Monday, March 21, 2011

Finished Business: Marquette Ends the Syracuse Season

The Syracuse season comes to an end
With a 66-62 defeat at the hands of Marquette, the Syracuse Orange joined eight other Big East teams who didn't make it out the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament. Syracuse was beaten soundly on the boards and coughed the ball up far too many times to realistically expect to advance.

The game was a microcosm of the entire Syracuse year -- a team of talented players made more mental errors than their physical talents could overcome, and ultimately that's why they won't be playing in Newark next weekend.

In a sickening replay of the two team's January match up, Marquette made a huge three pointer at the end of the game and Syracuse wasn't able to respond, settling for a contested Scoop Jardine three point shot that never had a chance of going in. No go-to guy ever really emerged this year and in the end, that sealed the team's fate. I'll do a season recap later this week, here are a couple of quick thoughts on the game:

- Basketball is a simple game on paper. Executing is another matter. You can't turn the ball over 18 times and expect to win.

- Great offensive game for Dion Waiters, he stepped up big time on the offensive end after Brandon Triche got injured early in the second half. He still needs to do a better job of playing defense with his feet.

- You watched the game, it was a rough night for Scoop. Let's leave it at that.

- Fab Melo was hyper-aggressive, bordering on criminal out there. He picked up 3 fouls in 5 minutes of play and it could have been more.

- Kris Joseph, the dumb intentional foul aside, really worked hard on defense and hit the glass hard, something he didn't do every game this year.

- According to tweets from the Post Standard crew, Baye Keita was sick and didn't play much.

- James Southerland made a couple of big shots in the first half, but once again couldn't find the mark from long range in half two.

- Obviously it wasn't the way we all wanted to see Rick Jackson go out. You will be missed big fella. You have the heart of a champion.

- Buzz Williams knew that to win the game he'd have to make it a rock fight. It worked.

- The committee did SU no favors by giving them a Big East team in the second round.

- Can college basketball PLEASE institute the half circle under the hoop where you can't take a charge like the NBA does? The amount of charges in college basketball is out of control.

- The end of the season is never fun - it's what makes the beginning of next year seem so far away.


Anonymous said...

A tough loss Neph. The game was certainly winnable but you can't turn the ball over 18 times in a relatively low scoring game. Scoop had a decent year but he seems to get brain-freeze at the wrong time. Do they have any true point-guards coming in next year? Take care,

Uncle Dave

Russianator said...

They have a couple of combo guards coming in -- but I think we've all learned from Fab Melo that you never really know what you're going to get when you are projecting freshmen.

Both are supposed to be very good however.