Monday, January 3, 2011

Randy's Dream World

Well this Randy Edsall story gets even better. First, an unnamed Husky player reports that Mr. Edsall made NFL bound RB Jordan Todman address the team in person to declare his draft intentions immediately after the Huskies' Fiesta Bowl loss. After making his player stand face-to-face with his teammates, Randy chose a much easier route for himself. Classy.

But then came today's tremendous press conference where Randy, his new AD, and his wife all alluded to the fact that the Maryland job is his "dream job." Maryland football? Dream job? Really?

We're gonna take this and run with it, and do what we do best: make some incredibly bad jokes on this incredibly bad blog. Enjoy.

Randy's Dream Car: The Classic 1998 Ford Taurus

Randy's Dream Meal: All You Can Eat Soup, Salad and Breadsticks at The Olive Garden

Randy's Dream Vacation Getaway: Beautiful Altoona, Pennsylvania

Randy's Dream Concert: New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys....on one stage!

Randy's Dream House: Attention College Park, MD Realtors


Anonymous said...

If you look close at Randy's new hat it says TWERP

AJV said...

Wow, on first thought I'm pissed he didn't want then SU job then left for Maryland, which doesn't even have our pedigree. On second look- thank you Rand-ass; HCDM would never do something like this we're lucky to have him.

Bob said...

You guys missed the boat on the dream car... an Edsel!!! what else?

Anonymous said...

On a local DC radio station today (ESPN 980 Radio), Edsall was asked why U of Md was his dream job. He said he grew up 70 miles away and followed the program as a young person. Then he added, "I wasn't good enough to get recruited here (U of Md), so I went to Syracuse." Ouch ... such loyalty.

Russianator said...

WOW - just when you think he can't be any more of a dick - he takes a veiled shot that the place that gave him his start. Enjoy ACC irrelevance Randy.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm what the earloier poster said about Edsall's interview on 980 AM in DC today. I wanted to reach right into the car radio and punch that weasel. I would have done it had it not been a rental car; lol.

Anonymous said...

Well, when he was recruited in the '70s, Maryland was a lot better program than SU. He's still a weasel, though.

Anonymous said...

He may have been good enough to get a scholarship to SU, but he wasn't good enough to see any playing time. I guess Maryland was right.