Friday, February 4, 2011

Prop Bets - Syracuse Style

If you don't have a team to pull for in the SuperBowl, there are other things to make the game interesting.  There's SuperBowl squares, wacky commercials, and of course, prop bets.  Let's face it, there's nothing more exciting than wagering on whether Fergie will wear a thong on the halftime show (you can really bet on that). 

We here at T3I love these wacky propositions so much we were inspired to come up with some Syracuse-based bets that will carry us through the duration of regular season (8 games). Feel free to leave your guesses or bets below.

How Many Times Will Announcers Mention Scoop Jardine and Dion Waiters are cousins?

Over/Under - 11.5

How Many Times Will Jim Boeheim Get Caught on TV Yelling at Dion Waiters?

Over/Under - 273

How Many Times Will John Marinatto Put Mayonnaise in the toaster?

Over/Under - 7.25

How Many Posts Will Nunesmagician Have on the Chipotle Curse? (Sean is ineligible to bet)

Over/Under - 3.5

The Number of Internet Rumors Linking Syracuse Players With Sexual Assault of a Goat (poker 5 rumors do not count)

Over/Under - pi = 3.14159265

Jay Wright Will have a Soup Stain on his tie for Syracuse Rematch

+ 100 million

The Number of Towels Mookie Will Chew Through

Over/Under - 156

The Number of Times Bernie Fine Will Fart on the Bench

Over/Under - 17

The Number of Times He Will Blame it on Lazarus Sims

Over/Under - 18

The Number of Games Fab Melo Plays More Than 10  Minutes

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Cuse Country said...

Fantastic. And here I thought I was too old to laugh out loud at fart jokes.

Russianator said...

In my advanced age I've learned that fart jokes will always be funny.

Champ said...

Money lock, take Bernie Fine and the over.