times tonight but provided the scoring and aggressiveness SU needs out of him. It was good to see him find his shot.
  • Brandon Triche put together his second really, really solid outing in a row.  He made some threes and more importantly, he was smart with the ball.  Tallying a team high seven assists, he was a calm leader out on the floor.
  • His back court mate Scoop Jardine didn't play as well, so Brandon's play was needed, however the two did combine for 13 assists and only four turnovers.
  • It's clear that Dion Waiters has the most pure talent on the team.  He is going to absolutely explode at some point.  On a team with less depth he'd be playing more minutes and putting up really big  numbers.
  • Let's give a shout out to Iona coach Tim Cluess - it takes a real man to rock a blonde mustache - and rock it he did.
  • Mike Glover is an amazing talent.  Living in Albany I'll be sure to catch his match up with Siena's Ryan Rossiter - they are clearly the two best big guys in the MAAC.
  • To me Iona looks like a an NCAA Tournament team.
  • Loved the athleticism and energy Southerland brought off the bench.  As I said above, it will be interesting to see how playing time shakes out going forward.
  • And I'd hate to see James after a few Red Bulls - that would be terrifying.
  • And in case you were wondering, the robots say "Syracuse fan sentiment is accelerating" so I hope you're properly accelerated after tonigh't win. 
SU takes on Morgan State Monday night - get your Todd Bozeman is a criminal jokes ready.

Courtesy of StatSheet, here are the player impacts on the game. As you can see, Mike Glover....he had an impact.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Mike Shanahan,

This is your starting quarterback on Sunday. Great decision.


The Idiots

PS- Al Davis is still right

A traveling Idiot - Boston

My job often brings me all over this wonderful country, places like Akron, OH, Duluth, MN, Scranton, PA and one of my personal favorites, Bakersfield, CA. The past  few weeks I've spent the majority of my time in Boston and had the opportunity to spend some time dissecting the avid Boston Sports Scene. In the past few years I've been to Fenway to see the Red Sox spar with the Bombers and I've taken in a Celtic game at the Garden. One thing is for sure, Boston is a Pro Sports town.

Dan Shaughnessy and his blotchy complexion wrote a great column a few months back describing the college and pro sports scene as it relates to fandom. He particularly focused on college football and had some great takes.

I think he is spot on. When you have the likes of Tom Brady, the revered Red Sox and the legend of Bird and the every man, Cam Neely - college will never compete. Sure, they had some Doug Flutie magic, but most would shrug it off to talk about Brady and the Pats.
The college football season is underway and nobody cares in New England. OK, I'm exaggerating. There are plenty of parents and girlfriends of local college gridders to care about the football fortunes of Boston College, UMass, UConn, Harvard and Holy Cross.
But outside of New York City it would be hard to find a place more apathetic toward college football. Too bad. The college game was practically invented in the northeast and greater Boston today is the home of more colleges and universities than any place in America. It's just that we don't have much modern football around here and there aren't many fans who care. We are a pro sports town and it's almost impossible for big programs from BC and UConn to get any ink or airtime. College football is way down the food chain on our sports smorgasbord
This brings me into Syracuse and it's relationship to the Big City. I've lived in NYC and have also spent a lot of time there, and outside a selected group of bars the honor the college game, it's also a pro sports town. The alums will gather and support their alma mater, but the city pays homage to the millionaires that have the bling. We will have the fever of the Big East tournament that will bring some memories and over priced draft beers, but it will fade as the tournament ends as the town prepares for the upcoming Mets and Yankees season. The northeast will never have the pageantry of the "Dirty" South and the grandiosity that it brings to the communities and fan base. I often think it's because we just have a lot of shit to see and participate in being so centric to the major cities. Whatever it is, until the football landscape shifts and we can compete with the likes of the SEC and Big 12 - we will just have to enjoy the bling.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Gifts for Syracuse Fans

(Idiot News Service) - T3I has learned exclusively that the Empire State Building gift shop is stocking a new item for the Holiday season -- the Daryl Gross Empire State Building Post Card which is pictured above. The fine folks who run the ESB want to honor the doctor for not divulging his secrets as to how he magically changes colors of the tower lights, and what better way than a post card.

Our sources tell us the post cards will go on sale today and will be available for the low, low price of $44.44. In conjunction with the post card, Club 4-4 will be running a special promotion where patrons who present a Daryl Gross post card at the door get half off a can of premium Schlitz beer.  Run, don't walk, to get one of these cards, they are destined to be a collector's item.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ebay Item of the Week: Congrats Chowds

It was a surprisingly busy few days in the sports world during the time this crappy blog was offline. The Boston Red Sox shook things up by acquiring Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez. We at T3I want to offer up our heartiest of congratulations and in our typical classy way, we're paying tribute to the fine folks in Boston with our Ebay Item of the Week.

For only $395, a pair of Bill Buckner's game worn spikes are a steal.

We're no fans of the Mets, but we couldn't pass up the opporuntity to go back to a simpler time.

What I Learned From The Dukes of Hazzard

A big thanks to the Russianator for getting our blog issues figured out so we can bring you more fine programming like life lessons learned from Dukes of Hazzard reruns. Anyways, let's get to it.

Tonight's episode, per Wiki: "Boss frames Coy and Vance by putting a hot license plate on the General Lee. But when word that his Good Samaritan daddy is coming to Hazzard, he calls off the chase. Only to have his driver rob them."

Here's what I learned tonight:

The characters of Coy and Vance were beyond awful. (OK, I knew that before tonight's episode, but tonight further confirmed it).

These guys stink.

Syracuse Athletics Knows Intro Videos

You have to hand it to SU Athletics - those people simply know how to do introductory videos.  The 2009 football intro is still epic, and now via there's a video that plays in the Dome before every basketball game as well.  To quote Jon Gruden - this is outstanding.  That voice over guy - I love that guy.  He's what being a voice over guy is all about.  He's simply outstanding.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meet Rugby's Greg Robinson

Brendan Venter is the director of rugy at Saracens FC, a team based in England. Apparently he's also the master of the post-match interview. We are still investigating, but we think he took Greg Robinson's media training course, which can be purchased at the As Seen on TV store in your local mall.  Check this out:

To be fair, apparently Venter was pulling the Rasheed Wallace both teams played hard maneuver, which is far beyond Greg's grasp, but it was still masterful performance nonetheless.

Your move Greg:

Annnnnd We're Back

Based on the howling protests, the scores of emails sent to blogger on our behalf and the viral grassroots movement that called for the restoration of Three Idiots on Sports, I know you're wondering why this blog disappeared about a week ago and what exactly happened.

OK, since none of that happened, maybe Champ and Poncho are wondering, for the rest of you, I'll make this brief. Last Friday, while I was in Fort Lauderdale for little R&R I was doing what every respectable asshole does -- I was drinking during the day and emailing my friends and family pictures of the beach to taunt them. Pictures like the one above - and this one, taken at lunch:

While doing this, karma caught up with me and my Gmail locked me out. Something had went amiss, so the taunting would cease, but the drinking was just getting started. A few texts and many beers later, Champ informed me the blog had disappeared.  It was Friday, there was vacation to enjoy, so clearly it could wait.

The next day I reset my email and got that squared away, but alas the blog was still gone. After some internet searching and few posts in some help forums, we are still not really sure what happened. The best we can tell, there was some error with blogger spam reporting and this esteemed blog, as well as other classics like got deleted.  (It's a real site, it did get deleted, but don't go there, trust me).

Through the help of the Real Blogger Status and Google help forums, we're now back up and ready to go.  Apparently in the last week Syracuse destroyed Colgate, a promising middle linebacker pulled a UConn and went out a stealing expensive electronics and Brett Favre finally missed a damn game, but not the press conference afterward.

So now that we are all caught up we'd like to say thanks for returning and want to reassure you we are still committed to bring you absolutely useless information, odd videos (mainly from the 80s, we're old) and retarded observations about sports and other's what we do.

This incident has taught me two very important lessons -- you get what you pay for (blogger is free) and Santa is alive and well - he's living in Fort Lauderdale and appeared to be slightly "overserved" Saturday night.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Syracuse - Michigan State Photo Gallery

Enjoy a few photos of the Syracuse win over Michigan State in the Jimmy V Classic. Click on the gallery icon at the lower left corner of the picture to see more shots.

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 07: Garrick Sherman  of the Michigan Spartans has his shot blocked by Rick Jackson  of Syracuse Orange during their game at the Jimmy V Classic at Madison Square Garden on December 7, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Syracuse - Michigan State: Sad Tom Izzo Observations

Sad Tom Izzo did not enjoy his night in the Garden

Well, well, well. It seems the the Syracuse Orange men's basketball team was sleep walking through their first eight games of the season because in game number 9 -- against the 7th ranked Michigan State Spartans, a different Syracuse squad showed up. And that squad was damn good.  As in, a 72-58 win over the number 7 team in the country good.

Behind a smothering defense and an absolutely dominant performance from Rick Jackson in the middle, Syracuse took control early and was in command the whole game against a team many expect to make the Final Four in March.

As you can see from Tom Izzo's expression above, it was a rough night for the Spartans, but it was rough because Syracuse MADE IT ROUGH for them. The defensive effort was outstanding. In the first half I tweeted that the Orange were moving around on defense like a coke-head who had just chugged 5 four lokos -- and that might have been downplaying how hard they worked.  Simply put, the zone was more active than it had been at any time this year.

On the offensive end of the floor, shot selection was better than it has been in the past.  The team worked hard at getting the ball into the paint and Rick Jackson was just relentless. He's attacking the glass like a Zombie attacks a victim's brain, and no one has a bullet to stop him. Sorry for that reference, I've been hooked on the Walking Dead.

Onto the observations:

* Rick Jackson, Rick Jackson, Rick Mother F*%king Jackson. I used the word relentless above and I'll use it again. He's simply out-working people right now. Rebounding is all about effort and Rick's been giving this team every ounce of effort all year. 17 points and 16 rebounds is quickly becoming a routine day at the office for Rick.

* The 2-3 zone has actually been pretty solid all season, especially at the end of games. Tonight it was outstanding. After a couple of quick lapses and one Boeheim eruption later, SU kicked up the effort on D. The team rotated well, found shooters and rebounded the ball. Even with offensive issues, if this team can play defense like that all year, they will be in every game they play.

* They held Michigan State - a team shooting 43% from behind the arc this season, to under 30% from three point range (7-24).

* I loved Baye Moussa Keita's effort tonight. His stat line wasn't impressive but the effort and presence was. He had a couple of OUTSTANDING (please say that in your Ron Jaworski voice) blocks and of course the pass to Ricky for a dunk late in the second half demonstrated a court awareness of a 5th year senior. He's got a shot to be better than Fab Melo when it's all said and done.

* Kris Joseph did a nice job of both getting to the free throw line and then actually making his free throws. If SU can ever find someone to make a few perimeter shots, his scoring numbers will go up. Right now everyone is playing him to drive, so he's got nowhere to take the ball.

* Scoop Jardine had 19 points and infinitely better shot selection tonight. You have to give the guy credit, when he gets the ball to the rim, he's a great finisher.  I can't remember the last time he missed a lay up - and everyone misses lay ups.

* SU only took 10 three pointers - making two.  Give the guys credit for not forcing shots they haven't been making all year.

* C.J Fair had another highlight reel dunk. He brings some great energy off the bench. I'm giddy at his potential. The same can be said for Dion Waiters.

* Not to be negative, but this team has to get more out of Brandon Triche. Right now he's a shooting guard that can't shoot. He's made 5 three pointers all year - and has now gone 6 games without a made three point shot. That's awful.

* On that point, Syracuse has to find a couple of guys who can make some perimeter shots. Given how the rotation settled, it needs to be one of the top 8. Either Triche or Kris Joseph need to start shooting it better, or they need to run Dion Waiters off screens like they did Andy Rautins and turn him into a shooter this year.

All in all, it was an excellent effort and a great win for a Syracuse team that had all of nervous. There will be games this team gets beat because they can't make a shot, but they proved tonight that their defense is good enough to beat any team in the land on a given night.

Now let's enjoy some highlights:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beat Sparty Live Chat

Stop by, 9:00.

Boeheim, Izzo and Self Talk NCAA Titles

Syracuse's Jim Boeheim, Michigan State's Tom Izzo and Kansas' Bill Self talk with ESPN's Andy Katz about winning a national title.

Michigan State Spartans - Dangerous From Beyond the Arc

The Syracuse Orange and the Michigan State Spartans square off Tuesday night in the Jimmy V Classic at Madison Square Garden.  You already know Michigan State is good and Syracuse, even with a high national ranking, is struggling.  However, this is a big game in an arena the Syracuse players and coaches know well.  I expect the Orange to be up for the game.

However, with Syracuse struggling on offense, how the Orange play defense will determine whether they can stay in this game. We know Syracuse will be in it's trademark 2-3 zone, so I thought I would take a look at how well and how often Michigan State is shooting the ball from distance this year.  For Orange fans, the results are cause for concern.  After 8 games this season Michigan State is making more 3 pointers per game than they have in nearly 15 years. They are currently making more than 8 triples a contest.

Sadly, this isn't a case of the Spartans just blindly bombing away and making more shots based on volume, they are making a high percentage of shots as well. How high? Right now as a team they are shooting over 43% for the season.

Individually, Durrell Summers has taken the most 3s, and he's managed to hit 16 of 38, which is 42 percent. For comparison's sake, Syracuse doesn't have a guy who has taken more than one shooting over 40 percent this year.

Summers isn't the lone threat, or their best percentage shooter either. Draymond Green is shooting an absurd 54% from 3, and teammates Korie Lucious, Kalin Lucas, and Keith Appling can all make shots from behind the three point line in addition to beating you in a wide variety of other ways as well.

The way to get open shots against a zone is ball movement and ball reversal. Tom Izzo is one of the best basketball coaches on the planet and he'll have his team prepared to get the ball to foul line and short corner - and then kick it out for an open three if nothing is there.

For Syracuse to have a chance they will have to get in passing lanes and find shooters, because the Spartans have more than one guy that can rip the nets from way downtown.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Donald Trump's Hair Wins Monday Night Football

The world's favorite real estate developer and potential Presidential candidate Donald Trump watched at least part of the New England Patriots - New York Jets Monday Night Football game with Patriot owner Robert Kraft. Things were going swimmingly until Trump's biggest nemesis appeared - the wind. Enjoy.

Via - Jimmy Traina

If you're so inclined, you can follow Trump's Hair on Twitter.

Hakim Warrick Can Still Fly

Via The Big Lead, check out this video of former Syracuse star Hakim Warrick dunking on seven foot Washington Wizards center Yi Jianlian.

While that's a pretty cool dunk, it's got nothing on the Royal Ivey tea-bagging from the 2003 Final Four.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Syracuse - NC State Observations

The good news - the Syracuse men's basketball team is 8-0.  The bad news - they haven't beaten anyone and the wins haven't been pretty.  That was true again Saturday, as SU defeated an average at best N.C State team 65-59 in the Dome.  For some perspective, N.C. State lost by 39 to Wisconsin earlier in the week.

In a reversal of their usual pattern, SU came out hot and after 12 minutes of play it finally appeared as if this talented, but mercurial team would put it all together.  Then things reverted back to normal.  For a while the Orange didn't identify N.C. State's best three point shooter, while constantly misfiring on offense.  Unless they suddenly figure out how to put the ball in basket for 40 minutes, this year is going to be a struggle.  Right now this team feels like a .500 conference team.

Some observations:

  • This team can't consistently win with Scoop Jardine taking 23 shots from the point guard spot.  Especially when he only made 8.
  • At the same time, the offense was really stagnant and they sort of left it up to Scoop to make something happen.  Guys can't just stand around and expect to be open.  Next game  watch the guys off the ball.  Movement is minimal and they set half-hearted screens.
  • Rick Jackson needs some more touches.  The guy is a warrior. I understand NC State was packing in the zone and forcing the Orange to beat them from the outside, but with some ball movement and patience they can get the ball down low - then Rick can kick it back out for easier looks.
  • Fab Melo had another nice start, but it looked like he gets gassed after a few minutes out there.  I'm not sure if this is true or not,  but it's something to watch out for.
  • Kris Joseph, after a series of good games,  really struggled. As Boeheim noted in his post-game presser, when Kris' jumper stops going it, it sort of throws him into a bit of a funk.  He did have a couple of amazing dunks early.
  • Likewise SU needs more out of Brandon Triche.  He looks a little lost playing the two right now.  He's not a classic slasher and he's not a great shooter - at least not right now.
  • I'm not going to harp on this because it's clear Boeheim doesn't trust him, but when SU shoots 2-16 from three point range and the team's best shooter -- Mookie Jones -- doesn't get off the bench, that's all you need to know about Mookie's prospects for playing time this year.  Personally I think he deserves some playing time every game because this team's glaring weakness -- perimeter shooting -- is what he does best, but in close games it's clear that  Mookie will be nailed to the pine.
  • Likewise, barring an injury, James Southerland will be keeping Mookie company.  JB gave him a shot in some games earlier this year and he didn't produce offensively.  C.J. Fair has passed him.
  • As rough as things have been, this team finds a way to win and that can't be discounted. Late game defense was been outstanding and constantly winning close games will give this team confidence at the end of games that opponents might not have.
  • The good news - the robots that write the Orange Update think the Orange are firing on all cylinders, so we got that going for us, which is nice.
Michigan State is next up on Tuesday in the Garden.  While SU has struggled so far, they are undefeated and they have a great opportunity to really change the tenor of this young season.  I can't wait.

Here's the game flow:

Doug Marrone - Wanted Man

It's been a long time since another school wished the guy coaching Syracuse would come to their school and turn around a program.  Paul Pasqualoni started out hot and had a nice run, but by the second half of his 14 year tenure as head coach, no one was knocking on his door.  And it goes without saying that there wasn't a fool on the planet who looked at a single thing Greg Robinson did and said - hey we gotta hire that guy.

However, things are turning around in Syracuse.  In only his second year at the helm, and working with a limited roster, Doug Marrone engineered a 7-5 record and a trip to the Pinstripe Bowl.  That makes you a commodity.

There are 10 openings right now and one of them is at Vanderbilt.  The perenial SEC doormat is looking for a new coach and the student paper's web site Inside Vandy is doing a series of posts on their "wish list" for the next head coach.  One of the guys on that list - Doug Marrone.

The post starts with this:

Doug Marrone is a miracle worker.
It goes on to note Marrone's accomplishments and uses the fact that he's one of the lowest paid coaches in the Big East as a way to possibly lure the Syracuse alum south.  Obviously Marrone isn't going anywhere, besides you'd have to be insane to take the Vanderbilt job - it's an institution that requires athletes to actually be intelligent prior to admittance - which is a huge disadvantage in the SEC.

Now to be fair there are plenty of other coaches on this wish list -- guys like Tommy Bowden, Troy Calhoun, and Herm Edwards, so basically we are talking about a list on the internet, but it's nice to have your team's coach on one of these lists rather than a hot seat list.  It's been too long. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stay Classy Lebron

Photo: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

I really can't believe I'm throwing up an NBA post that doesn't involve short-shorts, Dominique Wilkins, old slam dunk contests or one of the greatest sports theme songs ever, but what the heck.

For those of you living in a cave or out of earshot of sports talk radio, Lebron James returned to Cleveland for the first time since he took his talents to South Beach. I get the fact that the man earned his free agency and exercised his right to relocate-- no problems there.

First came "The Decision" where LBJ broke up with Cleveland on national television. This goes along the lines breaking up with your girlfiend via text message. You just don't do it. But hey, it was all for charity (wink....wink).

But the guy doesn't stop there. Tonight back in his former home, Lebron decided to continue his "powder in the air routine." If "The Decision" was a text message breakup, he one-upped himself tonight. I'm thinking this is along the lines of "I'm showing up at the bar where my ex is and making out with my date right in front of her just for spite."
Stay class Lebron.

Syracuse to the Pinstripe Bill

Start spreading the news - according to Fanhouse's Brett McMurphy and Syracuse Athletics, the Syracuse Orange are headed to the New Era Pinstripe Bowl.

Hit it Frank:

Here's a shaky look at what the stadium looks like when set up for football, taken by a fan at the recent Notre Dame - Army game.

This will be Syracuse's first bowl game since 2004 - we'll see you all in the Bronx 28 days from now.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Orange-y Goodness

If you're like us you can't get enough Syracuse sports. Also, if you're like us you're weird, so my condolences.  Anyway, Syracuse has to have one of the largest and most active online blogging and media presences in the country, which speaks to the passion so many people feel about SU. True story, there are 5 web sites dedicated to SU for every win Greg Robinson every recorded.

Well there's another option out there for you to check out - The Juice.  Formerly a print publication, it's now available online, so head on over and check it out.....after you're done here of course.

What I Learned From The Dukes of Hazzard

Tonight's episode, "Pin The Tail on the Dukes." Wiki:

Boss sues Bo and Luke for "destroying county property" when the cousins damage Rosco's phony radar gun (actually, a hair dryer made up as the police patrol tool). Meanwhile, Uncle Jesse's old cohort is released from prison and wants to get revenge on Boss for illegally seizing his land.

What I learned from tonight's episode:

Rosco really looks like the guy who does my taxes.

Ebay Items of the Week: Oh Cuse-mas Tree....

It's that time of year again. Champ Family will be trekking out to the tree farm this weekend to pick out our Christmas tree. Looking to go for a "Cuse" theme with your holiday decorating this year? T3I has you covered with our Ebay Items of the Week.

Football helmet ornament....check

Glass ornament....check

The Daryl Gross Syracuse is NY's College Team ornament....check

Angry player ornament who looks like he just went through a whole season without winning a game at home against a 1-A opponent.....check

Syracuse stocking....check

Otto on top of the it

How about a whole Cuse-themed tree?

It's the holiday season, let's get things going old-school T3I style: