Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beat Georgetown

Do you ever wonder why Georgetown Coach John Thompson III looks so sad in almost every photo you see of him? Go ahead and do a Google image search for him.  You'll find pictures of him looking like his dog died or reacting to finding out his wife is sleeping the mailman (a step up for her really).

You have to wonder why.  Could it be the nagging sense that he'll never live up to his father's accomplishments?  Could it be that fact that he recognizes his mustache will never be as regal as Stan Heath's?  Or could it be the fact that he's never won in the Carrier Dome and is a meager 4-7 against the team that still works his father into a lather? Yeah, I think we've got our answer.

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Anonymous said...

Now show his face yesterday and we'll see who's laughing today! Now post Boeheim's shitty record (and photo) at the Phone Booth vs JTII. "Jimmy The Geek" is an impressive 1-5 vs JTIII on the Road or in the MSG for the Beast Tourney. Hoya Saxa bitches!